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When I moved back to Columbus, after 10 months working cross country after college, I went to reopen a checking and savings account at HB. Previously, I had an account with them for 20 years and worked for them for a year during college.

When I moved back I bought a house and a car, thus emptying my savings account. I got a nice relocation package and signing bonus with my new job though. Unfortunately, it took about a month for my direct deposit to kick in.

A week after starting my job I deposited my bonus check (several thousand dollars). A day later I went to do an ATM withdraw and noticed there was only a couple hundred in my account. I immediately went in to confirm and they told me to talk to the manager.

So, I wait nearly 45 min in the lobby while the manager is in his office carrying on a non-business related conversation with someone. Finally, he calls me in. I sit down (it was a Saturday, so I was in a hoodie and jeans) and explain the situation. He says yes, all new accounts are required by the government to have 10 holds placed on them. (lie #1, its optional) This was a check issued by a multi-billion dollar company, I fairly certain it will clear. I then explain the situation about me being a former customer and having worked for them and everything. So then, he says, "well if you worked here, why am I having to explain the banking laws to you." By this point I'm boiling, I said to him that it has been over 4 years since I have worked at a bank and its my right as a customer to know why your holding my money. His response, "I have to keep that hold on your account until I feel comfortable that you will not be kiting checks." (lie # 2 - max is 30 days)

I could not believe it; not only was he holding my money, and lying to me, he was also accusing me of being thief. At this point I storm out of his office. I immediately call my former Huntington manager to let her know what just happened to me and she put me in touch with Customer Service. I tell them the situation and how them holding my money would limit my ability to even feed myself. They put in a an incident report and said they would be in touch. A couple days later I got a call from the VP of Customer Service. She apologized profusely and said this was not the first time that they had a problem with this manager. I said to her, then why is he still there. No response. I ended the call saying appreciate the quick apology, but was soured by the whole experience and will no longer be banking with them and demanding immediate access to my money. They complied.

Long story short, forget these big banks. They only way they will change their ways is when they start feeling it in their quarterly earnings reports. My advice stick to the community banks and credit unions.

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      Sep 04, 2010

    Huntington In Columbus Ohio is truly the worst in the world! They're liars & cheaters...Lima, Ohio branch is 2nd worst in the world!!!

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