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Re: Your RuneScape account has received an infraction

Tue 22/11/2016 06:41
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RuneScape ([protected];

To whom it concerns,

I have absolutely no idea what you are on about or what account your referencing this email to nor the login details to any off my accounts I havent played on runescape since the release of RS3, if activity has been mis used on an account that is link to this email then I strongly suggest you check the ip adress and do your security checks prior to threatening civil actions against me... im sure that you would be aware that I am a UK based player and it wouldn't be difficult to find out if my account has been used by someone else and if so I can ensure you that it was done without my knowledge or consent, as for this email I will regard it as a miss understand and leave it at that however I do not appreciate the fact that you believe you hold any rights to jump to the conclusion that I have breached any of your rules and regulations since I have not played the game in many years, you may take this replied email as evidence that i do not hold or wish to return to the game nor have any intentions of "ruining the economy" I do however reserve the right to defend myself as a lawful citizen and will take legal actions against yourself if I receive any future emails that I may deem threatening or harassment, I strongly suggest that you look into this matter further and see for yourself that this activity you speak of is probably based on the fact that my account has been hacked by someone and delete the account if not all accounts linked to this email.

Also this email will be sent to the email provided by jagex as well, aso the evidence of rhe emails recieved threatening to take me to court will be posted if I so not recieve contact within 7 days... disgraceful behaviour more than happy to see them in court at this rate, been bombarded by the same threatening email now every day..

Nov 21, 2016

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