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Instant Tax Service / 2011 taxes

1 Cleveland, United States

I went to instant tax service in 2011 to apply for a holiday loan i recieved 200$ with apay check stub i wasnt told i would have to pay 100$ for that loan until i went back with my w2 form to actually file my taxes then i had to pay almost 400$ for that. I was told my check would be there in 2 weeks it took 5 weeks to recieve it i called and called when they finally said it was there the lady told me it had been there the whole time they just didnt look hard enough. Well its now 2014 and i recieved a letter in November 2013 saying i owe the IRS 424$ for the year 2011 because they filed my taxes with my stub instaed of my w2 form i went to the head office to find out that office i filed at is out of buisness now and theres nothing nobody can do about it. So now i have to pay the IRS another 424$ on top of the almost 500$ i paid in 2011. It would be nice to keep the money i work hard for but obviously i dont pay the IRS enough money already so i have to pay more. It also must be nice to sit on your butts and steal from hard working americans and not have to be held responsible for it maybe all tax preparers should have to have some kind of insurance for things like this also maybe the feds or the IRS should find a way to not make the people who got screwed not have to pay again but obviously we are not that important . By the way i am a server and a bartender at a restaraunt i also have to small children i take care of would be nice to not have to give what i dont have since these thieves were given permission to file taxes for the people of this country dont see why we should be responsible for that. Thanks for reading me vent have to go to work now to pay the IRS 424$ that i dont really have. Please steer clear of instant tax service if you want to keep the money you work hard for.

Jan 15, 2014

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