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IGS Energy / I hope this saves you making the same mistake

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I hope this saves you making the same mistake. IGS Energy called in June when I was heating my pool with a therm rate of $1.3999 compared to my local company, NIPSCO's, rate of $1.85. No extra fees, no cancellation cost, no service charge, no contract, I figured I could keep an eye on it & save a little money. They told me in December they would send a letter notifying me of the current rate & I could decide then if I wanted to stay with them or cancel. End of December I realized I hadn't heard from IGS. I called NIPSCO 1st and the therm rate was $1.08. I called IGS and they proudly told me their therm rate was .95. I cancelled my service. I knew I had made a big mistake. Who knows how long the rate had been going down and if I had stayed with NIPSCO I would have been charged the going rate. Here is where they get you. They announce your current rate could be in effect for up to 2 billing cycles. Meaning if I chose their lower rate or cancelled I was going to be charged 2 more months at $1.3999 a therm. IGS hides behind the phrase 'it is the utilitiy companies policy not ours that it takes 2 months.' That is interesting to me since I have rental units & that day I can have a service switched into my name or a tenants name & billing starts from that point on. I knew I was dealing with the wrong end of the snake. I hung up on IGS and called NIPSCO. After honestly explaining to them I had made a mistake I asked if I could have my account cancelled and reopened with a new account number. NIPSCO warned me if I signed a contract with IGS there could be a penalty. Sinced I had signed nothing I was sure I wouldn't be charged. I also had cancellation numbers for both accounts. I suspect being paid the penalty is part of IGS's business plan. I am adult I take responsibility for this bad decision. All I can do from here is try to get the information out to others & any/all government agencies.

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  • Mh
      1st of Dec, 2011
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    How can I believe you, when your report is an EXACT COPY of one posted on Jan. 2009???

    MDH, Illinois

  • Lo
      23rd of Nov, 2012
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    It is unfortunate that this comment is so disparaging and misleading. IGS Energy is a reputable and approved Energy Choice Supplier in the Customer Choice Program. The utility company DOES NOT set your price for gas or electricity supply. The gas commodity charge (gas supply cost) is an open market variable rate, it changes based on supply and demand, weather and economy. NIPSCO does not control that rate, they bill their customers for distribution of energy, taxes, transportation of energy, taxes, and OUTSOURCED gas supply cost per therm/gas unit price (source of gas is a choice supplier or commodity charge from open market). IGS Energy is one of many Choice Suppliers offering fixed pricing to Nipsco customers. Most suppliers do have cancellation fees for early termination of their contract, IGS Energy does not have cancellation or early termination fees, a Nipsco representative has to warn all choice customer's that they MAY incur a cancellation fee (only if applicable by a supplier who charges cancellation fees, IGS Energy however does not). See Nipsco's website for information that supports alternative pricing options from approved gas suppliers. Choosing a gas supplier creates competition in the gas market and stabilizes a rate that is otherwise variable and unstable. Kinarone, I am sorry that you misinterpreted what the customer choice program offers. It is not a savings program, it is a stable rate to give the customer choice and control over their fluctuating gas cost.

  • M7
      7th of Jan, 2014
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    I have no problems with the I am in Texas and there is no tax and fees added like other companies.I have 9.5 kilowatt rate for fixed 12 months...I however do not agree with the door to door sales men at all...

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