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A.Allen.Iberostar Lanzarote Park.Playa Blanca. Thurs 8 Nov 2018 for Seven nights

I have in the past always been a strong supporter of Iberostar Hotels, not always the lead Passenger, but always the satisfied one, but NOT anymore.Your service has gone from its peak to the lowest that I have ever experienced. I am a COPD sufferer, this means my Lungs cannot obtain enough Oxygen to perform certain tasks, as in walking and climbing stairs.
With this in mind I requested via a Travel Agent an Iberostar Hotel, room to be near a Lift, low level if possible, but near the Dining areas, possible wheel chair use, as I use a Mobility scooter, Double Bed and Sea view, I also mentioned waiter service, 5* and all Inclusive, plus wheelchair assistance, but this all got lost in translation.
I ended up with the complete opposite to almost all of my requests, and majority of blame is with the Hotel.
The Travel agent said I could not take my Mobility scooter, ( they now deny that ) so I asked them to check on wheelchair availability at Hotel, and could I now take Crutches (I need them to walk more than 50 yds) they said I could take Crutches, but in the overhead locker, (wrong again, they go in the Hold ) and that they would check the wheelchair situation. A number of phone calls were made by the Agent, although I don't know who too, and eventually came up with Lanzarote Park.
The price seemed high for Seven days, just short of £2000 but as I had not been mis-lead by Iberostar in the past, I did not quibble.
We booked the Holiday and I followed up on my request by sending email to the Hotel so as no problems could occur and it was "Sent" and recorded, but never answered.

This was all BEFORE we left so as to avoid the situation we found ourselves in.

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Hello, we are booked in as from 8th Nov for 7 days.I am part disabled with breathing problems (COPD) which is no problem as long as I didn't have to walk any distance, or climb stairs of any kind, I did request the travel agent to request a room very close to the Dining areas, and near a lift if on upper floors, and ask if you could supply a wheelchair of some sort because they claimed that I couldn't take my Mobility scooter. Did you receive these requests ? Thanks. A.Allen.
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All went well on outgoing from L&B, except for relabelling the crutches, but all that changed at Arrecife . No rep to meet and greet, so wheelchair pusher took over.He found coach and got us seated.
On arrival at the Hotel, our bags were dumped on the Pavement at roadside, no Rep, or Hotel services were available, my crutches had gone missing (turned up almost three days later) and as we are both in our eighties, already had a problem.
When we got into the Foyer, after asking for our bags to be brought in, we sat for an hour and a half, trying to get a room sorted out.We reported the loss of crutches once again, and eventually told to follow the "Bell Boy" to our room. It was evident that the room was too far away, but we had to try and keep up with this person because we did not know where the next lift was in relationship to the Dining Hall/s. He kept walking till we had come almost to the end of the Third landing, room 2307, and said we had arrived, I immediately told him that the room was not acceptable, it was as far away from a lift as it was possible to be, as well as being above a children's pool and play area and was very noisy. He just said "go back down to Reception and complain" I asked if they could come to us, but they never did.

Reception knew by now that we were Two Eighty year olds, one now without a walking aid, yet placed at the furthest possible point from the Foyer and Dining/Bars/ and Exits, and they never noticed ? even after advanced warning ?
The phone was not working, and we just didn't have the energy to walk all the way back, we had been on the move since 2am that morning, and I had no walking aids, and they knew that, as it was documented and knew that they had NO wheelchairs. I eventually had to hire a Mobility Scooter in order to get from the room to the Dining area, via Two lifts, but only to find that there was NO waiter service at all, and I was refused entry to Restaurant, and that was after sitting us down and taking the order, because it seems I did not have "The right room number" .

This particular ("Head Waiter" ? ) did say however, and I have a witness to this comment, that it was his day off tomorrow, and if I come back then, I might be admitted. So I paid Two Thousand pounds on the chance that I just might have decent meal, but only if I try to cheat the system ?
I did not take him up on the offer.

It resulted that I was forced to walk all that distance across half the complex, then juggle on sticks while trying to negotiate a very large queue of people all trying to get a buffet meal, while also trying to hold a plate,
( please note that this Buffet has NO "Rail" that a plate can be placed and pushed along, Plates have be carried by hand, almost impossible to crutch users, no hands left)
All this again for toast, then Tea, then a table to eat my now stone cold meal, which was never Hot to start with.
Luckily other holiday makers did offer assistance, but the Staff turned a blind eye every time.
The serving staff were brilliant, as in the Bar Staff, but they had other things to do and cannot be faulted, but I dont think they were allowed to help, but anyone above this rank, especially in a suit, just weakly smiled and walked by, and I have noticed in other reviews that even names have been used on this subject, so not just me then ? do you want more ?
No one explained anything, at any time, about not being allowed to use large outside areas of the complex, or why I could not use Foyer ( Nearest for me) Bar, so as to read a paper in peace, any of the facilities, or why I was told I would have to PAY for a Burger if sitting outside, I thought I was all inclusive, and my wrist band being the key, but nobody ever bothered to explain the rules, and the embarrassment that went with it, so it was left to the Waiters to try and explain in broken English, what the rules were, and some of them didn't even know, in order to pass it on, but seemed scared to admit it.
I could go on for a lot longer, but I will refrain because it becomes boring, and you would have to deny most of them, but it goes without saying that I will never use Iberostar again, not just because of the very bad service, but more to the point, you put both myself, and my Partner, or at least our Health, at risk by turning our Holiday into a "Boot Camp"
I realise that as customers, we do not have many "Travelling" years left, but I also feel that this should have reflected on the type of service you claim to offer, but in this case, fail miserably.
Yours Sincerely A.Allen.

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