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Ironwood Communications / Lack of service! Brazen lies!

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In posting this review I hope to be of help to others who are likely to suffer similar problems regarding Ironwood Communications and DirecTV. Do not believe them! They are incompetent! They have no regard for your time! Brazen lies!

First appointment: November 16th 2006 Ironwood's installer arrives at around 3:00pm There is slight rainfall and since the installation involves ( high work ) use of a ladder, the installer says that he is not comfortable working on a ladder while it is raining.I understand his reasoning as the satellite dish is just below the peak of our roof, two stories high.

He said that my wife and I should call to reschedule the appointment which we did.

Second appointment: November 21st 2006 As always is the case with this type of business you are given a window of time as to when you might expect the installer.This appointment was 8:00am-12:00pm and Ironwood's installer arrived around 10:30am.The installer informed us that he did not have the correct cable box with him so my wife and I should call his office to set yet another appointment with IRON-HEAD, I mean Ironwood. By the way my wife had phoned the Ironwood office in Pittsburgh Pa. the day before to verify two things. First was the type of receiver that was to be installed and second was that
a tall ladder was needed to complete the installation due to the height of the roof.

Third attempt, today... we had an apt scheduled between 8:00am -noon. The installer showed up around 9:30 and started to assess the situation. He looked around and then made a phone call back to his office. He told us, he would need a 40 ft ladder and that he did not have one. He also had the wrong information on the work order - again! He said we would have to reschedule.

By this point we had had enough. We called DirecTV and told them what had happened. They tried to help and said they would work to get an Ironwood installer back out there today. At the same time Ironwood called directly and told us the first apt they had available was on Dec 8th. We explained that we waited long enough and that we preferred an apt later today or tomorrow at the latest. We went back and forth numerous times. We asked to speak to a supervisor but were told she was not available.

DirecTV attempted to help resolve the problem but in the end all they really did was continue to put us in touch with the Ironwood call center to resolve the problem. Round and round we went with dates all of which required us waiting days. We were told people would get back to us, but we waited and waited, in the end we had to call them.

We have spent over 14 hours trying to get DIrecTV installed and all for nothing. DirecTV and Ironwood both have failed us and as consumers we will do all we can to discourage others from buying their services. Missing work, spending our time needlessly chasing customer DIS-SERVICE people to try and rectify this mess.


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  7th of Dec, 2006
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Ironwood Communication was scheduled to upgrade my HD dish & tuner on Monday between 1-5 PM. At 4:30 PM I received a telephone call from a person who was very difficult to understand telling me that he would be really late.

The shop had overloaded him & all of the installers with more work than could be done. I called the shop to complain about the situation and the person who answered the phone said he would get with his supervisor and see where they could help out to get the job done & call me back. No one ever called me back in fact the next day I checked the status of my order on line and saw that they had changed to installation date to 7 days later. I called & talked with a supervisor who was very defensive of his contractor who could barely communicate and then promised to get the job done today & hopefully in the morning. So once again I stayed home and at 4 PM I called to talk with him because I job was still not even started. He asked for my cross streets I asked why does he have some one in the area to do the job and when he did not answer the question I asked him do you even have anyone dispatched to the job yet and he said no that he never promised me what he did. I called Directv and cancelled all my orders that I had involving Ironwood Communication and even though I really wanted the upgraded HD equipment no way will I support a company like Ironwood that lies to its customers.

  20th of Dec, 2006
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DirecTV installation botch job

So, after many years of being satisfied with analogue TV I decided to treat myself to something more contemporary, something with a clearer picture and a wider selection. I live in southern Scottsdale in Arizona and this particular area of Phoenix doesn't have a very good reception of local stations via antennae, so I figured it was about time for something else.

