JC Penney Companyportrait studio

I had an appointment to take pictures of my kids at 7:30 pm and the store called me to say that the photographer had a family emergency and that I needed to show up by 6:30.
I let him know that I had to pick up my kids from school at 3:30 then get them home to feed them and get them dressed and they insisted that there was nothing they can do. I asked to speak to the manager his name is PEDRO and he told me the same thing and there was nothing he can do because the photographer had an emergency, he did not apologize and was very rude. I told him that he needed to at least give me till 7 and he said fine but not to be later than that .
We arrive 6:45 and MAGGY was there to take our pictures . I guess she was called in to take our appointment because she was not pleasant at all .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jersey City, NJ My kids are 8 and 5 years old and she was very serious with them .
HOW can you have a photographer taking Xmas pictures of children with such a serious attitude ?
My son barely smiled (not his first time taking professional pictures).
She was clearly in a rush and my pictures did not come out as good as they should have, I'm very upset that I have to deal with this when it wasn't my fault that a photographer had a family emergency .
I'm also upset that I later found out the photographer with the emergency was the manager who got on the phone with me and Rudely Said there was Nothing he could do.
This is very unprofessional . I wont be going back to this JC Penny Studio anymore .
The manager and the photographer should receive some customer service training .

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