Huuuge Casino by Huuuge Global (Anton Gauffin) / unethical business practice & false advertisement

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Let me start by saying that Anton Gauffin's (CEO & Founder) Huuuge Casino is the largest, modern-day, unmonitored scam of our time. These crooks called "Huuuge Global" mask their so called "Game of Chance" app (Huuuge Casino) as a legitimate casino app when in reality there is no "Chance." Cited for a lawsuit alleging Huuuge Casino uses Computerized Tracking Systems to calculate "set-aside" amounts for each player based on their very own algorithms - Not those of "Industry Standard." Hence not at ALL a "Game of Chance."

The best package deal offered is 3.2 Billion chips for $99.99USD which can be lost in seconds on high bets- and even on a 10 million bet in a few minutes.

Having played this garbage app for 3 years (Yes, foolish me!) I can say with certainty they barr high-spenders accounts from making wins. It has become blatantly obvious in their recent updates in 2018.

When contacting Google Play, Apple, Amazon and Facebook.. It appears all platforms are well aware of this scheme yet nothing is being done. I have diligently kept 3 years worth of evidence to support my theory that Huuuge Casino is nothing more than a perfectly executed scam masked as a Game of Chance while Huuuge uses their own servers to calculate our wins based on their own factors. Each and every spin, action, game play is well calculated before the spin, bet buttons are pushed.

I'm working on a class action to allow the thousands of horrendous reviews from victims of this scam to join in on. I will not stop until this app is removed from every market place and all proceedings paid back to each and every customer who has ever spent a cent on this scamming app, Huuuge Casino.

Anton Gauffin you slimeball - Kiss Quarter 4 away because Huuuge won't live to see the next iteration of funding/advancement!

Dec 3, 2018
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