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I signed up to website a month ago and I met fantastic woman there. After a while I started doubting about this acquaintance and this website in a whole. I found many complaints about this website. People told that it is a scam and there are fake people working there to attract clients.

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  •   Oct 23, 2012

    There are no women on the internet.

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  • Fi
      Nov 02, 2012

    Such a truthful statement Iron m

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  •   Nov 04, 2012

    At least one of us tells the truth fizzle, and iwe all know it ain't you.

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  • Ma
      Nov 04, 2012

    ^ Word!

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  • Hu
      Nov 18, 2012

    How can you sign up for a website, that exposes CHILD PREDATORS
    Which one are you?... rob glass?.. verella?.. Danny?

    Stop trying to give a bad name for something ###ed up, that YOU did.

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  • Ho
      Apr 03, 2015

    These guys are gutless cowards. They entrap and wrongfully post these men from a site which requires you to be 18 to have a profile. The girl on line is fictitious.. These cowards operate with impunity due to their anonymity. Does anyone have a location on them? They will be exposed for the frauds and ### that they are.

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