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The dream is simple, a hot russian girl under the age of 22 and she doesn't speak english. Many men would pay thousands to marry one of those for awhile. Heck, even I would consider it.

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  • Je
      18th of Dec, 2010
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    I also think HRB is a scam, but I do not believe all the women on the site are scammers. I think the fees charged by HRB are ripoffs. For instance did you know that although supposedly you can send email of 3000 characters, in reality they cheat you because some characters are counted as more than one, sometimes as many as five or six. I think someone with the financial resources should look into a class-action suit against them. Also, why do they limit email. It costs them nothing for a member to send any number of emails. They prohibit the women from revealing contact information (and the men for that matter) because then people could communicate directly through email, skype, or instant messaging. All these international dating sires act more like pimps or hostasge takers than anything else. I saw that one fo them (I think it is Anastasia) charges $5.99 per minute for translation services for phone call translation services. What a ripoff. But I do have to say that there sure a lot of beautiful women in the Ukraine. Just ask the Beatles--Back in the USSR. )))

  • Ba
      7th of Aug, 2011
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    I agree that most of the woman here are only after you to show them a good time that there russian men will never be able to show them. I am speaking from experience. Most of them say they dont speak english so you agree to pay for an interpreter, which just turns out is her friend just to be able to charge you 15 to 20 us dollars and they dont speak english any better and of course you have to pay for there dinner at the most expensive restaurants in town. Do not even expect any sign of affection from these woman. Good luck even getting to hold there had even to help them out of a car. So it is best not to expect anything out of them other than an expensive tour Guide. This has been my experience with the three woman I spent time with from young to old and pretty to average. So take it from me your better staying at home because your chances of actually finding a wife in the ukraine are no better than at home in the US and you will save thousands of dollars and a heart ache if you actually belieave wha they say the last woman I was here with claimed the whole time she wanted me to propose to get her to the US and still the whole time I only got a kiss on the cheek, kinda strange for a woman that says she wants to marry you and move to the states. So dont be fooled this is only a ploy to get you to buy here a computer to continue communications form abroad and it needs video cam of course so they can stay at home and prey on the next unsuspecting foreigner. One of the ladies even spotted a rich French Guy an started coming on to him as we are on a date, and had the nerve to invite him to our table. So dont be fooled by there charm they are mostly all Land Sharks. Dont expect any kindness from anyone here because the locals all think you are here just to have sex and leave. So they will not treat you very nice. Beware of pick pockets in Arcadia in Odessa, Ukraine they come in all sizes the one that attempted to get my wallet was a little boy from 6-8 years old. I tried to catch him and his partners in crime I believed to be his brothers, jumped in front of me to prevent me from chasing him. You will be amazed how the locals can pick you out of a croud even if you dress like the locals and dont talk. Good Luck and Becareful, I have to admitt they have a Beautiful culture that has been soured by the poor economy. They are very focused on the money and have forgotten there manners to tourest here to spend money.

  • St
      28th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Went to Simferopol last November 2012 and spent $6000 in 10 days meals for all three of us a good time for her and the Interpretor

  • To
      3rd of Jul, 2013
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    I agree with badc172 an advert on the internet that goes like this and is on the Western women suck website.

    To all you girls do you want to earn some money and have pictures done with a top photographer then join our agency.
    All you have to do is communicate with men on the internet we write the letters for you, when you meet the man you will get free meal, if he is generous a gift and be paid 5 dollars an hour you are with him.
    And you get 200 in Ukrainian money for Taxi home even though it costs 50 in Ukrainian money to go right across the city.

    When I went on two dates in Odessa recently the dates followed the exact same pattern as above and they both asked for 200 in Ukrainian money for Taxi home.

    The whole dating industry in the Ukraine is a scam, you are scammed on the translation the girls are paid to write letters and do chat, and get a percentage cut for intamacy requests and share of the money with the translators.

    You are fleeced every step of the way, best advice do not go unless you want you bank account emptied?