My choices in the Phoenix area are cable TV (COX) or satellite (Dish or DirecTV). I opted to try out DirecTV for a year contract; the deal was very good I must confess. This was also on the advice of friends who are also DirecTV's customers. So far so good for the service itself, except for a few things I've noticed that suck, however in general it's okay. I was totally unaware however that the installation itself would be out-sourced to some hick installation company from Apache Junction -- or at least I surmised based on their name (Ironwood something or other; for those that aren't aware, Apache Junction is jokingly viewed as the redneck capital of Central Phoenix)

The first step is to install the satellite dish itself, which was very easy for them because a dish was already installed. I believe they had to replace a faulty component on the dish because its sat outside on a balcony for a couple years not being used. Luckily my balcony faces the southern sky, a prerequisite for receiving satellite cable. The RG-6 coaxial cables run from my balcony into the living room were made by drilling a hole in the bulkhead of my condo -- in a location that looks quite odd (first two series of pictures). As you can see they opted to install the face plate DIRECTLY adjacent to the frame of the sliding window. It looks cheesy and blocks the path of the vertical blinds. You can also see that Elmer the installation guru decided to leave a pool of sawdust under his handy-work. At least it's the easiest thing to remedy.

At least with the coaxial cable coming from the dish they elected to use a face plate. My next gripe is predicated on the fact that they ran the second receiver (to my bedroom) through the living room wall. A logical choice after all, it's a straight path from the living room to the bedroom. They punched a hole in the wall for this and drew the cables straight through. See in the next two pictures it is exactly as I said, a hole in the wall -- without a face plate and insulation is protruding out between the cables. The first picture is the living room side, the second the bedroom. I wonder if this is how they would have left it if they were doing their own house?

My best advice to anyone having an installer come is to just be there in person and evaluate what the installer is doing. In this case my service was installed while my wife was home and she didn't take it upon herself to babysit their work. Too bad.

Look at the hack-job Ironwood Communications' installers did on my DirectTV cable installation:

However, I have been generally happy with DirecTV itself.

  1st of Feb, 2007
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Today is my third horrible encounter with this company. My last encounter was Sunday the 28th of Jan, 2007. They had to reschedule my upgrade because the installer from a month ago did not know what he was doing and could not finish the job he was sent to do.

We cut our vacation short and came home Saturday night only to get a call Sunday morning at 8:30 am (my appt was to be between 8-12) leaving a message that no installers showed to work and they had to reschedule. Then when I called the number back I was told by a live representative that the installer tried calling and since no one answered decided not to show, but yet the previous day a rep called to confirm my appt. After 3 hours of nothing but lies they rescheduled my for today and I just get another call again the appt time 8-12 telling me that the installer will be there between 11:30 and 1. I told them that was not acceptable and demanded they be there no later than 11:30 and they said OK. The phone number is 951-765-0440 and when my wife called them back Elizabeth confirmed that they were CCI and Ironwood was a company of theirs and when she informed them that we were filing a law suit she was placed on hold and someone named Patty came on and gave up the address of 2090 W Florida Ave hemet, CA 92545 Presidents name /removed/ then asked what is was regarding and when she was told it was regarding a lawsuit she tried lieing and saying that they are not Ironwood and have no idea who Ironwood is. Nice try you lieing pile of Patty but I called you back from the same number you called me to try to squeeze another hour out of my appt time. Anyone care to join us in the lawsuit?

  6th of Feb, 2007
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I live in Southern California but own a second home on the Colorado River. I made an appointment for the installation of three DVR's in my River home more than two months in advance and got automated calls from Ironwood confirming the appointment approximately 24 hours in advance.

After receiving the confirmations, I drove to my River home, a 9 hour round trip, for the sole purpose of keeping the appointment. I waited patiently during the 1-5 window I had been given for the appointment. At 4:00, I called to make sure they were coming and was told they did not have the equipment they were supposed to install. They never bothered to call me; I wouldn't have found out unless I called them.

That was on a Saturday. The person I spoke to said they could get the equipment and install it for me on Monday if I was willing to extend my stay. Not wanting to waste the entire trip, I agreed.

Unfortunately, Monday was merely a replay of Saturday. Again, I waited until 4:00, then called to make sure they were coming. Again, I was informed the equipment had not arrived. Again, they did not bother to tell me this; I only found out after waiting several hours before calling them.

