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South Africa

Good day, December 2009 I bought a 12 seater jacuzzi from Wikkie's pompe in Centurion, which cost me almost R30 000. Since the bath was installed it has worked effectively only a few times. Since the installation, which was done very unprofessionally and unneat it started to give problems. The problem will always start in the same manner: Initially it is fine, then power will start to trip (in the house, but also in the box under the jacuzzi), the pumps will make a noise that sounds like a lawnmower. When it is impossible to heat it up or use it, I usually call Wikkie's pompe again. They would come and fix a symptom (and everytime there is a different symptom). Then the whole process will repeat itself, I would use it until the power trips again and the noise startes again. They have been at my house several times and it initially seemed that they have never installed a 12 seater before, therefore they did not know where the origin of the problem is. During the installation I was upset about the muddy mess under the jacuzzi, they returned and through a bit of concrete under the jacuzzi where the pumps are. A small tear in the bath occurred as they did not support the installation of the bath correctly. They came back and someone crawled into the bath (which is located on the surface of the ground, not under the ground), and inserted sand bags to support the bath to stop the tearing. It has been a whole year and a half and I have stopped calling Wikkie's pompe as it seems that they are absolutely unable to assist me. I do not think that they are at all able to help me as they do not know what the problem is or how to fix it. I have now contacted other individual's to give me quotes on fixing the problem, but it is so expensive that I am not able to go that route. What is my options and what could I do to fix this? Cecilia Denton Centurion, Pretoria (Cell [protected]; Home [protected]; email: celia.[protected]

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