  • Kh
      14th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    I met with many girls at this site over the last three years and had communicate with letters & in chat. And I promised a few girls in there(Ukraine) last year and went on meeting in Ukraine. I was so surprised that girls was fake that were promised a meeting with me.
    I came to know the reality of this site and girls on this site.
    The women of this site 70%-80% were fake. I found this site that complete fraud.(I investigated in Ukraine for 3weeks)
    In fact that the site emploees are worked in chat and send letters on behalf of posted pritty girls.
    They(site company) post pretty girls photos and profiles and hooking up & fishing American men to spend money. I want to someone punish strongly to this site by the law.

  • Ja
      1st of Dec, 2015
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    Fake medical scam doc from Vinnitisa, Ukraine. Watch out for this lady!

  • Lo
      4th of May, 2016
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    Can anyone team up with me and exchange details so that we can sport the block lender sending ladies? My email is Thanks Mustafa

  • Lo
      11th of May, 2016
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    I would like to make a request . Could you please team up with me? We can exchange letters and info to spot the scammers. my email is Thank you

  • Co
      14th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I do not know why all of you are saying this is a scam when its not. I had actually came across this website and decided to give it a try. It has got to be 1 of the best dating websites that I have tried, now I do know what you mean by a scam and I have been scammed by other websites and have lost money and time trying. The thing about this website is I decided to give it a try after I had browsed through it a bit since I have already been scammed before so I like to take my precautions. After I upgraded to platinum and updated my profile and everything else I had success with chatting with a very beautiful Ukrainian lady that was indeed on the website looking for a boyfriend/husband. We had chatted for a good hour and for the whole hour we had started to make a connection with each other. Now she is my girlfriend and I am going to be traveling to meet up with her sometime and we still do talk everyday and it is a very nice relationship if you ask me. Thanks to the website I was able to find my girlfriend which I love a lot even until today. Now for all of you calling this a scam you should stop trying to make the website look bad because it really does work.

  • Jo
      9th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    @Corey Trumbull I dont think so for in I found the lady from Kazakhstan whom I have communicated with sudden bid me farewell for she is deleting her profile there maybe it is already overused? then I found her on facebook sent her a friend request then after a few days she accepted I communicate with her thru messenger and sent her all the emails mine and hers which I converted to pdf and boy she is so shock and surprised after reading and seeing all the pics she supposedly have sent to me attached to the emails that we are communicating, she even say how dis I get those pics of her I say from that scam site she cut the conversation and unfriend and blocked me so ...again I conclude that it is a scam site

  • Lo
      10th of Jun, 2016
    -2 Votes

    Pretty harsh comments, maybe some things to consider? This is not personal but rather an observation as we are all here for the same reasons. Rather than be frustrated as the comments read above; Lets have a recollection about ...

    How many local first dates have we all gone on that ended with no kiss or even a handshake?? Or with no connection??

    Do people slander when it happens on that site?

    How many local dates ended where we couldn't wait to get out of the place?

    Don’t kid yourself. This happens to ladies as well.

    (real scenario) We think we have a connection and in person it turns out to be a dead end? Can we expect a lady to fall at our feet because we take them on a date? I went on a plenty of fish date that as soon as she opened the door I felt like running for the hills. I was skeptical in my communication with her because she only had one picture that was poorly lit. She had assured me she was attractive and slim. She said she was slim when she wasn't. After that I made sure I only went on dates with ladies that had multiple pictures where she looked half decent in all of them. Guys do the same thing.

    Best practices for on-line relationships
    If your going to travel overseas for a date. Conduct your due diligence as you would for any large transaction, be careful. Leave knowing that you have a bond with the lady, follow up with thecustomer service of the site your working with accept their advice to help ensure your success.

    Best MA – Online relationships reviewer. You’re silent partner in on-line dating

  • Lo
      10th of Jun, 2016
    -2 Votes

    Pretty harsh comments, maybe some things to consider? This is not personal but rather an observation as we are all here for the same reasons. Rather than be frustrated as the comments read above; Lets have a recollection about ...

