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Hopkins Automotive / Beware

1 United States

I would really like to say that Hopkins Automotive tries to be a good dealership, but after the month that I had dealt with them, I really feel I would be wrong. Found their website because I was searching online for a Olds, Cutlass Ciera. I always had a good opinion of that car and saw they were selling one. Called them up, first question, how much? Ok, second question, what is wrong with the car? Salesman said just a few small things that you you would expect to be wrong with a car that old. 3rd question, is it drivable and can pass inspection? He told me it should pass with no problems, and that it is a very sound car. So I decided to get a friend to drive me there to get it. When I get to look over the car, first thing I notice is the tires are bald to the point of no tread and the turn signal light is busted <I know it will not pass inspection like that>. But the problems seemed like minor repair for a car they were selling pretty cheap, so I decided to take it. Once I stated that the salesman wanted to go check on something real quick and went and got the owner. They told me that someone who test drove the car said there was an issue with Rev, but they found no issue, only that you sometime might have to wiggle the column stick to make sure it is in gear. Decided to still get the car, and after I paid for it in full and got all the paperwork straight. I went to leave with my car and it ran out of gas in the parking lot <I would think they could put more then enough to get to the gas station in it> Luckly the saleman did give me a couple gallons to get up the road. Drove the car about 50-60 miles to my home, in the snow and the car road like a dream. Got home, parked it, and it hasn't moved since, apparently it has a bad transmission. Now up to now I have to blame myself due to the buyer beware saying, but this next part really erks me to no end. Almost a full month has gone by and I am checking my mailbox everyday waiting for them to send me the title. It wasn't until I had to start calling up there everyday for almost a week before someone took the initiative to find it. I told them I needed it before Friday because I was going to the DMV to deal with matters of my other car and want to deal with them both at the same time. The lady told me they will send it out next day 1st class mail to assure me I will get it in time. They did not send it out 1st class next day mail, nor did I receive it in time, and when I did get it, I find it is a copy of the prior owners title. They held onto a title for a car I had paid in full for. Made no effort to change it, and I wonder why did they hold it when they could of just gave me that title the day I bought the car. Also because it was held for almost a month I have to pay an extra 25 bucks at the DMV.

I know for a fact there is atleast 100 people I know that will never do business with Hopkins Auto, and I hope anyone who is reading this will join them.


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