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M Onaway, MI Review updated:

Hughes net sucks... They have on more than one occasion billed my credit card without permission, when I did not even owe them a bill. In April of 09 they billed me for a double payment almost 3 weeks befor my regular payment was even due. I filed a complaint with my bank, Hughes net now bills me double for every month. I have been hung up on by them, I have been told i am wrong for wanting them to fix the issues, they have repeatedly slowed my connection to less then dial up. They have shut me off, and made it impossible for me to usebut still expect me to pay them every month.. And when i ask them to dissconnect me they refuse to come get there stuff, and tell me they are investigating the issues...
Bull Crapl...
Do not ever buy Hughes net... they will rip you off...


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      Jul 13, 2009

    I also have problems with their service. Please contact the Better Business Bureau at That is the only way that something can be done.

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      Jul 22, 2009

    Hughes net is the biggest rip off out there. You can't believe anything they say. They advertise on t.v with english talking people. But when you call you can't understand anything they say. I have had mine for almost two years and can't wait till my contract is up so I can do away with this crap! My hughesnet has been down for about three months and can't get any help. Please what ever you do DON'T BUY HUGHESNET!!!

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      Aug 17, 2010

    I will have to say I totally agree with you, they offer poor service when it come to problems and issues.

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      Feb 05, 2011

    DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO HUGHESNET UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This schiester company never mentions that you have daily/monthly download/upload usage limits and that they automatically slow down the transfer speeds as you near the limits. If you exceed a daily or monthly usage limit in any given 24 hour period, your service is suspended for the remainder of the 24 hour period. Their TV ads never mention limits and neither do their telephone sales staff. I discontinued service after two days and lost almost $300 of the over $500 I laid out for equipment.

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  • hughes net is THE BIGGEST piece of ### AVAILABLE as far as satellite internet is concerned!! I have had hughes net for over a year and have had nothing but problems...try customer service.BRAINLESS BLUNDERING IDIOTS!!! the technical "support" department doesn't even know how the [censored] to help a customer when an issue does arrive..and as far as paying those STUPID ### ONE RED NICKEL EVERYONE THAT HAS THIS GOD FORSAKEN ### ### INTERNET SERVICE NEEDS TO COMPLAIN TO PUT THESE SORRY ### [censored]ERS OUTTA BUSINESS!!! it should be straight up ILLEGAL for such a bunch of mindless [censored]ing thieves to even be able to operate in this country!!! customer service are ###s, technical support is STUPIDER than them...and what a [censored]ing joke if you try to sort something out with the THUGS AND THIEVES IN THEIR ''billing dept"...I cannot stress how much OF A PIECE OF ### HUGHES NET IS OR HOW YOU WILL GET RIPPED THE [censored] OFF IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR ### INTERNET godam cell phone internet(on an old ### phone mind you) way [censored]ing faster!!!shame on HUGHES NET, you ### should be tarred, burnt, then shot in the ###...all on the 50 yard line at the next super bowl!!! id rather jack off for amusement then surf the net with HUGHES NET

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