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Internet Movie Database [IMDb] / imdb is incompetent

1 United States

I'm not able to access my alvinruler imdb account because I deleted my facebook account a one year and one month ago. Not to mention I deleted my gmail with the account.

I had forgotten to delete my IMDB account first. I realize this a year later. I wanted to delete my account through the staff. I send them 120 private messages. Not one of them solved my problem.They kept on sending automated messages so I would delete my account myself. The problem is I can't access it.
All I want is my account to be deleted. IMDB is so incompetent it can't even do that right.

I originally created imdb account in order to see how bad imdb really is. It is absolutely unreliable. I purposely submitted poorly written reviews to see if it passes.
Not to mention the reviews and ratings are biased even more than goodeads.
Plus you can troll people on the boards without any consequences.People troll one another in imdb.Nothing but a spam war. Forget about discussion.
P.S. The staff don't read mesages. Actually the machines read the messages.

Aug 15, 2015

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