My 3-day trip was completely wasted. A full week has now elapsed and Ironwood still has not apologized or offered an explanation. They have yet to call me (other than the automated calls) for any reason.

I think there are enough disgruntled customers out there to interest an attorney in a class action, which I would enthusiastically join. In my opinion, Ironwood's behavior is uncivilized and burdens other people unnecessarily. Never, to my knowledge, has a service provider displayed such utter contempt for its customers.

  17th of Apr, 2007
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Your biggest mistake is to order online or direct from the service provider. That is why you end up with companies like Ironwood doing your install.

Buy your equipment from a local dealer that uses local installers.

I am certified for DTV, Dish Network, StarBand Internet, WildBlue, Hughes Net, IDirect and SkyWay. I have been installing satellite equipment for 10 years.

Local retailers and installers care more about their customers satisfaction and tend to do better work.

Buy Local!!!

  10th of Nov, 2007
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It just so happens that I work for ironwood and agree they suck, but in most installers defense... ironwood is 90% of the headache and have serious training problems, on a + note most of us do a professional job.

Installer, N. California.

  18th of Nov, 2007
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LOL ....I completely understand both sides of this! From a customers perspective AND an instillation technician of Home theater/Comcast internet /Direct tv / Dish network/ and Wildblue

From a customers point MOST of these companies are complete liars and only about geting the money...DTV doesn't care ! or else they would have stopped giving the work to these guys that consistantly neglect the clients; and neglect to get the correct info!
I know from personal experiance Ironwood only pays piece work to employees and requires an ungodly amount of babysiting.....the tech gets $30 for one box install if he's lucky AND pays for his gass in HIS OWN vehicle ! Without geting payed back...after the whole thing is done you are lucky to get less than min. wage!!!!!!!!!
Mostly you end up working for free!
It is extremely rare to get a tip.
If we are not "in-house" then we are 1099 contractors that they continue to try to treat as employees which in itself IS ILLEAGAL ...already gon the leagal rout
IF we are lucky enough to find a few companies that do have work we have to find out the hard way whether or not they will actually pay us for services rendered..../name removed/ (as mentioned earlier) currently owes me personaly $4000 for services rendered!
Consider this as well WE 1099's also have to pay for every item consumed ie. cable/ gas/ tools/maps/ gps/ ladders/ fittings/splitters/diplexers/multi-switches/screw clips/roca's/lag bolts/silicone/ground blocks...all but the dihes and boxes.
we are also ILLEAGALY charged back for any thing they feel like charging for including missed time frames that we aren't informed of /phone connections/ qc's that are usually none existant(nothing wrong)/ and just for the heck of it(whatever they feel like charging for)
you should think to yourselves god or bad install you still got what you paid for...which is nothing! you haven't paid for an install you only are paying for service!
If you want a good job then you need to pay for custom work!!!!!
without crying about it!
How can you cry about getting anything for free?????????
A home that is stucko IS a CUSOM home! must pay for custom work ect...
we can't work for free that's what they want!
we have family's too!
Give us a break and put yourself in our shoes much should you be making to: crawl under a house with exposed wiring,standing water,black mold,poisonous spiders, fecal matter /or urin under homes,esbestoes,lead paint,confied spaces,broken glass ,-in crawl spaces, stabbed in the head by nails in attic , possibly falling through a foof from the attic, cutomer brieathing down your neck taking out frustrations out on you,dealing with people that think they know what they are talking about-yet don't have a clue,no less than ...... questions,working in the rain,snow,30-90 mile an hr wind gusts,hail,sleet,mossy-slick roofs (neglected),steep roofs,prssure to get jobs done and get home that you neglect to eat ALL day untill 6pm-1am breakfast luch and supper all in one, drive between 90 and 300 miles that day and then get up and do it the next day all over again just to provide for your family and the customer happy to boot even though they haven't paid for a thing...with the rare exception when they do it give confidence that you now have gas money.
Don't give an attutude to a "professional tech" that can still be polite and freindly
If you make an opointment stay with a local tech , move the furnature, get the tech's phone # to confirm ETA, tell him ahead of time on the phone of expectations standard install or custom, run to the bank ahead of time for extera work that is non standard, AND LISTEN THE FIRST TIME WHEN HE EDUCATES YOU ON HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM you get 5 min of customer education...beyond that you need to be charged for it- our time is not free!
If we had enough time in the day to make you happy for every little multiply-repeted question we would be done with our day -two days later
I personaly have customers try to take 2hrs for customer education because I will not be rude to them and be blunt telling them I don't have time for 20 questions that have already been answered.
We don't handle programming- that is between you and DTV .
we are just the "gruns" doing the work ALLm software and programming is done at the other end.

