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Infinity Dish / infinity dish scam

1 Winchester, VA, United States Review updated:

Infinity dish offer free gift to sign up dish network with them such as gas voucher, stereo, camera etc. I selected for gas voucher, the trick is there is a $50.00 processing fee to sign up one of this free gift. They charged my credit card $50.00 on 12/22/08, they told me i need to download the rebate form from their web site and mail it back to them so they can send me $300.00 gas voucher. Guess what..they never send the voucher to me till today April 15, 2009. I have been in many frustrated phone calls with them, they keep playing game with you. Finally last week on April 10, 2009 I talked to supervisor and he indicated has sent email to the gift department so they can mail me the gas voucher, he promised going to cc email to me, I gave him my email address and guess what he did not cc the email to me. I just called the gift department and they told me the email did came, but he indicated they are out of stock on gas voucher. I ask him what other gift options they have and he indicated all of them are out of stock and he can not make any commitment when they can mail the voucher to me. This is almost four months ago since I signed up with dish network. If there is anyway we all can joint together to file a lawsuit against them that would be great, any of you reader know how to process this lawsuit? This is not fair the way they doing business, they actually want to to give up and quit bugging them and let you spent so much time on this issue with frustration and they get away with it.

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  • Dm
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    I received the Gift Request Form for $250 (less than yours) and then they sent me the Gas Gift Voucher. They request that you verify account activation for 120 days and provide a recent statement. I did this. The request went to the Chicago address on their form. The package was sent certified mail. It got forwarded to Nevada and then back to me! I have sent another request and have checked the tracking with USPS. It has again been forwarded somewhere...don't know where yet. I suppose it will end up coming back to me. I don't know if this is the Chicago Post Office problem or the Infinity Dish problem at this point. It certainly is frustrating, and those on the phone are from some place like India and don't really know that much about what is going on. Is it a scam...or just inefficiency. I think Dish Network needs to find another representative and in the U.S. please. They have not yet told me they are ouot of gifts!!! Wow!

  • 91
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    I too, signed up with a Dish authorized retailer (by receiving one of their many flyers in the mail); and once I received an email regarding the information I needed to claim my free gift, I quickly found out that really nothing they offer is "free." Everything has a 'hook' to it.

    For instance, for the $300 free groceries, you have to send them $19.95 for "registration and processing" fees, PLUS they want that sent to them via Certified Mail which is approximately $3.00 more; that's $23.00 so far, out of your pocket.

    My first choice was to get a digital camera - why not, I thought to myself. But here was the catch: if I chose to get their "free" camera, I would have to pay out $14.95 for "shipping & handling" PLUS the $23.00 as explained above. That's $38.00 total out of pocket. I did call to ask what brand of camera they were offering and could I possibly see a picture of the camera. I was told "It's a reliable, name brand." And, "No, no pictures are given."

  • Ma
      26th of May, 2009
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    I am getting the same run around. Your send in a form and wait 2 months then give them a call and you receive the next piece of mail to complete. It has been a complete run around. In order to get the $300 gas voucher you have to pay $35 up front then send in monthly gas payment of at least $100 to receive a $25 voucher. If you do not meet the $100 a month you can not put in another payment to receive a voucher. I would like to know how to file a complaint with them. I am going to start with the State Attorney General.

  • No
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    In late January of this year I signed up for DishTV through a 3rd party "InfinityDish" that promised a $350 gas card, among other prizes. Nothing was ever provided by InfinityDish and DishTV says that it has no control over what resellers offer. Every time I call (approx 30 times) InfinityDish and request to speak to a supervisor I get forwarded to to DishTV customer service. So far there hasn't been any resolution. When I attempt to terminate my DishTV service I'm confronted with an early disconnect fee because I agreed to a 2-year contract. I relied to my detriment because of InfinityDish’s false advertizing. What can I do? This has me really frustrated.

