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JBS Processing, Johnny Bono / Fraud! Scam!

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas Review updated:
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JBS Processing
Las Vegas
JBS Processing is a fraud and scam company! They make unsolicited phone calls to vulnerable individuals to try to sell their services. Their services are worthless and when they don't make you the money that they promise you, they try to make you spend more money. They will also threaten you by telling you that you won't make any of the money you've spent back if you don't invest more with their company.


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A  16th of May, 2009 by 
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Hi i have been a victim of this...i was called out of no where and they convinced me to sign up for $50. Then in two days this guy claims to work for some guy name Johnny Bono and he got great picks and that im wasting my time with their $50 start up trial offer. (Then why did they convince me that i would make money if im wasting my time.) So after you tell them no and coutless i dont want...tehy do everythign the y can to convince you..like talk you down like your missing out or they tell you things that make you feel like you have to get in on it. So this guy tells me to get this package for their "Silver Spoons" for $4, 000 (more on this later) and that they guarantee 65% by a certain date or i dont pay. But in order to show that im "SERIOUS" i should put down $2, 000. So i did, only a week into the thing and guess what they are trying to "CONVINCE" me to pay off the rest becasue they will hit their 65% target...by the way...this is the part you or anyone reading this should watch out for...they called me and guarantee me things like 65% by this date or that date but when they send me to payment...they do this...its like bait and switch...they start saying this is only entertainment and they cant guarantee the results..so i deny payment and stuff...then the agetn or whatever calls me back and says that they guarantee it and that its nothing to worry about...but they dont record what the guy says they record when you make payment...so after all that..i wasnt suppose to pay again until the 65 percent coems through by march 1st...but they try to convince me to pay it off early which is a trick so whatever happens your not gonna ge tit back...after many no's they bring out the big scam where they PRETEND to give you bonuses for paying it off early with their picks even higher than their SILVER SPOONS...so they convinced me...so when the time of march 1'st almost came about 5-6 days before that...i realize they are no way in hell gonna hit their 65 percetn...so i called the guy and asked aobut my refund...guess what they refused and even more ###ED UP was they tried to SELL ANOTHER PACKAGE for $3, 500.00 saying that i need to get in on this package to really make money and that the package sold to me...in which i was suppose to g3et refund...is not good..SO WHY THE HELL DID THEY SELL ME THE PACKAGE IF ITS NOT AS GOOD AS A PACKAGE THAT COST $500.00 LESS...AND STILL NO REFUND...I have been talking and even dispute with my credit card company that these people swindelled me for money and was suppose ot give me refund but the credit card ruled in there favor becasue i dont have enough proof...the only thin gi have was a reciept they sent for PURCHASES...and get this...teh $2, 000 taht was reaming to pay off for bonuses...THEYT CHARGED THAT AS PURCHASE PICKS...so dont get cheated like i did...learn form my mistakes...I will be taking these people to court if possible..i will talk to a lawyer and see what can be done becaue cheaters and scandlers like this should not be able to get away...to the credit card companies...### THEM FOR NOT PROTECTING THE CONSUMER.
A  5th of Aug, 2009 by 
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They did the same exact thing to me, but got even more money from me. My credit card companies also said there was nothing they could do since I agreed to previous lower purchases. TOTAL SCAM!! I'm also looking into private litigation, but these guys are so slimy, it will be tough, especially since I don't live in Nevada (where they supposedly operate out of).
A  8th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I got a call from this company and told them to wait 3 weeks before I consider this product. The first week the "7-day pick special" was 50 bux and the second week the same "special" was 30 bucks, but I would qualify for a special discount for 20. I still refused, and I got a call for the third week for the same "special" to be 10 bucks. I was about to make the purchase (didn't give out the home address), when I googled JBS processing and johnny bono sports and saw these complaints/scams. Joe (the telemarketer) told me to "hold on a sec" and asked the next guy over what he should do. I oveheard these guys saying "wtf, ask him for his street address, or just what city, or just what house number and we can find out the rest." I hang up, get a call from his boss, JJ and this guy just chews me out like a football coach. This whole business appears unethical and utilizes extreme agressive sales tactics. For example, when they tell you an offer, they follow up with "now, is that mastercard or visa?" They also allegedly claim that one person made over a million dollars by working with the company for 6 years.
If this company is that successful, why doesnt it have a legitimate webstie, and why when you google JBS Processing or Johnny Bono Sports you only get complaints? Furthermore, if they use such aggressive sales tactics and continue to call/harass me numerous times, they are obviously desperate for clients. If they are so successful, why would they waste time to repeatedly contact the same potential clients (who are reluctant to join) and offer a cheaper promotion for each succeeding phone call? If they were really that good, they would be a members only company and offer membership to a set number of clients (which is obviously not the case). Allegedly, everyone pays $250/week for the "insider information" on sports games - there is no exclusivity here and they appear to be full of absolute decietful lies. I highly doubt there are any fixed games in any sports season - these guys are a bunch of charlatans.
D  3rd of Nov, 2009 by 
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This is hilarious!!! First off, why do you people believe everything you read on the inet? I'm sure you believe in the tooth fairy too. Maybe if you had a backbone and were able to say the word no you wouldn't be living behind your computer, or bad mouthing other when you have no facts. Son Nguyen (first post) should not be gambling! Careful what you put in writing, what goes around comes around. Do Not bad mouth other companies or people. It's a shame you couldn't get your money back, I guess they are not scammers after all are they?