  28th of Nov, 2007
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I agree. Ironwood is useless and have terrible customer service. I've read many comments to this post on my3cents and some installers have commented that they are overworked. I don't blame them at all! I blame the company for overworking them and treating them badly. Its not the installer's fault.

I have had Ironwood take all day to show up with zero excuses. On another occasion I have had Ironwood not show up and then tell me the next day that they didn't speak to me on the phone. Their PA customer service is TERRIBLE. They sigh on the phone, they tell you they can only EMAIL people and can't call them.

They give DirecTV a bad name.

  19th of Dec, 2007
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Unlike most of the comments posted, I personally have had a great experience with CCI namely /removed/. I would work for him in a heart beat. Unfortunately Directv themselves has continuously cut costs for their contractors as prices of coax, gas and materials keep rising rapidly. For the people who have had bad experiences understand you are dealing with many middle men who have to flip employees like you do your daily socks. Some installers suck and some are the best money can buy. In regards to custom fees, you know what they say you pay for what you get. Directv's free install is limited to what free includes, for instance say i am paid $60 to do a basic install, well you the customer thinks that i am going to crawl in the attic and wall phish lines for free. Then you pull out your audio receiver and speakers and ask me to just hook that up while i am here. A job that Best Buy, Circuit City, or Good guys would charge $250 for. In my opinion customers have gotten cheaper then the companies cutting contracting costs, once again you pay for what you get. Even though the old motto the customers always right are they really? Lets say the installer was due at your home at 12:00 pm they call you from 10-12 to verify the appt and get directions to your home. Now if the telephone didn't get answered and I am three blocks away from your house and I can't find your physical address how in the world am i suppose to make it to your home? So i go through the long process of calling Ironwood to locate the customers address while they make relentless phone calls, try to google earth and find your address, still no customer contact, unfortunately for the contractor that drove to your house for free due to the fact we are paid piece work we did circles for two hours for free for you. Ironwood Communications is a good company who is dedicated to its fullfillment work and many times are overwhelmed with large quanties of work. Contractor companies like CCI are hard working and deserving of receiving a paycheck like everyone else. One thing I've concluded buyers are liars!