    How many local first dates have we all gone on that ended with no kiss or even a handshake?? Or with no connection??

    Do people slander when it happens on that site?

    How many local dates ended where we couldn't wait to get out of the place?

    Don’t kid yourself. This happens to ladies to.

    (real scenario) We think we have a connection and in person it turns out to be a dead end? Can we expect a lady to fall at our feet because we take them on a date? I went on a plenty of fish date that as soon as she opened the door I felt like running for the hills. I was skeptical in my communication with her because she only had one picture that was poorly lit. She had assured me she was attractive and slim. She said she was slim when she wasn't. After that I made sure I only went on dates with ladies that had multiple pictures where she looked half decent in all of them. Guys do the same thing.

    Best practices for on-line relationships
    If your going to travel overseas for a date. Conduct your due diligence as you would for any large transaction, be careful. Leave knowing that you have a bond with the lady, follow up with thecustomer service of the site your working with accept their advice to help ensure your success.

    Best MA – Online relationships reviewer. You’re silent partner in on-line dating

  • Mr
      11th of Jun, 2016
    -2 Votes

    I see some of the complaints on here and i can't help but think following some basic guidelines when dating on-line, people will have better results. but a few things we should all agree on.

    1) I don't know of any dating site that doesn't have men or women on it that lie? People of both genders lie about age, weight, education and social
    status every day. I would think it's really hard to Police that.

    2) Cost - I would think its expensive to run a dating site. Some of the things you may not think about include - support staff - rent - advertising - insurance - streaming fees, finding ladies in russia, computers, networks, programmers on staff, administration and so on. If you think a site is expensive - use another site ??

    3) If a lady decides after many conversations that she doesn't like you? it's not the sites fault? To say it is - is laughable.

    Here's some good tips that can help guys get better results that covers a few basic points:

    When to Expect a Lady You Meet Online to Become Exclusive

    Dating online is a great way to meet people and form relationships that would be impossible to create without the help of the internet. While online dating can lead to a relationship, you need to be realistic about the expectations you put on yourself and the ladies you meet online. Keeping realistic expectations will help you get the most out of your online dating experience, prevent disappointment and take away unnecessary pressure that can drain your confidence and have a negative impact on your belief that you can find a lasting romantic relationship.

    When you find a lady online who you are interested in starting a relationship with, it can be hard to keep yourself from getting carried away with excitement. Whether started online or in "real" life, the beginnings of any romantic relationship are fraught with a flurry of expectations and excitement. However, the need to be realistic is of the utmost importance.

    Making too many demands on a new love interest is the surest way to send them running the other direction. No one likes to feel pressured or forced into an exclusive relationship before they are ready to make a commitment. Many men make major mistakes when dating online by putting unrealistic expectations on the women with whom they exchange messages. Here are some online dating tips to help you understand when you should expect a relationship to be exclusive and how to behave in the world of online dating to ensure your success.

    Don't Expect a Commitment after a Few Messages

    A common mistake men make is expecting a woman to be in an exclusive relationship after a few or even a dozen messages. The way online dating seems to amp up expectations often leads to disappointment. After all, most men would not expect a woman they met in "real" life to be exclusive after just a few casual conversations at work, a coffee shop or even at a bar. However, many men expect a woman to be exclusive with them after just a few emails! This is unrealistic and a sure fire way to get your heart broken.

    While emails may feel intimate, they do not always translate into real life. Relying on emails to build a relationship is risky since you might meet in person and have absolutely no chemistry. This is just one reason expecting a woman to enter into an exclusive relationship after just a few electronic exchanges is faulty thinking.

    Another major reason to avoid expecting exclusivity too early is the controlling message that sends to the woman. Expecting someone to commit to you without meeting and knowing you in real life places unreasonable demands and expectations on a woman and comes across as controlling. Most women will bolt at the first sign a man is trying to control them, no matter how promising the match seemed on the online dating site. You need to be realistic about what it takes for a couple to become exclusive and let's face it, more than a few emails are required before exclusivity should even be considered, let alone expected.

