iOfferdeclined credit cards

E Nov 26, 2017

I made an order before and my payment went tru for 3 sellers, then when i tried to made an order again my card failed manytimes even my husband cards i use it, it keeps saying > Payment failed: Declined *Please re-enter your credit card information or try again with a different card. then i keep trying to re enter my information but it always like that, so i tried my credit card in diff. site and its all good i got no problems, my order was confirmed and the payment, i dont want the sellers to not to trust me coz i made an ordered already to them and they r waiting for my payment, i tried to msg.u guys twice in suggestion options as i dunno where to reach u as im a new customer/member here in, its kinda frustrating that u guys dont have a so it'll be easy to fix the problems just like ebay, amazon etc.please help me, i dont know if u got system error or what?coz theres no problem in my credit card, i hope you can reply and help me for this issue as i dont want the sellers to think that i will not pay them as they already waited for more than 3 days now and i keep trying it too every single day manytimes. Please reply and i hope u will fix the problem on ur site, why is this happening how can i pay the sellers if this is always occuring everytime im trying to pay with my credit card?Could you pls kindly spend some time to reply or answer this and fix the problem.I really appreciated it, thank u.

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