Jenco Canada Led / Poor quality led bulbs

I used to purchase bulbs from them initially from the Brampton location. I had to bring down over 200 plus Gu10 bulbs from the condo apartment project I was assigned. I paid premium price and was served with absolute trash.
Last year my friend had some super thin led panels installed in his house, and was told that he purchased them from Jenco Oakville. I purchased them from their woodbridge location and they seem fine for a year.
But the losses I incurred left a bad taste. Another friend of mine went through bad experiences. I noticed they have some new energy star products, but the owner Jeff's lame excuse of the batch being bad and the same excuse of the following batch being better than the previous one has got me wonderstruck. As to how such a highly reputed company gets away with selling cheap trash.

Mar 09, 2017

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