  • Ni
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    I talked to Dish network people and indicated to them, why on earth they want to have agents such as infinity dish and will bring the dish network reputation down the drain. No response or comments, I guess they preferred to have people sing up for dish network at least lock in for 2 years contract. The rest they do not care, because they made their profit already and screwed the customer. I have a feeling that may be why Costco dropped dish network and have direct TV sign up with Costco.

    Update on my $300.00 gas voucher (signed up with Dish network in late December 2008): Talked to Keith which located in India, they made another promised indicating the voucher has been process for mailing since last week and will be arrive within 2 weeks. We need to have ABC 20/20 investigate this because the infinity dish did this to too many customer.

    The ways I think of the process are these:
    1. No matter who you are, they will not process your voucher
    2. They want you to complaint and spent so much time, the more you pursuing them then you will go to the next level process
    3. They are hoping you quit along the way then that way they got your $50.00 processing fee, most of people will quit, some don't, what that mean, now they have enough money to cover the cost for voucher
    4. I assume I am on level 5 now, of course the voucher will not arrive as promised, then I call them back then they will put me on level 6, they will say sorry for missed communication and so on, let me process it again and so on.
    5. Realistically I am not sure at what level you actually will receive the voucher.
    6. I heard from some one that, once you submitted your voucher, do not be surprise they will say in order to received $25.00 credit you have to submit minimum $100.00 spending on gas a month and so on.
    7. Logically they make you go to visit HELL every time you process and request, and you finally decided quit a long the way and they smile and toast the champagne each other.

    Some how some one need to reported to 20/20 to cover this scam, I may be trying to visit 20/20 site, but it would be helpful if many people requesting the same thing to 20/20.

  • Ms
      7th of Jun, 2009
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    I see unlike most that I have had a wonderful experience with Infinity Dish...
    Everything that they promised me I received, they were very upfront about the processing fee and I stated that I would not see any unathorized charges on my credit card for which I did not. I had no problem paying the processing fee due to me knowing the company has to make their money as well and I was completely aware of them being a Authorized retailer. I already know that it will take time to receive my gift so I just check the tracking info screen that they provide. Atleat they provide us with that "MOST COMPANIES DO NOT".


  • Ni
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    Dear Ms. Satisfied
    I am glad you have a good experience with INFINITY DISH.
    Could Please forward their tracking info screen that you claimed they gave it to you?
    I have paid $50.00 processing fee in december 2008, please follow up my previous statement above. I just receive a PHOTO COPY paper for gas voucher indicating" I need to submit another $35.00 in order to process this gas voucher. The only statement they made during initial contract by phone is $50.00 and I paid that and today they want another $35.00 please explain that!!! and now is June 19, 2009...

    The last time they indicated they ran out of gas voucher card, now they sent PHOTO COPY paper on gas voucher with additional request $35.00 processing fee.

  • In
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    I made an appointment with Infinity Dish on 6-19-09 to have services installed. The technician got to my apartment to discover that he couldn't install the dish because he had to place it on the ground which is against the aparment complex's guidelines. The guy told me he would call the "sales rep" to let her know and left. Once he left, I called the same number back to get my "start up" fee refunded back to my account since I didn't have services installed. Noone was available to take my calls and they kept sending me to a voicemail in which I never received a call back. I have called several numbers...being transfered to several departments. I do not have a resolution yet. But I am not giving up. Let's all write to the BBB. Do not give up.

  • Dm
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    Update on D. Minerva from 60 days ago. After my 3rd attempt to contact Infinity by sending in my voucher by certified mail with return receipt, I finally had it show on their screen as received! It has not moved forward from there ... i.e., to shipping and handling, authorized and sent which are the next 3 categories.
    I spoke with a representative on June 18, and it wa stated that there would not be any shipping and handling fee. I was told I would receive the gas voucher next week. I called today June 23 and was told it takes time!!
    the gift voucher would be sent next Wednesday and to allow 3 weeks from then for delivery. I asked why it takes so long and she replied that it is being sent from INDIA!!! As one complaintant stated it seems to go thru a series of steps ... the squeaky wheel gets the oil type of mentality. I am still squeaking! I do belive that this is some type of a scam in hopes that most will give up. Perhaps they eventually do send some items but it is a very few that have the experience that "I am a satisfed customer has". Makes me wonder what "I AM" was doing on this complaints site in the first place. Seems a bit odd if you are satisfied, why would you even look unless you are part of this scam! I will wait the period suggested, and then the BBB certainly needs to hear about this. I am very disappointed that Dish chooses to use this type of retailer. Not very smart on their part.

