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IntlMove / Scam artist

1 Miami, FL, United States
Contact information:

If I was going to give you all the details of my experience with Intlmove, it could take a while. I have used several moving companies in the past moving from France to the States, from the States to South Africa and the East coast to the West coast, with any kind of companies you have to be clear on the words, the contract, etc..which I believe I started to master but you can only master so much with a company that do scam for a living.

At first they seem to be very professional, everything looked like it was going to be a smooth move: a well written contract, they would answers all our questions, etc...and then as soon as they picked up our belongings, it seemed like everyone had disappeared. Few days later they asked us to pay them $800 additional (only by email they couldn't be reach by phone anymore). At that time I started to read more stories about them keeping the goods and then even charging for storage fees so I felt like I had no choice and as soon we paid the outrageous scam, then they asked us to pay an additional $200.

I even went to their office which look like the back of a garage and call the cops but even if the cops agreed with me, they told me the only thing I could do is pay what they asked otherwise they could keep my belongings and then I will have to go to small claim court to get my money back...not easy when you are going to another country and a scam company has $30, 000 worth of your belongings.

So in a few words, they were great until they get the contract signed and the belongings moved to their warehouse. After that you can bet that if you use Intlmove your nightmares will begin.

Advice: of course use another company even if they are a bit more expensive at first. Go over the contract and all type of situation with your chosen moving companies. But you can't do this with Intlmove because they are scammer and don't care about the contract you signed, they know that once they have the belonging of someone in their warehouse, they can do anything.


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