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At the end of survey's they give you a chance to play a "poll predictor" game where you win a various number of entries into drawings for prizes each drawing is 2 to 4 weeks away. There is a box labeled "accumulated points", and you can spread them around the different drawings or use them all on one. I have always used them all on the next upcoming drawing. The problem is most of the time when i submitted another survey on the same day or within a day or two and returned with more entry points to "The Poll Predictor Game" looking at the very same drawing that i entered my points the last time, there is sometimes no record of them at all and sometimes there is some but not all of my entries. So I tested this by leaving points in the "Accumulated Points", not playing them at all, and they too were gone. So I emailed Ipsos with this concern about 8 weeks ago, with zero response. So I emailed them again, and again nothing. I emailed them a third time and nothing. So I went online and looked up there offices, which are all over the world and recorded The San Francisco number and The New York phone numbers and called San Francisco first and they answered but told me i should definitely call the New York office with my question, as "that's The US main office". I called New York during business hours and couldn't get a receptionist but left a message and my number three times. No response. They say in the email form; "Send us a message and we'll get back to you within 2 business days." Really?!! The panel seems otherwise very well run and I want to continue as a member but I'd like to be convinced they're more than a machine.

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  • Jo
      Apr 17, 2015

    I, to, am having trouble getting my password issue resolved. The link provided to me is defective/does not work. Am ready to contact corporate office.

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  • Jo
      Apr 17, 2015

    Cannot get help with my password, links provided will not function. Very frustrated. PLEASE HELP!

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  • Jo
      Apr 21, 2015

    My complaint differs from above in that I very frequently do not get points I've earned added to my account. I spend 75% of the time writing email tracking down my already earned points as opposed to 25% of the time taking surveys. This should not be. Ipsos is also very lackadaisical about answering my emails no less fixing the problems. An outside entity should be closely monitoring their operations.

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  • Ca
      Jun 30, 2015

    im having a similar issue with my emails not being answered. i got an email on june 15th saying i was one of the monthly click draw winners and to reply with my contact info and stuff and that a week after replying i would get a catalog of prizes to choose from. well over a week later - still no catalog. so i emailed them. no response. the initial email said that if they dont hear from me by the 29th then my prize would be given to another person. so i emailed them again on the 28th. it is now the 30th and still no response yet again. so now im worried i wont get my prize even though i did everything i was supposed to do and in a timely matter - all because of a screw up on their end. i am NOT a happy camper.

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  • Mo
      Sep 05, 2015

    Well I'm glad I'm not alone with problems with IPsos I Say survey. I worked at building up my points for over a month saving for something special. I was just 50 points away when the surveys stopped. Then one day they " adjusted " my points and deducted my points 2 times each for 950 points leaving me a - 450 in the hole. I was blown away I sent e mails and tracked down a phone number but no response to e mails and the phone number was no longer in service. I'm very upset and just sent off another e mail. I feel I' m being scammed and the thing is I've been a member for quite a few years. I just deserve an explanation.

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  • Ga
      Jun 28, 2016

    They said they need information about myself.
    I sent them my name email address and phone #.
    They said they need more but will not tell me what.

    I have point that I can't access.
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