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My flights was cancelled because hurricane IKE was about to hit Houston; in the process of changing my flights Continental Airlines asked if I needed a hotel room. Continental Airlines transferred my to a customer service rep. I was never informed that I was talking to Hotels.com. With the CSR, I booked a Holiday Inn hotel room. During the call, I was never informed of any cancellation/charges fees etc. Since a Hurricane was about to hit Houston, and not knowing the status of IAH after hurricane IKE, this detail would have influenced my decision to book a hotel. There is no way that I would have booked the hotel room.

After hurricane IKE, my flights were cancelled again. I found out my flight status on the 14th. Once I knew that my flight was cancelled, using my Blackberry since I didn�t have electricity, I checked my e-mail to get the information regarding the Hotel. At the time I realized that it was Hotels.com, I still had no idea that there was a cancellation/charge fee. I contacted Hotels.com and they explained the cancellation/charge fee for the hotel. During the same call, I explained that the cancellation/charge fee was never explained and the Hotels.com representative said that they would contact the hotel on my behalf and see if they will refund the fee. The representative put me on hold and contacted the Holiday Inn, when she took me off hold, she had said that she had contacted the hotel�s accounting department and that I need to call back in a few days and they would refund the cancellation/charge fee. She then asked if I wanted to cancel, explaining that the cancellation/charge fee would be refunded. I cancelled, but was explicitly clear that I was never explained a cancellation/charge fee nor was I accepting the fee.

I called back the following week and Hotels.com would not refund the cancellation/charge fee. They told me to contact the hotel, which I did. Holiday Inn said that I need to contact Hotels.com.

Bottom line, this is the worst service that I have ever received. The fact that the cancellation/charge fee was never explained to me, the fact that Hotels.com said they would reimburse the charge and that Hotels.com was unsympathetic to the fact that Houston was just hit with a hurricane. This all left me with an extremely bad taste in my mouth, consumers should be aware of the type of company they are dealing with before they ever think about doing business with Hotels.com. This is if they know they are doing business with them.


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  16th of Sep, 2008
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I booked a room through their website and because of plan changes I had to cancel the room.
The policy said if I cancel after 12PM, there will be a penalty of one night's stay. I was only one hour late, and my booking was only for one night. I called them and was trying to explain, but they took absolutely no consideration or whatsoever. So basically once they get the money, you are never gonna get it back.

They claimed that they do not charge any penalty, but the hotel would. However, from talking with the hotel people, seems like they are going to split the penalty money. I would never use their service again.
  22nd of Sep, 2008
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Well, unfortunatley that is the price for holding the room. The hotel holds the room for you and could have booked it.
  23rd of Sep, 2008
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C'mon. You have to agree that you want them to break their rules for you because you goofed up. Seems like a silly complaint.
  24th of Aug, 2010
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I had a similar experience recently with their customer service and will never ever use them again. I really do think that hotels.com should review their policies and procedures and take a serious look at how they train (or don't train) their workers. It's fine for a business to run its operation in a way that gives a price break to customers, but with a steady reputation of bad service, eventually, the cost factor doesn't matter as much.
Are they encouraged to just pass the customer off to another representative but not before making them go through the same set of tedious prompts, perhaps hoping that they will just give up?
  20th of Dec, 2010
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My first experience with hotels.com was wonderful. The hotel had my reservation, and there were no problems. My second experience was another story. I booked a hotel stay through the hotels.com website. My credit card was charged the full amount, and I received an itinerary number and proof of payment. On the day of check-in, I called the hotel, but they had no record of my reservation. The reservationist told me to call hotels.com and have them fax my reservation. I called hotels.com, and the gentleman told me that this was the hotel's fault, and I would have to wait until check-in to call back to have my reservation re-faxed. I called back to speak to another agent. This agent put me on hold, and after waiting 10 minutes, my call was disconnected. I called back again, and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold, and then the agent came back on the line and told me her supervisor was on another call and could not talk with me. The agent agreed to fax the reservation to my hotel. This call took 41 minutes (cell phone minutes) before everything was wrapped up. I now wish I had paid a bit more and reserved directly through the hotel. I wasted a bunch of time, and started off my vacation in a foul mood. Not worth it.

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