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I received a water bill in May 2014 amounting to +- R20 000. I am a customer that has never skipped a payment, so needless to say this came as a huge shock. My water meter is outside and we receive a bill every month with an accurate reading. There was 2 months March and April 2014 that no reading was done and this was estimated. Upon reconciling our account, we were horrified to note that in March 2014 we “consumed” 1.233.00KL of water, amounting to R28 224.06 for the month. Our average consumption is between 40 and 50KL per month. The consumption for March is more than double the amount that we use in an entire year, yet the our meter readings are correct. I went to see the office in Horizon, was given a ref number, and sent 4 follow up emails. No one has bothered to assist. I kept following up to sort this out. I now received a letter that our water will be cut, yet we continue to pay every single month. I really would just like an appointment with someone to sort this discrepancy out. Please help !!

Feb 04, 2015

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