  22nd of Dec, 2007
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Ironwood is a very poorly run company. Their installers cut corners to save time and keep their idiot bosses off their backs. Example: We had ours installed and the guy seemed smart enough but broke the bolts on the support arms and left them off. Worked fine until a light snow made dish bend down. Second tech came and readjusted dish but never noticed no bolts in support arms... more trouble and third tech saw problem after I refused to listen to his crap about my receiver overheating and need to put a fan on it. It had been off all night and wasn't even warm and doesn't get more than mildly warm if left on all the time. Pixel problem happens in the morning... Could it be that because they have the dish pointing through power lines near the pole and tranformer that morning moisture froze on the lines is causing lines to sag and inpeed the signal? They have no interest in moving the dish. I am now waiting 2 hours past time tech said he would be here which is several hours later than scheduled. They were supposed to show 2 days ago and just didn't bother to call or show. Direct TV apoligized but didn't offer any real apoligy such as reducing my bill. To the tech that thinks we are getting free installs.. BS man we pay a premium by the month.. Direct TV and Ironwood are both well paid for their poor service. Conflicts between techs and Ironwood should not affect the customer. Conflicts between ironwood and Direct TV should not affect the customer... but they do. I am a retired electronics communications engineer and worked my way through school as a tech doing everything from commercial audio installations to driving a snow cat to the top of a Colorado mountain to pull shifts at a TV transmitter site. The problem is simple... Ironwood does not pay enough to get skilled techs and they should have a tech and a helper on every install and a seperate service tech that is more skilled to troubleshoot problems. The quality control tech that came here was the biggest idiot of all. The guy didn't even have basic electrical knowledge. He had the tech ground the dish with 16 feet of wire over to the painted lid of an electrical box. There was over 2 meg ohms resistance to ground... his excuse, "well the lightening will burn through the paint." I reground this mess to a copperclad ground rod as it should have been. Direct TV and Ironwood have no intentions of doing quality work. Once you sign the 2 year contract, they don't give a rats tail about you... When the system is installed and aligned properly, it is a awesome system, but getting these unexperienced, most without any real electronics communications knowledge techs, to do it right is a battle. I pay extra for the extented service and if they are losing money on this because of their stupidity, well tough luck. Any tech that does shoddy work or gives poor customer service because of the way Ironwood treats them, should get another job or tell their boss off and get Ironwood to make changes. As a customer all I ask is to have the system work like it is designed and advertised to work. What can we do? Nothing really and these companies know this so the poor work and unexcusable poor customer relations will continue.

  23rd of Dec, 2007
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Follow up ... finally yesterday 2 techs show up 2 1/2 late. Now pay attention Ironwood ... these are your best employees, in fact the only ones out of many in this area that have electronics communications knowledge as well as pride in their work.

Dallas, a retired Navy electronics tech, and Justin a younger man but knowledagable and willing to learn, resolved the problem within minutes. 1. The L & A unit was not putting out the power it should. They replaced it. 2. They noticed that one of the B band converters was not working ... something no other technician bothered to check. They replace it ... problem solved. This morning for the first time since getting this HD Direct TV installed, we have excellent pictures on ALL CHANNELS, even the locals that other techs were puzzled over ... simple as a small converter installed on the receiver.

Now to the big shots at Ironwood ... you would do well to hire only experienced electronics techs and pay them well. If Direct TV is not paying enough, then demand it or part ways. They are at your mercy and your hiring rude phone people and incompetent techs is unexcusable. Wake up Ironwood and clean up your act. Repeat service calls is what is costing you money ... do it right the first time and cut the waste... hire experienced techs and pay them well...

  2nd of Jan, 2008
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My installer who messed up our install did nothing but complain about the company. He only had 4 months of experience and he left us with a system that didn't even work right. Ny husband had to undo the mess he left. You installers may claim you are overworked, underpayed and miserable- but if that's the case please don't take it out on us. This really isn't a "free" service we are getting. Directv charges a ton of money for the hd receivers we don't even own (we used to own them outright). The money we pay for this service every month turns out to be a lot of money. Directv factors this "free" service into all the fees we pay. They are making money and if they are not paying the installers enough-- it is certainly not the customer's faul. If you don't like your jobs and they are that terrible to work for -- then I suggest you find another profession. Customer service is non-existant with this company and it trickles down at all levels. Without us customers you would have no job-- no company, so please don't direct your anger at us-- we simply want good, reliable service. We don't need to take abuse from Ironwood's installers or customer service reps. We want the service we are paying for. Granted a "custom" job should cost extra, but for us regular customers who need the basic install-- we do expect to get what we were promised on the phone by Directv. Oh, and my installer say Ironwood pays for his gasoline, so I would imagine that is company wide. If someone expected me to pay over three bucks a gallon for my own gas to travel all over the place I wouldn't do it. I also wish Directv and Ironwood would clean up their acts. They know they have us over a barrel, so they have no problem treating us like crap. The time I've wasted waiting for installers and on hold on the telephone is RIDICULOUS-- gee no wonder us customers are po'ed. We have every right to be.

  8th of Jan, 2008
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I'm an employee of Ironwood in Fresno, CA. I've been with the company as an installer for about a year and a half, at both the Fresno office and the Sacramento, CA office (where I started). As such, I can't help but take offense at the animosity towards Ironwood installers as a gross generalization.