    Don't Be An Online Dating Stalker

    Other important online dating tips center around stalking and threatening behaviour to avoid. Many online dating sites have chat rooms and forums for users to discuss issues, experiences, etc. A lot of men will use these forums as a place to see if other men are talking to the woman or women they like. Asking if anyone else is receiving messages from a woman is a behavior most women will see as stalkerish and threatening. Trust us, if you go digging around online dating sites for information about who a woman is talking to, it will get back to her and she will block you. No one likes to have tabs kept on them and to be made to feel as though they are property or being stalked.

    You need to be realistic about the way those behaviors make women feel and what they say about your insecurities. Additionally, women will feel like anyone who has enough time to go online and stalk them and their potential profile matches is not smart, secure or interesting enough to be worth their time.

    Suck it Up, Buttercup

    One of the best online dating tips we can give you is to behave like a mature, confident adult online. Asking other online daters if they have chatted or are chatting with a girl you like is bad form and so is complaining about it. Complaining and griping that someone is chatting with other users when you do not have an exclusive relationship is exceptionally off putting to women. It reeks of low self esteem and insecurity and is a major turn off.

    Complaining about a woman talking to other potential matches or not being exclusive after a short amount of time not only makes you look petty, more often than not, it illustrates a common double standard seen in online dating. Most men will chat and exchange emails with several women until they find someone they want to and agree to be exclusive with, so why shouldn't women?

    Online Dating Tips for Success

    You will attract more matches by staying casual, nice, positive, patient and honest. Your profile is not the place to vent about past relationship failures, unmet expectations or how unlucky in love you are. That type of profile reads as needy and will be a major turn off for women. Don't advertise yourself as negative, damaged goods if you want to find someone good.

    Keep your profile up to date with recent photos of yourself and keep your expectations realistic about your potential matches. If you are out of shape, over the age of 45 and have baggage, don't expect a gorgeous, hot bodied 20 year old to fall in love with you.

    Follow these online dating tips, keep your expectations realistic and with time and the right match, online dating may help you find the love of your life.

    Mr. Romance

  • Li
      13th of Jun, 2016
    -2 Votes

    It surprises me that so many people hold online dating to such a different standard than if they were dating in person. Getting to know someone takes time and effort, even more if you are trying to get to know them without seeing them first. Sometimes, you can put your all into relationship and it still doesn’t work out. This isn’t because the relationship was a “scam”, but maybe because you two just weren’t meant for each other.

    Here are a few helpful hints I think anyone looking for love online should consider:

    The Basics – Pictures

    Let’s talk about online dating success when it comes to pictures. If you are someone who is seriously looking for a relationship, are you really going to want to send explicit pictures of yourself? This goes for both genders. Think of this as a first encounter, a first impression. When you first meet someone in person, chances are they are fully clothed and you have a normal conversation with them. That’s how this should be! There is no harm in sending a picture of yourself with clothes on but be smart. You do not want to set up any false expectations so you do want the other party knowing what you look like but for true online dating success and not just a hook up, save the pictures of your Junk for when you’re a couple. Too many guys send nudes pictures and wonder why a women all of a sudden stops talking to them?? Guys - Some ladies will continue to chat for a bit because they don't want to be rude but will take you off the list as a serious relationship candidate if you send nude pictures to her.

    Too Provocative

    What about being too forward or provocative? In order for online dating success, save the dirty talk for further down the road. Do you want a relationship or do you want a hook up? A true and strong relationship isn’t built solely around the bedroom. Learn about each other! Learn favorite colors, where they’d like to travel and where they have traveled. Are they a homebody or social butterfly? This is important stuff to figure out early on. So guys, don’t ask the girl gross questions. No, she doesn’t want you to do that gross thing. She wants to know about YOU and if that’s who you are, move along. And girls, no he doesn’t want to know what you’d do to him. And if he does? Bye! Move along now. Online dating success means you've entered a relationship, not found a hook up for the night.


