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Invicta Watches / lackluster service

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 866-468-4282

Ordering parts has never been so hard! Or should I say receiving parts ordered has never been so hard?

On 8/24/10 I ordered a simple link for my Invicta watch, I was told upfront that it could take from 1-3 months. I was ok with that.

On 9/24/10 I called to check on the order and was told the part was in but they didn't have my credit card #, so I gave it to them and they said it would be sent out in the next week. Once again I was ok with that.

On 10/5/10 I called to see what was going on with the order and they stated they couldn't ship without my CC #. I explained they already received my CC# on 9/24/10, but gave it to them again to make sure I got my order.

On 10/13/10 I again called and got the same story about my CC#. Customer service girl explained they don't keep the CC#'s in the computer as to protect the consumer. She sounded sincere so again I gave them my CC#. She guaranteed the part would go out the next day, Thursday the 14th of October. So, I figured I'd give it time to arrive.

On 10/27/10 Again they said they didn't have my CC# but they do have the part ordered. This time, I told the girl to figure out how to look at their computer and find my CC# because I have already given it to them 4 times. She came back after about a 10 minute wait and confirmed my CC#. This told me they always had it and were lying all the time and were just trying to buy time for their errors. The girl in customer service apologized and said it would be sent out on Thursday the 28th of October. Once again it was a empty promise.
On 11/4/10 I called again and the customer service girl wanted to apologize due to it not getting shipped because they didn't get the part in yet. I rejected her apology and asked to speak to a manager. That's when I got Melvin. Melvin should be fired if that company wants to stay in business! Melvin told me in a sarcastic tone that that customer service girl didn't know what she was talking about and the part would be shipped the next day. He then proceeded to tell me they have been having problems getting parts in. I proceeded to ask why customer service told me the part was in back on 9/24/10 and it would ship on Monday 9/27/10. I explained it's not a receiving problem, it's a customer service problem. I had been told 4 times they lost my CC# and 5 times my part would be shipped the next day. Now you're telling me it would be shipped the next day, why should I trust in you? He said because I have the part in my hand and I manage the parts department. I asked for his supervisor and of course she wasn't in. So I asked for her name. He responded with Roxanna, ext. #3030. Left my phone # via voice mail and asked for a call me back.

On 11/8/10 I called back at 5:20 PM East Coast time and the gentleman said it's almost 5:30 and we quit at 5:30 so let me get your # and we will call you back in the morning. I refused and asked if the part shipped out yet? He said it didn't ship yet, so I asked to speak with Roxanna. She went home for the day, so I left my name and # with him and asked to transfer to her voice mail as to make sure she got the message. No response again.

On 11/9/10 I called and again Roxanna wasn't available. Customer service rep again stated they have the part and it will ship out tomorrow. I said that is not acceptable to a consumer and asked to speak to Roxanna's supervisor. I was asked for my name, put on hold for five minutes then told she was in meetings all day. So I said she was supposed to call me yesterday. Response was she was in meetings all day yesterday, too. So again I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told they along with Roxanna were in a board meeting.

I hope they were terminating Roxanna, Melvin and every customer service person below them, cause that's the only way they will fix their problems. Over promise and under deliver. Unbelievable, this company keeps these people on when there are so many qualified workers looking for jobs.

The only way Invicta Watch Company is going to respond is to send the complaints to QVC and The Home Shopping Network. Sales will stop do to poor customer service because these two companies don't want to be pulled down because one of their suppliers doesn't have customer support from quality issues to customer service issues.

I have to say, Invicta doesn't realize what poor customer service can do to a company. Even though my part was only a $6.00 link, I love my watches and have approximately $8000.00 worth of watches and was looking at buying more from their company. Not a chance in hell, now.


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