First off, not all technicians half-### their work. I myself strive to do my job as well as I possibly can, even when that means getting home much, much later than other technicians and thus making much, much less than other technicians. Every job I do, the customers are completely satisfied with MY work. They may be furious at DirecTV and/or Ironwood, but they realize that I'm at the bottom of the totem pole and they recognize the hard, honest work I've put into their installation/upgrade/service call. My KA/KU dishes are mounted as solidly as possible, signal is peaked, all bolts are tightened and support arms are both tightened down and screwed into the pole with self-tapping screws. It takes me significantly longer to do my jobs, and it's because I take the time to do them right.

Secondly, you people need to realize that we technicians are NOT paid hourly. We are paid piece-work, which basically boils down to commission. Yes, we get paid overtime, but that time and a half is calculated from our weekly commission total divided by hours reported. So the more hours we work, essentially the less we get paid per hour. That being said, we would ALL like to make enough money to pay our bills and get home at a decent hour. We are at the shop by 6:45 am, and we don't get to go home until our work is finished for the day. That means we can get off early and be home by 2 or 3 in the afternoon, or we can have a cluster### of a day and not get home until 10pm or even later. So when a technician shows up late to your job, it's not because he wants to. It's because he doesn't have a choice. The Sacramento office services from Fairfield to Tahoe, and even up north to Chester, which is a 3 hour drive one way. I had to work there once, on a day I should have called in sick. I was nauseous all day, yet I still came in and I still drove up to Chester to do about $30 worth of work....before taxes. I had to pull over and sleep on a box in the back of my van because I was so exhausted from working and vomiting all day, I was falling asleep at the wheel. I didn't get home until about 10pm. Another day I was working in Tahoe and Truckee, ended up going down a wrong road and got stuck in the mud. I had to walk 7.5 miles (there were mile markers along the way, how convenient) to the nearest house to use their phone to call a tow truck, wait a couple hours to be pulled out, then drive home. I got home at 11:30pm, and still went to work at 6:45 the next morning.

DirecTV is so popular, especially with all the new HD installs and upgrades, there has been a surplus of work since the day I started. We have been working 6 days a week since I started. No matter how much we work, there are always jobs that are rescheduled due to the lack of technicians in the field. We hire more technicians, yet you still complain about the technicians we have working for us. So we're damned if we do, damned if we don't. How would ANY company hire only experienced techs? As in ALL professions, the only way to get experience get experience! Everybody has to start somewhere. There simply aren't enough experienced techs in the world to handle all of this work. Trust me, we would all love for every technician to be the best of the best, but that is just an unrealistic expectation. The fact is, while some techs take pride in their work and work hard to not only do their jobs and earn a living, but also satisfy each and every customer, other techs are simply here to collect paychecks. While it would seem to be an easy solution to just get rid of any unsatisfactory tech, if we were to do that, then you customers would complain about having to wait months to get any work done.

As far as service calls go, we get paid $13 per call at the beginning pay level. $16 at the 2nd level. That means regardless of how long or short the job is, we get paid $13-$16. Whether your TV needs to have the channel changed or the entire cable run needs to be replaced, we still get paid the same amount. To add to that, if a tech has been out in the last 90 days, the next tech doesn't get paid for that job. If the same tech who caused the repeat service call had to go back out, that would be cool, since he got paid the first time around and (usually) didn't do the job 100%. Problem is, that rarely happens. Rather, some other poor guy has to go out and not only not get paid, but also usually deal with ### customers. There have been countless times I have had to go to a repeat service call and relocate the dish or otherwise completely re-install the dish, run a 2nd line for a dvr, replace some RG-59 cable with RG-6, etc etc, which are all things the previous tech should have done, and was paid to do. Myself, having a conscience and being aware of how I'd feel if I were the customer, I often just bite the bullet and do whatever is necessary to get the job done. So now, not only am I working for free, I'm going to be late to my other jobs and be [censor]ed out by those customers as well. See how ###ed I am for doing a good job?