    For online dating success, know your audience. If you have some creepy, weird fetish then good for you but you probably shouldn’t be on a normal, run of the mill dating site. Find one that tailors to what you’re looking for! You don’t want to get involved with someone and then share your fetish for them to hit the hills. Also, you don’t want to share it too early and have them warn everyone about you. Bottom line is to be smart and do not be creepy. I cannot stress this enough. I’m not saying that fetishes are a bad thing and hey, whatever floats your boat, but make sure it works for the other party as well. Again, online dating success means a relationship, one that works well for both parties. If you aren't in the right environment for whatever fetish you have, your success rate will decrease dramatically.

    Financial Safety

    Online dating success does not include going broke or identity theft. This should go without saying but if someone is asking you for money or personal information, stop talking to that person. They are not in it for the relationship possibility, they are in it to take your money. For online dating success, keep your money to yourself unless you are on an actual real life date. Do not share your personal information with anyone. Sometimes people from foreign countries, example Russia, believe that people have money worldwide so they do not think anything of asking for gifts or for money. Whether you have it or not, be smart! Use your common sense. You wouldn’t hand over your date your credit card or social security card to write down so do not do it over the internet.

    Speaking of financials, we need to talk about presents. Hey, everyone likes a present. I love them! If it is something asked for or it is a total surprise, presents are a wonderful way to show that you care for someone. This should not be done if you haven’t been on a few dates though. You’re sending presents to someone you’ve never met? Bad idea. You’re not going to meet them. They got what they wanted from you! If someone is asking you for gifts that early on, you need to just forget about them. They do not have a future with you in mind. For online dating success, save the presents for further into the relationship and after a few dates.

    Be Practical

    This is a huge one. For online dating success, do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Now I’m not saying that opposites do not attract but you have to keep in mind that this is the first impression you’re making on people. They are going to judge by your picture before they even say one word to you. Your picture is what is going to make them decide if they are even going to say one word to you. So for online dating success, be realistic. If you’re older, out of shape and boring, do not be expecting a bombshell to be coming your way. Not saying it won’t happen but the odds aren’t really in your favor.

    Last but not least, it is okay if it doesn’t work out! You will not have a relationship with every person and not every relationship will be the one. For online dating success, please keep this in mind. You could talk to someone online for weeks and feel like there is really something but when you go to meet them, the chemistry isn’t there. And that’s okay! You won’t have chemistry with everyone. Being with someone in person can be completely different from online. If you don’t mesh, you just don’t mesh but maybe you made a great friend in the process.

    Hopefully these guidelines will help set you up for great online dating success! Keep these in mind but bottom line is to be yourself and be smart about things. Do not put up a fake face and expect some great outcome.

  • Su
      22nd of Jun, 2016
    -1 Votes

    Don’t blame others for your mistakes ?

    It’s easy to leave negative comments about an on-line dating website when you aren’t getting the results that you want. Maybe you’re not getting what you want because you’re not putting the time in to see what it is that she wants! Let’s face it….dating isn’t always easy! If it were simple, there wouldn’t be dozens upon dozens of websites dedicated to on-line dating. There wouldn’t be publications giving out dating advice every single month. In reality, on-line dating is a lot like dating in the “real” world. Every single person you meet, whether online or in real life, will not be honest and forthcoming. In any given group of people, there are bound to be some dishonest ones. It would be naive to believe that every single person on any on-line dating website has pure intentions. Therefore, you shouldn’t blame the dating site if you aren’t getting what you want out of it. Here are some good tips that apply to dating in general that may help.

    Treat her like a lady. All women want to be treated like they are important. Make sure that you are really interested in her. Use good manners….no foul language or demeaning comments. Listen to what she has to say, whether it's on-line dating or real life, and show genuine interest in what she says. It can be easy to get distracted when you’re a long distance from a person, but if you put in the time and energy to genuinely get to know her, you’ll know whether or not it’s truly a match.

