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Never give out your information for any reason. They trick you into signing something you don't know you're signing. That kind of chicanery is not of course contractually binding, especially when the offer is not at all what it is advertised to be (nothing works on the site!), but they don't want you to know that. I check my bank balance regularly online but today, I caught them charging 34, 95 euro for the past seven months and somehow it had slipped my notice!. At once I called customer service.

The girl was reluctant but agreed to refund november, december and january, stating that it was "company policy" not to refund more than three months. I told her that "company policy" has no bearing on the obligation to refund wrongful charges. She then castigated me for not noticing it on my bank statements and even asked me if I checked them every month (as if it were any of her business). I asked to speak to her supervisor, whom she said was busy and would return my call when she was off the other line. "if there's nothing else I can do for you, please disconnect now," she then said.

Might I add that, in between sound bits, I heard what seemed to be her blowing a raspberry into the mouthpiece?

I received an e-mail confirming the refund for the three months; I shot back that I was owed seven. I then received another e-mail confirming refund for another three months and graciously responded, thanking them for their prompt reaction but reminding them gently that they still owed one more month. Their reaction?

"according to our records here, you have already been credited the full amount of 6 refunds which can be issued as stated in our companies' policy. No more refunds can be issued on this account.

"we here at itshd do apologize for the inconvenience caused. We understand your position in this matter and hope that you can understand ours as well."

And here was my retort:

"on the phone I was told that your company policy was to refund a maximum of three times. By e-mail you have now told me that your policy is to refund a maximum of six times.

"as a matter of fact, I was wrongly charged seven times, and there is no 'company policy' in any jurisdiction that can override your obligation to put that right.

"therefore, I reiterate my request for one additional refund of 34, 95 €."

I think they know they're playing with fire. My advice: seek your refund aggressively and unrelentingly, before they go out of business and burn the house down behind them!

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