So before you start cursing the technicians for being late and not doing every single job to utmost perfection, realize that we are only human, we are only doing a job, and that your TV really isn't as important as you make it out to be. As said before, put yourselves in our shoes, have a little patience. When you give the technician attitude, chances are they'll either half-### your job out of spite, or just be an ### right back to you. When you're understanding and polite, the tech will most likely return the favor and try to do as excellent a job as possible.

Finally, when you have a tech do a good job, don't hesitate to thank them!!! Furthermore, call Ironwood (not DirecTV since they don't give a ###) and feel free to tell the tech's supervisor. The tech will feel like the time and effort spent was actually noticed by somebody, and will motivate them to continue to do the same quality work. Ironwood's # is 1-800-805-8570 (you can also ask the tech the local #, as the 800 # is for the Denver main office).

Michael Sumaya
Tech # 49229, Fresno CA

Now, as for Nathanael Cruz, you are a subcontractor, correct? I have not yet met a subcontractor who does satisfactory work. Some of the worst jobs I have ever come across (dishes mounted on 30 year old rotten fascias, dishes mounted by 2 nails bent over, customers lied to and told the dish points directly into a tree....90* off of where it REALLY points) have been at the hands of subcontractors. I don't know why it is, but it seems they all half-### every job they do. If you don't want to pay for your gas, consumables etc., be a tech like everyone else.
You say "If you want a good job then you need to pay for custom work ... without crying about it! ... How can you cry about getting anything for free? ... A home that is stucko IS a CUSOM (sic) home! must pay for custom work ect (sic)..." That is absolute ###. It's our job to do a good job on EVERY job, regardless of the type of exterior wall covering. Running a 2nd line for the DVR is not custom work if you do an outer wrap or closet drop. Running cable straight and tight is NEVER custom work. Installing a dish securely is NEVER custom work, even if you have to use an under-eave mount or even if you have to drill an extra hole or 2 in the mount.

You also said "you get 5 min of customer education... beyond that you need to be charged for it- our time is not free!" Again, ###. You give the customer as much education as is necessary. If the customer doesn't understand, for whatever reason, you explain it as well as you can until they do understand. Program the remote for whatever equipment you can, explain how to work it. Spending 5 minutes on customer education is half-assing it (if that). Go ask your site supervisor if quickly glossing over the basics of the system is satisfactory; if he's worth a damn, he'll tell you absolutely not. I hope you aren't still working for Ironwood. You're the kind of tech whose ### work I ALWAYS report to the sup's. I don't work my ### off 6 days a week, 12+ hours a day just for you to slack off AND make more money than me.

  18th of Jan, 2008
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Buddy re-read the contract from 2005! the time I was raped by Ironwood as an in- house tech
I ended up paying them to work
Late checks or never getting payed! working a factuall and documented 112 hr average per week!
7 days a week
average of $600 in fuel per week
missing pay
un paid overtime!
do your homework first before you spout!
ever herd of Mastec?
Iron mountain?....the list goes on
the practice of illeagal activities by these companies is rampant!
mis labeling 1099's as employees ect.
mis managed routes that where by there own admission out of area! far far far more than a 50 mile radius
standard install is stated on the back of the work order! and is is stated specificaly per individule contract with the company that DTV gives the contract to!
Ironwood has one of the worst contracts out of them all! tech will get hosed any way you look at itthey are constantly in the court houses under suit for breaking the law
if you haven't had the joy of anything like this happening to greatful and considder yourself LUCKY!
check this out it may open your eyes!

feel free to look me up

  30th of Jan, 2008
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Wow I had no idea there were so many compaints so similar to mine. I am located in the Tahoe City area and have had no service for 18 days now. I have been dealing with Ironwood and they have canceled on me three times now. I hav been so frustrated with them. They lie to me about coming out and that the roads are closed when they aren't...ect.
The technician that originally set up my system had done a horrible job...he had put connecting wires on the ground, where then snow fell on it and put it apart. Dont know what to do.