    Here’s another piece of advice: Take it slowly. Don’t assume that every woman you meet immediately wants to marry you. This may be true of a very few, but most women want to get to know you and spend time with you...they aren’t out to marry you after chatting a few times! It’s a mistake to think that every women you meet is trying to find a husband. Again, take the time to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. It’s better to take it slowly and find out whether or not it’s a potential love match than to rush into something and find out too late that it wasn’t right.

    Be realistic. It’s very likely that the first person you chat with isn’t going to be “the one.” Anyone who’s dated for any length of time knows that you’re probably going to have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get a prince! It's no different in on-line dating. Understand that your expectations are not going to be exactly like anyone else’s, and going into any dating situation thinking that you’ll find someone who’s just like you will lead to failure. Instead, try identifying some core values that are most important to you and be more flexible about the smaller details.

    Be yourself. This might be the most important advice you could get. When you get into a relationship, don’t try to present yourself as someone that you’re not. This is true in every aspect: looks, career, finances, etc. If you get into a serious relationship with someone that you’re talking to, she’s going to find out who you really are anyway, and it will be horribly awkward if you’ve misrepresented yourself. There truly is someone out there for every single person, but you’ll never find the right one if you don’t keep it real.

    Put in time and effort. It’s really frustrating to chat with someone who doesn’t respond in a timely fashion. Make sure that, if you’re really interested in a woman, you respond to her within a reasonable amount of time. Take the time to reach out to her; don’t just let her do all of the talking. This pertains to real-life dating and on-line dating. Likewise, if you aren’t interested, let her know and move on. It’s easier on both of you let go than it is to drag out a situation that isn’t working for either of you.

    This is just a little advice about on-line dating to get you started….good luck!

  • Si
      22nd of Jun, 2016
    -2 Votes

    There are quite a few complaints on this board that seem pretty un-warranted. The words "scam" and "fake" really stand out, and it is surprising to see comments about the financial aspects, too. Sure, there is not a 100% perfect dating site with absolutely no flaws. After all, we do live in the real world, do we not? Perhaps we should take a step back before making claims about sites being scams and ripoffs!

    Every man using on-line dating wants the same thing. They want to meet attractive ladies that they can chat with, and they do not want to waste their time getting played or scammed. Fortunately, it is super easy to get what you want. Reconsider your perspective and look at things in a positive light. The advice below addresses the issues expressed in the negative comments.

    Frustrated About Translation Service Fees? You May Actually Be Saving Money

    How about search through the profiles and only chat will ladies that speak English ??? That would fix the translation fee issue?

    It seems like men are upset about having to pay for translation services when using on-line dating sites. Well, you would have to pay for translation in the real world, too! Interpreters are highly trained professionals, and they provide a really unique service. If you hired a translator when meeting these women in person, it would cost just as much or even more than what you pay now. Without these services, you would not be able to chat with these lovely ladies.

    To make things a bit easier, consider some simple advice. You can try brushing up on the native language that these ladies use. There are lots of great online tools where you can learn basic phrases that will help you communicate with them. However, you will still need a translator for totally smooth communication. Just remember that it is only logical to pay for this service; it is 100% necessary if you want to find the right woman via on-line dating.

    Mad About Messaging Costs? They Are Simply A Part Of On-Line Dating

    Quite a few men seem mad about messaging costs. It is important to remember that good things do not come for free. Just think of the dozens of free on-line dating sites out there. They are disorganized and anyone can join them. Sure, you do not have to pay for messages, but you likely will not find your match very easily. When you look at it from this perspective, you can see why the fees are totally worthwhile.

    Want another piece of helpful advice? It is crucial to keep in mind that on-line dating sites are businesses. You certainly would not walk into a grocery store and expect free food! If you ran your own business, you also would not be giving out things for free. Financially savvy men understand why paying for messaging is totally worth it. Be one of these men, and look at the practicality of paying the site for the great service they offer you.

