Ivy Tech Community College / Bad Service

United States

I am an older student with a 3.3 gpa and 33 credits after not attentding any sort of class room in over 10 years. So I plead with a coordinator to please check my record because i only have a 1 time shot at a sap appeal unless they can adjust my record. It was a rough time for me financially and had to work and could not complete the program so I tested out of it. As far I theyre concerned I didnt complete the course. So they tell me hey its fixed you can go to class. Nope. Cant get my financial Aid nor the military benefit to cover cost of anything until they fix this so called glitch that is going to cost me my education toward a transfer to a university then any hopes at attending a decent law school. So im in classes and cant recieve any benefits but getting billed all the same and screwed all the same it feels like. Thanks Ivy Tech for student success

Jan 17, 2016

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