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I ordered a bag for a birthday present 6 weeks ago from Seller wodson37372 about 6 weeks ago for my mother's birthday. It was supposed to arrive on about the 5th May (my mother's birthday is today 12th May). By the 5th May the bag was still in China. I asked for a refund but the Seller is refusing the refund.

Below is the Order Messages.

Order Messages
April 16, 2017
01:04 PM
Order was placed
Seller 01:04 PM
hi friend, in china, the paypal always has problem, so for now we just accept the credit card, it is like the paypal, easy, fast and safe to pay, please check and try to via this invoice, thanks.
01:05 PM
Buyer payment has been confirmed
Seller 07:03 PM
thank you, got your payment, so will send to you asap
April 18, 2017
Mariella Gambin 03:04 AM
Thank you. Kindly make sure the colour is the NAVY bag. Can you please try to send as soon as possible because I need to receive it by the 8th May as it is a birthday present. Thanks.
April 20, 2017
Seller 03:47 AM
will send to you asap, thanks .
April 21, 2017
06:51 AM
Seller shipped the order
April 28, 2017
Mariella Gambin 02:59 AM
Hi Can you please tell me why the parcel is still pending at the Post Office; I have to receive this parcel by the 8th May and it seems that it did not even leave China yet.
May 2, 2017
Seller 03:52 PM
about this packege, i had talked to my post office, it is on the post office, later, you can track where it is, thanks, best regards
May 3, 2017
Mariella Gambin 12:18 AM
If I do not receive the bag by the 10th May I will apply for a refund because it is not acceptable that it is still at the Post Office.

I ordered the bag to give as a present a month before and if it does not arrive in time, I do not need the bag.

Thank you.

Mariella Gambin

Seller 01:01 AM
so if you dont want, i can returned the money, and ask the package back. ok ? so sorry about this problem .
Mariella Gambin 01:06 AM
We will wait until the 12th May and if I do not receive it, I will ask you to refund the money.

Thank you.


Seller 04:22 AM
we cant control the date, please check, and you will get it 2-5 weeks, if cant wait, please talk to me, i will returned your payment, and i will ask the package back, so sorry about this problem, please keep talking, thanks, best regards
May 5, 2017
Mariella Gambin 05:12 AM
Dear Madam, I am trying to track the order but it seems that it cannot be found:

Not Found
China(China Post)
Item is not found at this moment, If necessary, please verify with the package sender and check back later.

Mariella Gambin 05:14 AM
As it seems that this bag is never going to be delivered, can you please cancel the order and refund me the money. Thank you. Mariella Gambin
Seller 05:57 PM
hi friend, dont worry, wait 1-3 days, if you still cant track, will refund the money, so sorry again, please .
May 9, 2017
Mariella Gambin 06:55 AM
Hello, I have still not received the bag. I am very disappointed because it was supposed to be a present. Can you please refund the money and you can ask to take the package back because now it is too late.
Seller 04:55 PM, please track via this link, thanks
Seller 04:56 PM
had on your custom way, for now, cant ask returned, so sorry, .
May 11, 2017
Mariella Gambin 11:32 AM
I want a refund because deliver took too long
I did not receive the bag yet and it was a birthday present. I do not need it now. Please send me a refund for whole amount. Thank you.
Seller 02:53 PM
so sorry, we cant control the date,

Can you please see if I can get a full refund as the bag is no use to me now. It was still marked as being in China Post Office some days ago.

Thank you.

Mariella Gambin

May 12, 2017

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