These are comments from a few people that should not be gambling, nor slandering others as this will be continued through litigation.

The three of you might want to retract your statements.
N  13th of Nov, 2009 by 
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Hey, Joe or tommy, I mean Denial. What are you doing here lol. These guys try the same ### with me. Only thing is i paid 11$. Yes 11 bucks. He gimme 1 good pic and then kept dwelling on it. Then next day he tried to get 950 per week off me. And kept saying that he is going to get verification on the phone so he can confirm with me. Meaning confirm payment. Then he gave me a pick for Friday nov, 13 2009 for dallas nba -11 on the road. lol. but told me to put only 50$ on it because he doesnt want to gimme the silver spoon pick since i m not spending the 950$. The guy tommy is a fast talker and would talk to you into commit suicide if he had to do it.lol
D  29th of Nov, 2009 by 
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So what's the problem now? You can't say no? You have a gambling problem? Give me a break, none of you people should be gambling. Careful with the slander.
A  1st of Dec, 2009 by 
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Tommy was my contact, they killed me!!!
I'm on the same boat with foshoboison, they lured me in took my money (about 20, 000) and put me in the hole with my local for about 12, 000!!!

They send me 3 years back financially!!!

This happened in feb and March of 09

I wish the worst to who ever works for that service!!!
They're a fraud and a scam !!!

A  3rd of Dec, 2009 by 
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haha. denial, or mr. jonny bono, or joe, whoever you are, i never bought into your scam. I looked you guys up before i made the order, and VOILA! i saw nothing but complaints. I will not retract my comment, because I know better than to listen to a snake oil salesman.
N  16th of Dec, 2009 by 
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Karma baby, Karma. You wish the worst? Guess you already got yours. Stop gambling loser, you have no discipline, money management and no intelligence. You can't even spell, It's Johnny with an H. You are the scammer not the service. Don't blame them because you are spineless and can't say no. Put your money in a Canadian savings account.
A  9th of Jan, 2010 by 
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You're right I'm a loser and I did get mine but yours is coming Tommy or Mark or Johnny or whichever loser you are!

I'm as healthy as I could be and have worked my ### off and will continue to do so in an honest way and not on the expense of others!!!

P.S. I did put the H you LOSER, I just forgot the 2nd N! if I cant spell then you cant read ### !!!


N  19th of Feb, 2010 by 
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Hey guys I just got this call! Did they charge you after you agreed to the inital payment or did you have to re authorize the additional purchases?
N  10th of Jul, 2010 by 
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It's called gambling, you win some and you lose some ...
You guys knew better, I invested over $10K and I'm ok with that. I pulled the trigger, they didn't make me do anything. If you allow their tactics to control you, then you are the problem

get a life
A  11th of Sep, 2010 by 
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I just got a call today that if I joined up as a new client they would only charge me 20 for this weekends college and pro picks of the week. He tried to work on me saying hes from my town (pgh) and what kinds of fans we are and how i can use a few 100 in my pocket. He would not take no for an answer right away but i think he must have been new because quit the badgering after like 10minutes!! I'm glad I checked this site for the info because I was down this road a few years ago and 1000's wasted advice/promises so I have definitely learned my lesson with these type of guys! Please BEWARE!!!
N  18th of Feb, 2011 by 
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[censor] JOHNNY BONO!! Total scam...I knew it but got suckered last night too. Guy told me one team, then slipped up and said the other team later in the conversation. Hopefully they will get buried in the Vegas dust.
A  27th of Jan, 2012 by 
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Yes, I was a victim also!!! This guy calls me in November of 2011 and says he will give me a weekend of winners for $ 39.00. ( both games lost)! Then a guy named GINO gets me and tells me how great Johnny Bono is and all of the handicapping awards he has won. He says his plays hit around 65%! Not! He says his fee is $ 895.00 for football. So I decide to give him a try. He tells me he has straight bets and his coveted silver spoon plays. The silver spoons are his top plays. He starts winning, then one week later he said to me I should be diversified. He then proceeds to sell me his basketball package.. Then 2 weeks later I should be in the " totals" club. Then 2 weeks later hockey!! All in all I have over 4k invested with GINO and have not have seen anything close to a return on my investment! Stay away gentleman, all that they want is your money, and do not give a ### if you win! A total scam. Remember the guys name was GINO!!!
A  26th of Aug, 2017 by 
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I found out the details about this company and I am reporting them to the San Diego FBI field office. I am contacting everyone I can online in the hopes that if the FBI receives enough complaints they will act.

This company goes by the names CLS (Consumer Locating Services), UPS (United Processing Services), JBS Consulting and JBS Management, but their actual legal name seems to be JB Financial LLC.

The owner is Jayd Silvia. Anthony Johnson is the manager. The address is 27450 Ynez Ste 205, Temecula, CA 92591

Please message me if you need any additional information. They are absolutely breaking federal law and they deserve to pay the price.

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