  • Dm
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    Second update by D. Minerva. I just called Infinity Dish. The man I spoke with stated that Infinity Dish hires a rebate firm to take care of these rebates. They changed firms approximately 3 months ago. They recognized that problems were frequent. Still seems it is with India. I will allow them the additional time to send the rebate and then I will complaint to the BBB. My certified receipt requested forms were sent on April 20, 2009. As stated earlier in my posting, that finally showed up and moved the information to show they had received the statements to verify the service for 120 days. I will let you know if this actually comes to pass that I finally receive the rebate.

  • Ni
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    Please update us once you got the resolution on this issue thanks

  • An
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    Well I've heard the ads on the radio play over and over trying to get people to get infinitydish. Hey I thought it was a great deal seeing now that in order to have cable in my town you have to have a high ### deposit plus two months of your cable paid in advance. So when I heard the ad on the radio on June 22, 2009, I decided to try them out: not knowing I was not going to be able to recieve the installion. Ok, the guy came on June 24, 2009 about 1-1:30, and he determined that he wasn't going to be able to install due to insight of trees and he called I guess a service manager to come out in look also and the both determined that there was no way a signal could be picked up. I asked hey what shall I do about the $59.99 that was taking off my card, he said call customer service and they can help get that refunded back to you. So that's what I did. I spoke with a lady I explained to her I need to get my money back since I could recieve the service, she then stated by law they have up to 30 days to place my money back on my card, but she'll submit the email to her supervisor and it should take 7-10 days. Ok on July 1, 2009 I called back and I guess whoever I talked to resubmitted the form and told me the full 7-10 weren't over yet, so about July 7, I was mad about waiting so long so I called back and spoke with another person who was like he doesn't know why I haven't been refunded yet and it was pretty late, so he said he would send an email and would call me back first thing the next day but guess what... I never got a call so on July 10 or 14 I called again no one answered I called again on July 17 no answer again, I called again today July 20 no answer but I'm going to call all day til I get an answer. I need my money. ~a very anger lady~ oh yeah I forgot to mention I did get cable a couple days later with direct tv and it's great

  • Ni
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    I am with you all the way, I am not sure why dishnetwork still willing to deal with their agent INFINITY DISH knowing they got so many complaint about Infinity Dish. As soon as my contract is up, here I come Direct TV.

  • Le
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I had a very similar experience with InfinityDish. Once I listened to the "disclosures" I decided not to go with them. I had to actually scream at the manager (supposed) "tara" and she continued to speak over me and even though I was telling her in no uncertain terms to CANCEL the transaction, she would not listen to me, was EXTREMELY rude, spoke over me, etc. I finally had to yell that I did not want this. I am glad the only thing they got from me was $25 "hold" on my checking account for the "Credit check". Apparently, according to my financial institution branch manager, this is legal. It came off about midnight of the day they said it would, so if they tell you its the "1st" plan on the "2nd". You wont see it during the regular day hours. Please DO NOT GO WITH INFINITYDISHNETWORK. THIS IS A SCAM, BE FOREWARNED!!! They are rude, crude and have idiots working there. I feel sorry for the idiots because at least i like where i work. How would you or better yet, why would you want to scam people? I wonder how they sleep at night. If they were locally based, i would go to see "tara" in person and give her my complaint in person and see if she wants to talk down to me then. It would be great to meet her face to face and see just who she thinks she is.