    Struggling With Affection? Every Woman Is Unique

    One commenter mentions that women he met through on-line dating were not affectionate enough. There may be some truth in his statement; every man desires a different level of affection. A kiss on the cheek for some men is a wonderful gesture, but others are unsatisfied when they do not get more. It is not quite fair to harshly judge a dating site because of your specific tastes or preferences.

    Here is an on-line dating tip to help you out. It is important to remember that every woman you meet is very unique. Some of these women will enjoy holding hands and getting cozy very quickly. Others may feel more comfortable taking things slowly. Keep this in mind when you are preparing to meet up with women. If intimacy is a big requirement for you, it is best to let the woman know ahead of time. This will ensure that you are both on the same page and satisfied!

    It Takes Time To Find Your Perfect Match

    Last but not least, there are negative comments that overall express impatience on the men's part. This is a little understandable; you just want to find true love or intimacy as soon as possible! However, finding your perfect match will take some time. Apply the tips given here and have patience, and you will get the best experience with on-line dating.

  • Ta
      24th of Jun, 2016
    -3 Votes

    We are saddened that your review indicates a less than satisfactory experience on our site. Please contact our customer service department at 1-888-786-7413 between 9 am and 5 pm EST and give us the opportunity to suggest ways that could improve your experience.

    We would greatly appreciate you making your first name and your User ID public on your review so we can confirm you are an actual client. This helps us establish that your complaint is legitimate and not just another one of several unscrupulous competitors using this venue and others to post false negative reviews about our service. We have become a leader in the Russian and Ukrainian international dating industry which has made us a target for underhanded practices.

    We suggest following the tips briefly summarized below to improve user experience on the site:

    1 If a lady asks you to send her gifts she is violating the terms of her participation on the site. Report her to customer service.

    2 If a lady acts in a provocative way early on in your conversation then maybe she is not someone interested in a serious relationship. Ask yourself if you were on your first date would you be impressed with her behavior?

    3 Never, ever send money. Do not give out your social security number, driver’s license number, or credit card and other financial details to anyone you correspond with using any online service. If any member asks for this type of confidential information please report that member to our customer service department immediately.

    For a more thorough discussion of good practices when using our, or any, online dating service see the “Safety Awareness” section on our site.

    We sincerely hope you will give our courteous, experienced, well-trained customer service staff the opportunity to help you tailor your use of our site to meet your goals. The Customer Service number is (888) 786-7413.

  • St
      11th of Jul, 2016
    -1 Votes

    So i read and see some spiteful people talking about something they seem to know much about. I want to get out of a Western view of marriage because 50% plus end in divorce. The European way is to get married and stay married. Will you find the right woman at the right time in the first try? No. Can i walk down the street and stop 5 woman tell them i want marriage without being laughed at or told nice try or keep walking or go away? Probably not.

    I want a woman who comes from a place that treats these values as cornerstones of life and society so we can work within those frames. If she happens to be from a country known for its beautiful looks at the same time. Then all the better.

    Personally i want to travel to these places anyways. Would i come back and armchair slam the woman you are talking about on these sites because my chosen one did not work out or ladies did not show up at the agreed meeting times. No. I would understand that these things happen because i went to visit for more than just one reason.

    Your online from home knowing that the current situation is not working and need a place to find something different. These sites are the portals to that avenue and going for yourself is the proof of the pudding eventually.

    If you find yourself a lovely dedicated European woman who truly gets you on that journey. Then go ahead and brag about it so we can try harder to find the one we want to fit our lives perfectly.

    Relax on the comments about Russia having scams. Of course it does. It's Russian. Grow a pair and find your love. At the least enjoy yourself while you are visiting.

  • My
      17th of Jul, 2016
    -1 Votes

    You cant call the site a scam just because you had a bad experience.

