Jewels in Oak Forest IL manger Bill L has a bad chip on his shoulder..I'm a vendor for Red Bull and I always have to speak with a manager when I arrive. My very first time working the store, I couldn't find a manger so I asked a store employee to help me find one..So the young man pages him and he comes to where I was in the aisle.So I tell him who I am and he's upset bc I made him walk to aisle 4 and said I didn't look for him..I tell him I did look for you, and that this is my first time working this store and I didn't know what you looked like..So he just has the nastiest attitude whole time I worked..

So I have to work this store again mind you I haven't been back for a whole month bc I was trying to avoid it bc of what happened to me the first time... So this past Saturday I get to the store and start looking for a manager and to my luck it's him again Bill L..He must have remembered me and tells my where to find my back stock but there's pallets in the way..So I ask him a simple question and he just goes off on me saying you've been here b4 you know where it is...So I'm like whatever I just wanna hurry and finish. I start to move the pallet out my way and spices start to fall from the top of the pallet cuz somebody didn't place it securely on top and he comes over and oh lord he starts snapping on me..He goes this is not where the item is and your breaking things and tell him it's not even my job to be moving pallets out the way & somebody didn't put this stuff up right and he's turning beat red and getting loud..So again I respond back informing him that he said my back stock was in back of it.. And again he gets super loud and tells me I have a nasty attitude, so I tell him I'm done and that somebody else will come and do the job and that I will never ever come back to this store bc I don't have to deal with crazy lazy people

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    And I will be calling corporate on him

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