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I purchased an Ideal garage door june 22, 2009. I had a professional carpenter install it. I worked fine until august 7th, 2009. Then it buckled in the middle. I wondered about the quality of the door after it was installed but it seemed to function well. I contacted Ideal door. They had me contact coplay. I sent pictures of the door. They said they weren't picture quality please send another set. I sent another set. They said the pictures appeared faxed. We sent the pictures via internet each time. I sent pictures a third time. Now they say door was installed wrong. I want to let people know that the warranty on an Ideal Door isn't worth toilet paper. No reimbursement, no help with the problem whatsoever. For 417.62 a door should last more than 30 days. Menards and Ideal door are off our shopping list. Thank you, Russ Mathews.

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