SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Free Shipping Trick

1 999 W. Yamato Road, Ste 100, Boca Raton, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 561-989-7400

I ordered a movie in December 2010 and evidently accepted free shipping in exchange for the right to bill be $19.95 per month for the next year. I tried to call the company, HOT MOVIE SALE . COM and could not get past the "push 1 for english" section. No matter what I pushed, I could not get past this section to get a human. So, I called my credit card company, AMEX, who said they would dispute the charges. I did this every month for 5 months. After 5 months AMEX sent me a letter stating the company provided a contract saying that I agreed to pay $19.95 per month. so AMEX was going to return $100 to the company and put it on my bill. I called the company HOTMOVIESALE.COM and finally got through. They ABSOLUTELY said I could get none of my money back because I contacted the card company before I contacted them. Well, I had no idea who was billing me...I HAD to cantact the card company first to find out where I was getting billed from. So far I have paid $135 for one movie and it appears HOTMOVIESALE.COM offers no recourse. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!! Who would accept $5 saving on shipping for the right to pay $240 per year. It is obviously a HUGE ripoff! I never received ANY notification from the company that I was being billed.

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