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I’ve recently signed up, and then canceled a one year agreement with iYogi. The whole process was somewhat of a nightmare and I’d only wished I done my research before signing on with them for the year. In the end, I did get a refund, but what it took to get there is amazing and unforgivable.

Last week, I received a virus in the middle of writing a final term paper. Earlier in the day I had let a friend of mine use the machine to watch the awards on tv. He was unable to find a good site to watch it on, but he did find a site that filled my computer with loads of crap. The resulting viruses and ‘malware’ as it was explained, was the reason why I lost my paper that evening.

iYogi showed up in some search results, and eager to get something done, I contacted them on the website to process payment and get my paper back and computer cleaned. After 3 failed attempts to run my card, they finally got it to work on a friends visa. The guy connects to the machine, for 2 hours (mind you, this is at 12am.) After 2 hours of troubleshooting and trying to remove the virus, I say goodnight to Muhammad and go in search of another service.

I ran some google searches and found They had a nifty box that I could talk to the technician through right on their website. The representative was able to give me an exact figure of what is was to cost to clean and optimize my computer and said he could do it from their office and I wouldnt need to take it anywhere. I was able to pay with my credit card on their site (which iYogi couldn’t do!) which made it easy for me. The technician then started his process and in less than an hour I was surprised at how fast and clean my computer was again. It was like it was new all over again. I had forgot how fast it was. The technician, then recovered my word document and was able to get all of it except that last page that I had written. The technician thanked me for my business upon completion. This was all at 2am! He sold me the service for about $105 bucks, and an external hard drive (extra$) which arrived last week (to back up all my school work.)

The end result, was me filing a BBB complaint against iYogi, finally getting my money back, and giving my business to a company like secure remote support. They actually earn it, and do a good job. Do your research before you buy. No one wants to get stuck in my situation, not fun.

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  • Ma
      6th of Jan, 2011
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    I have very similar experience and I just submitted complaint as well, although, we both know it gets no where with iyogi. How did they process your refund? I'm only getting partial for my 1yr after they jagged me around for the past 6mos. They even won a charge back dispute I initiated when the only services I recieved was a virus and starting over with one dump technician after another. They keep telling me it was processed (the partial refund) then after a month I call & tell me it wasn't and have no record of my bank acccount numbers I gave them twice previously and address! They are wicked man! You can't even trust your antivirus protection now that you pay for because they hook you up with these demons thus they are evil as well I guess!

  • Iy
      11th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dear Dremas,

    Thank you for bringing this incident to our notice. iYogi takes feedback very seriously as we endeavor to improve our services. We would like the opportunity to investigate this incident in more detail and request you to provide us with your full name or Subscription ID that was generated for you as well as the date of the incident.

    Once we have this information we assure you that we will most definitely look into this incident and use your valuable feedback to further improve our services.

    If you ever wish to write to us directly please send an email to


  • Do
      27th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I would like info on your 1 yr plan for 239.00 and what it consist of please? I'm not a customer.

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