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I have recently become a victim of an online dating blackmail scam of The conversation posted to the website was with someone I believed to be a 26 year old from Long Island on the Adult dating site Plenty of Fish. At no time during that conversation was the age of 14 mentioned. I learned the conversation had been changed when it was posted online only after the extortionist from contacted me and tried to bait me in a Skyped conversation to admit wrong doing. One week after the call, I received another call from these thugs demanding a " donation" to have my info and modified conversation removed. Yes that was my Plenty of Fish profile. However, the contents in the conversation and text messages were changed when posted to make it appear I had that conversation with a minor. I've tried many times to contact them without success due to their anonymity and ability to operate with impunity due to such. These people are more than high tech thugs, cowards and ### of the earth.

Ernest E. Joyner IV

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