Ivy Tech Community CollegePoor internal and external communication

If someone asked me what I think of Ivy Tech I would say as a sophomore student who is proud to have earned a 3.9 g.p.a. thus far, Ivy Tech is the least expensive option for gaining an education. The classes for the most part are statewide courses that transfer easily to other schools and they have some amazing instructors who really care about their students. If what you want is education, Ivy Tech is a good place for that. If you are seeking a degree, however, I would say caveat emptor, you get what you pay for.
To earn a degree from Ivy Tech you should schedule a session with your advisers more than a year prior to when you would actually like to know what classes you need to take to earn a degree because this appears to be the minimum time limit in which they will respond with a full answer which may or may not be correct. Then be prepared for the notice you will get when you apply to graduate that even though your adviser signed off on your course plan, you still have not taken all of the classes you need to graduate. There is always, “one more”. This is a brilliant strategy designed to squeeze every last dime out of your pocket before you are released into the wild because who is going to work that long and hard to earn their degree, get one class away from graduation, and refuse to take it on principle?
I am convinced there is really only one adviser working at Ivy Tech who frequently changes his/her name and email address to appear to be someone new, hoping you won’t find them. Be prepared to be assigned to several different advisers throughout the course of a year and for those advisers to refuse to give advice. Be prepared to not be kept up to date on who your adviser is, and when you do track them down they will be on vacation. When they return you will have been assigned to a new adviser and can begin the process all over again. Every time.
If you do get ahold of this elusive adviser, be prepared for this person to pawn you off to a department chair and be prepared for the department chair to send you back to your adviser rather than answering your questions or dealing with your concern. Just when you think you have finally been given the answers you need, be prepared to admit you thought wrong, and begin again.
Be prepared for a school filled with staff members who do not know how to use online communication even though they offer online degrees. Be prepared to waste time and money. Be prepared for an abundance of frustration and suspend disbelief because their lack of knowledge, professionalism, and respect for other human beings is so unbelievable that it seems unrealistic. Be prepared to question your own sanity and perhaps even lose your mind in this institute of higher learning.
And one last thing I would tell someone considering Ivy Tech….know when to walk away. There are many schools to choose from when you are determined to reach your goals. There are even schools where students are treated with respect. Yes, you will have to pay a little more but you will actually walk away with both your degree and your sanity. Perhaps they won’t feel the need to delete your post because the truth is painful, or answer with the standard (automated?), “Speak to your adviser”. You could (heaven forbid!) get a real answer….at a real school.

May 20, 2014

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