  • Dm
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    It is a scam. Received $300 Gas Rebate form. Requires the following:

    -choose a gas company (you must continually use this charging at least $100 for 12 months. Submit monthly the $100 plus, send self-addressed stamped envelope.

    -to do this you must provide addl. $35.00 which will be refunded when you complete the entire 12 months. I am sure there are time limits on the submissions but they do not give that information up front ... much the same as they did when you selected gas rebates. I think we all thought it would be much like LOWES when they refund back to you on a VISA card $65.00 for having an appliance delivered (you pay first for it, then get the card as a rebate) .. but it is not the same, not even close!

    -you do have the choice of many gas well as Murphy at Walmart but the process is so complicate they hope you will not do it, or you will pay the $35.00 and still not do it!

    - been scammed once, not again. Best of luck to anyone wishing to do this. Bad judgment on Dishnet for getting involved with this SCHEME! It is devious at best and totally misprepresented. Wonder if this is even legal. Does not seem so to me.

    And in addition either a new company is involved or it is a branch of Infinity Dish, i.e.,

    Redemption Center
    PO Box 880107
    San Diego, CA 92168

    Regards...Sailhaus (P.S. it should go in the shredder, but I may keep it as a reminder as to what a crazy world we live in!

  • Ni
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I am totally agreed with you on this gas rebate. It has been 8 months since I signed up with infinity Dish, they finally sending me a photocopy rebate form that I have to fill out plus I have to pay another processing fee of $35.00. Remember when I signed in December 2008, they told me in order to process the gas rebate I have to pay $50.00 processing fee, guess what? They already charged me for that. Now another $35.00 for another processing fee? No thanks... they never disclosure every requirements, once you paid $35.00 then they will have another requirements that you must abide..and so..on...on.. They also told me during my compliant with them that they ran out the rebate form which it turn out only photo copy paper and nothing else. WAKE UP DISH NETWORK!!! YOU ARE ALLOWING THIS INFINITY DISH TO GIVE VERY BAD REPUTATION. MAY BE YOU DON'T CARE...!!!
    I just hope people come across these complaints Board and decided not to go with INFINITY DISH.

  • Di
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    Hello everyone,

    I signed up for service three months ago with Infinity Dish. I opted for the $300 GasPass voucher they were offering - and I still haven't received it. I called Infinity Dish, and they told me to email Premier Choice Rewards (the company that fulfills these requests). I did email them, several times. No response whatsoever. Of course this is a scam - and we need to nail Infinity Dish, Premier Choice Rewards, and Dish Network (they provide express authority to Infinity Dish to sell their services - as such, they are agents of Dish and liable for their conduct).

    I am a 3rd year law student. I will be graduating this May. This has deceptive trade practice (class action) written all over it. I think we should start a group, compile enough victims, and file suit. I have a really good attorney friend that will be interested in filing this class action on our behalf if I gather enough willing plaintiffs. Please email me if you are interested in joining. I opened a gmail account for this specific purpose:

    We all deserve what we bargained for. And, Infinity Dish / Dish network should be enjoined from further fraudulent sales practices. Also, is anyone else annoyed with the Dish "promo" services. They literally have you on 10 different promotions (e.g. HBO & Showtime for 3 months free, HD programming for 6 months, etc.) hoping that you will forget to cancel one of them in time - so they can charge you. Also a scam tactic, in my opinion.

  • Di
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    1) When did you sign up for service (date if possible) -

    2) With who (if you remember the name of the sales representative) -

    3) What option did you choose (what promotional gift) -

    4) What were you told about the promotion (details) -

    5) What did you do when you realized that your promotional item was late (who did you call, what did they say) -

    6) What type of service did you order (plan, contract length) -

    7) Where do you currently live (City and State is fine) -

    8) Do you have all of the documents from your installation -

    The email address is: dischclassaction@gmail

  • Di
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    The above questions are to be filled out in a reply email to, not posted on this board. Thanks again everyone!

  • Ja
      12th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am one more victim of the same fraud...
    Please let me know whats going on with the law suit. Should I send my information.


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