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My IBSN file number is W20109. I was told that I can get tax refund from IRS $2200 based on initial summary. so they requested me to give paypal and credit card information. I trusted them and I have given all credit card & paypal information, then i noticed that they charged me $300 without my knowledge. even after paid this amount tax summary was shows that i need to pay $2900 to IRS. I am not sure how they are preparing tax summary without evidance. Simply they are collecting money from people then no response from them. I called them to India (bangalore IBSN) office, there is no response from them. PLS DO NOT file your tax with IBSN.Now I have filed a case with Paypal. still they sent notes to IBSN for this transaction, but no response. You can contact me @ nagarajan.[protected] Thanks, Nagarajan

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