    Sometimes relationships just don't work out weather your in America or anywhere else in the world. You two have to actually be compatible for the relationship to last . You know the site can only do so much; I mean they give you all the resources to find ladies that actually want a relationship and people still find a way to complain. You know gold digger exist everywhere right, I would bet you my right hand that I've met more gold diggers and shallow women then you have met in any of your bad trips.

    It is very important to remember the girls on the site are human as well and do have feelings and emotions as well. You should sweep her off her feet not just expect her to continue to stay interesting if your going to be boring. Sorry to be so straight forward but its just the facts.

  • Si
      22nd of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    Wahahaha, all this is fun really :)

    I'm not a competitor or something like this...I'm a security consultant for a very reputed company, let's say like cyber-crime security section.

    Anyway, it's mind-blowing how people can be really naive, finding a serious lady, a spouse/wife with such name of a website...Really, do you believe that ?

    I have subscribed there for one month and a half before to be blacklisted myself, wahahaha))

    And I have spoken to ladies there, OMG...Getting naked pictures, or super-BDSM oriented letters, etc, etc I have seen all what was possible to see under two months, really and it was freaky moments...I also met some sweetheart pearls, that are even more dangerous than the others, they know well about men psychology and how to keep you there to spend even more money on them, wahahaha, believe me.

    I have spent roughly $2k there in credits in this short period of time...and it was fun! It was fun because it wasn't directly my money but the money of the company I worked for, wahahahaha))) What a luck I have, hmm guys?)))

    Their gateway called I-Pay Global is not secure and even not registered anymore for years, they have zero SSL protocol during the registration that is a dream for any hackers to do fishing, etc...Your information can be ripped off at any moment, remember Ashley Madison website and their database that have been leaked, we are in the same situation here!

    They are under the EC3 section radar, that is the Cyber-crime section of Europol and they are not the only dating websites that are suspected of such fraud, they have a full list! They are actually looking at all the patterns possible under the microscope starting from the bottom, that means with all the ladies suspected of scam going up to find their local agency...The links between local agencies and such dating platforms has already been done for long, because they're not afraid to publish advertising in local newspapers asking for girls to make money that way (affiliation "fraud" marketing).

    Above 87% of the ladies are there because they have done a partnership that is called an affiliation agreement with a local agency that pay them in return of correspondence, chat, video chat...I came back from Kiev not long ago...And I managed to know all the scam system they put in place, my russian is not that bad, kanyejna moye maltchiki)))

    They will be sued soon by the European court and will never be able to pay hundreds of millions euros of penalty fees for sure, they are not Apple or Google to be able to handle such slaps in their webface)))

    The only problems will be with some of the poor ladies that don't even know that their pictures are used to make fraudulent activities and all the ladies suspected of such fraudulent activities will never be able to move out from Ukraine, Russia, etc from where they are living to go abroad...pfffft..Bye bye travels and holidays...They had to think before of what they do!

    They don't need to scam poor European/American that we are)))

    But men frankly, with such name HotRussianBrides...What the hell you were thinking about, to find your love there, really? Why not to choose HotRussianB!tc#es instead that looks more appropriate))) I'm kidding, I can understand that, but try to find small agencies that do their jobs well instead of such BS, you will pay less and you will find the perfect match you are searching.

    My job is not finished yet, I have a few other websites to audit and I will keep you informed on the other mumbo-jumbo platforms I need to do!

    Be sure of it, the "Glasnost" should be done on all this)))

  • Se
      30th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    Hi there guys. I am currently investigating the website myself. I was bold enough to try an experiment. A girl here i thought I got close with, said she only wrote me and wanted to meet, but not in a hurry. for bout 7 months or so. So i started another account, and she immediately wanted to chat, even though, i had no pictures or anything. weird. I then started anothe account, and 1 second later, she wanted to chat. How can she do it that fast? Sh wrote exactly same lines in every chat window, and always twirked on the camera for you when you activated it. Its a scam. I an undercover at the moment, doing more research.

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