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Idaho Falls Department Of Health And Welfare / failure to investigate child abuse

1 ID, United States

while visting my children in idaho falls id i took them swimming when my youngest daughter 3yrs old then was being changed into her bathing suit we noticed a dark black and blue bruse on her back with the outline of a hand print within the center of the bruse we then took a photograph of it and reported what we seen and proceded to to show the department of health and welfare the photograph which they told us that they could not accept we were told that they would investigate the situation in 14 days that is unacceptable and was never done we took the photo to a doctor and was told that the bruse looked to be about 5 to 7 days old at the time the photograph was taken we reported the situation to our local child protective services when we returned home also and they contacted health and welfare services in idaho falls recommending an ivestestigation and removal of the children from the home for there safety again nothing was done by idaho falls department of health and welfare as of now the children did not have clothes for school or winter coats or shoes that did not hurt their feet we have purchesed all of the above and sent it out to them but an investigation needs to be done for their health and welfare we are at a loss to what we can do as for the bruse on her back it was addmited by the mother that her boyfreind had lost his temper when she triped over his son laying in the floor that he smacked her in the back causing the bruse with the hand print outlined in the lower center of her back we still have the phograph also their grandparents have custody of two of the three children and were told that they would not recive any help removing them from the home because idaho does not uphold any ruleings made by tennesse judges even if for the safety of children

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