Icon Health & Fitness / Service sucks

United States

I've been getting nothing but rhetoric from NodricTrack/Icon Health. I have a Viewpoint 2800 treadmill that I bought directly from them, which at the time was listed on their website as having a lifetime warranty on the frame. Now, about 3 years later, my frame cracks, I call customer support and they take my report for a replacement. I send in photos of the break - which is unrepairable - and after "reviewing the file" claims that I am not covered and they will not replace it. Supposingly the treadmill comes with a 1 year warranty on everything other than the motor. I explained my side of the story, they keep referring me back to the written warranty that says nothing explicitly about the frame, and only states 1 year parts and labor. I know exactly what I bought, which apparantly was a bill of goods because I now have a $2000.00 boat anchor in my basement!!! My stupidity: I trusted Icon and clearly shouldn't have. This is my second NordicTrack treadmill (the first time they had to replace it 5 times because I kept getting damaged merchandise), and I will NEVER EVER buy another one of these again. And I suggest you all heed these same warnings and stay away from NordicTrack products . . . at least until the company begins to stand behind the products and begin to provide true customer service to their customers!


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