  10th of Feb, 2008
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If you live in an area serviced by Ironwood Sacramento, there are options for you if you cannot get any satisfaction.

1. Local number is (916) 643-8889. When the line picks up, press zero. The local dispatch will pick up, but DEMAND TO SPEAK WITH THE Local Manager, Henry Dorsey. Do not accept anything less than Mr. Dorsey. If he is not there, ask for his cell number. If they won't give it to you, refer to step 2 and let Mr. King know about it. Dorsey pretends to care, but rarely does. If you bug him long enough he will get tired of hearing from you, and will eventually get you taken care of.

2. You can e-mail the Regional Director, Chris King at He is a pretty decent guy who demands a lot. He hates to have complaints.

3. You can e-mail the Field Operations Manager for Direct TV, Mark Walsh at I can almost promise a result within 24 hours, sometimes with this guy even coming to your house. He is very knowledgeable but hold a holier than thou attitude with everybody. His primary focus is making customers happy. He just needs some coaching on his tact.

4. You can file what is called an OOP (Office of President) complaint. This is filed either through Ironwood's Denver office of with DTV. This action causes a $1500 max charge back to the local office responsible. This motivates office personal within 2 minutes of it being received and you will probably get a call back shortly thereafter.

Tahoe, Truckee, Quincy, Chester is a thorn in the side of Sacramento's Operational Status. It is the most hated work in winter, the techs cannot get there in bad weather, and there is not a single 4X4 vehicle in the fleet. Maybe after a bunch of OOP's they will start to consider better options for this management area.

Hope this helps with some of the frustrations you folks are continuing to deal with.

  5th of Mar, 2008
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If you guys are in need of another company to service you for Directv, WildBlue, and Hughesnet. Go to and click on the service call tab. We are an independent Directv, Wildblue, and Hughesnet authorized dealer with remote technicians in many locations across the US doing business a very different way than the company mentioned on this board. A few of our techs were once lead techs, qc techs, and managers for this company at one time or another. So there is not all bad to be said about (IW), however we have tried to cherry pick the best!! Feel free to stop buy and use the service call tab and we will do our very best to help you.

And if you are a tech with an independent mind, an over all eye for clean installs done right, and ability to run the show the right way. The go to and fill out the online application.

Thanks for your time. God Bless.

  1st of Apr, 2008
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I found that in my area that Ironwood showed up just when they said they would, the job was to connect an additional receiver to an existing system. That was done in a timely and punctual manner. However, in doing so the installer knocked out my HD on my primary receiver, I've called Direct t.v. and they referred me to Ironwood directly. I called the main office three times now and nothing has been done now for three weeks. The main office won't give me the number for the local office so now I'm paying for HD service which I'm not getting.

  12th of Jun, 2008
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It is so sad to google this horrible company, Ironwood Communications, and find nothing but complaints. They installed my HD dish on a PGE power pole and now won't take my calls to have it moved. Direct wants to charge me to move it, even though Ironwood admitted during a service call that it waa thier error. They refuse to take calls, and seem to outsource thier call center too! Ridiculous!

  19th of Jun, 2008
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Sorry we still have a way to go I do know our office leads the conpany in installs recovered we do our utmost to take calls with in our office from customers to handle the situation that is still out there .. we are recognised as directv 's #1 home service provider and we aim to stay that way our office has the most completion rates and recovery rates for jobs that supposedly couldn't be done be it a post and concrete or multiple mounts and working with landlords we also are aware of laws to keep you from being a victem of landlord restrictions ...we also try to make it a practice to pre-call the customer to let them know our ETA and if it changes we will provide the customer with the new ETA and the office too! so if you call we can track the tech call him for a new ETA and see if this works for the customer
unfortunately we don't have just one AM on our schedule and due to high gas prices we need to adjust accordingly ... but... if it means losing a job our office will do our best to see the customer comes first I have been with this office for 4 years and this has been our practice sorry if some times you get a bad experience we will be the superior home service provider hands down in my opinion thanks for the patience and sorry if there was any inconvevience...MIWC

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