ICON Fitnessillegal use of credit card

I purchased a Nordic Track ACT elliptical on-line, October 26, 2009, through the USA for $899.00 with FREE shipping because I was paying in full and not financing the payments. It was clear I would be billed at the current exchange rate (which btw was $1.08)

There is a customer review on the US website for the Nordic Track ACT from a _Canadian_ who not only managed to receive their ACT through the US for the same offer, but received an additional 10% off that was made available to online orders 2 days after they placed their order...ONLINE.

I received my payment notice which clearly indicated a price of $899 USD and there was NO SHIPPING charges and a note that tax would be calculated for the province.

October 30, 2009

I called the 800 number I was provided, to track my order, I was told I had to call the Canadian office. 2nd phone call and I'm told I will not be getting the Nordic Track, the order was canceled. However, I could place anorder through the Canadian Division at the Canadian price.

Now Icon has my PERSONAL information as well as my Credit Card DETAILS and I'm told they have canceled my order and no one bothered to contact me!

The Canadian Division gave me a price of almost $1000 using an exchange rate of $1.14. They told me that was the RBC rate that day...Royal Bank of Canada only charges 2 cents on the dollar...that means Icon is tacking on an additional 4 cents per dollar to the cost of the ACT and therefore they had just pulled bait and switch with their hidden fee.

On top of that they insisted on charging me $150 delivery.

I told them NO. I would not re-order it.

I demanded proof that all my personal information including Credit Card details had been destroyed.

I sent an angry email to the sales manager, Josee, in Montreal Canada immediately after the phone conversation. That was on October 30th, 2009. She forwarded it to Travis Cox in the USA who immediately emailed me asking for a phone number so he could call me. I responded back with my phone number right away.

I NEVER heard back from him nor anyone else.


Fast forward to November 18th 2009. I find my Credit Card has 2 charges by ICON Fitness for almost $1000. The charges had been made on November 15.

I emailed a high priority to Travis Cox to call me and to credit my Credit card IMMEDIATELY.

NO ONE contacted me and it is now January 4th, 2010!

I of course refuted the charges with my Credit Card company and the 45 days they gave ICON has now come and gone...but the charges and INTEREST are still there.

I'm invoicing ICON Fitness for MY time to date as I'm a business owner.



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