Jewel-Osco / asst. manager

Contact information:
Phone: 708-423-0535

On Nov. 1, 2008 my son and I decided to go to Jewel
to purchase a bus pass. I went to the restroom first then my son. I was looking for a product and my son told me that a man came in on him and started watching and waiting for him to finish urinating. This is a one toilet restroom. My son is an autistic teen. The door was close. This person didn't knock and when he saw my son he came in on him. When my son told me I immediately searched for the man and
approach him about the matter. The man told me this is done all the time. The assistant manager came over. His name is Rich Hochgraver and apology for the matter but agreed with the man. I told the man it was inappropriate and when you see someone in the restroom to apology for opening the door and wait until your turn. The asst. manager said the door should have been locked. With the rate of children molestation, the asst. manager should've said something to the man for his indecent act. If this man came in on my son and felt comfortable doing this, how many other young men and boys have he walk in on? I thought the asst. manager was disrespectful to me and unprofessional in handling this matter.

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