Impark / impark claim no.: [protected] (vehicle damaged in impark garage, washington dc)

5301 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington DC, US
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Let me start by letting you know that I have been a monthly parking tenant at an Impark location in Washington, DC for the past 16 years, and within that time period have abided by the regulations of the establishment. The on-site managers know me on a professional level and recognize the extent of my integrity. The same managers saw firsthand damage to my vehicle, which was reported to them on the same day of occurrence. They could not conclude how it was caused -- however, we know without question that the damage occurred on the grounds of this establisment. To that end, they are willing to attest to the parameters surrounding this incident, which lends great credence to the matter at hand. At the manager's suggestion, I filed an incident report and provided a very reasonable repair estimate of $500 to cover the damage. It was initially denied due to insufficient findings. Thereafter, I submitted a second request for consideration, and this time I was told there are signs posted throughout the garage indicating that Impark is not responsible for vehicle damage. There is one sign on the Western Avenue side of the building with this notice, which has miraculously appeared but zero signs at all other entrances. In order for customers to be properly informed of Impark's policies, it should be visibly posted at all entrances/exits. The attached photographs show the entrance on the Jenifer Street side of the building (where I've entered/exited routinely) devoid of any sign notifying the public of the policy referred to above. I respectfully request a satisfactory resolution of the matter which would include reimbursement of the repair cost to my vehicle in the amount of $500. (Copy of the repair invoice TBS.)

Feel free to contact me at [protected] if additional supporting documentation is needed.



Mar 10, 2017

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