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An absolutely unacceptable level of apathy and disregard for customers. I have an account that I haven't used in years, only to find out it has been permanently banned during a time period when I was not playing. The only place to reliably contact support is through Twitter, which is awful in itself, and any mention of the word "ban" in your plea will automatically get you a lazy copy/past response literally saying they refuse to help you.

That is absurd. Never have I seen a company flat out refuse to help a customer who claims to have a genuine problem with their service. Their reason? To paraphrase, most of the accounts banned are legitimately breaking terms of service. That's it. Since most of their bans are correct, they feel vindicated in completely ignoring the minority of people who are brushed aside in the crossfire - those who do nothing wrong and still lose total access to their accounts based on flawed anticheat systems.

So, the only option is to contact them via email or twitter. Emailing them will only get you the same response as twitter but slightly longer winded and after a longer wait. They tell you it cannot be resolved and give you a url to their page on account bans. You can go check your account status on their website as well. It even has the option to view the ban and see evidence - oh wait. The button "view evidence" is there but they don't allow that because it would give away all of their super secret anticheat methods.

Guess what, Jagex? Your anticheat is BROKEN. Holding the details about it hostage is pointless because it DOESN'T WORK.

I am completely livid at this company's treatment of paying customers and am almost tempted to seek legal action considering the unfair denial of a service that has taken large sums of money from me.


Nov 29, 2016

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