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HomEq Servicing / Stay away from them

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We finally sold the house that ended up under homeq servicing ###. I feel for all of you that are trapped with them. The only advice I can offer you is to keep on top of your accounts and try not to speak to them on the phone.

Our loan was sold to these ###. Our credit is excellent and we own another home with a local bank. Our local bank does not sell their loans. That is another key to peace of mind. Go local when applying for a mortgage and make sure they do not sell their loans.

As for the person who said they never had a problem, they are most likely employed by the ### and are not telling the truth.

It looks like we got away just in time as they sent a letter saying they did not like our insurance coverage. Luckily I knew what they were up too and got rid of them.

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  • Es
      30th of Jun, 2008
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    HomEq is the ### people are saying they refuse to work with you when you are behind on a payment. The do call on the hour if you are one day pass your due date. We have been trying to work out a payment plan and they refuse they threaten you with forclosure yea right they are going to forclosed on a home and have to pay 60k just to forclosed Homeq is a servicing company for deutsche bank and trust I wonder what this bank would do if they knew they were doing this. Dont let Homeq take our homes lets write to the bank they are servicing and let them know what is going on.

  • Mi
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    homeq is doing the same to me.i get a forecloser notice that i owe them 2900 dallars.i have payed the morgage payment every month some times late but, they always included the late fee which they always they have sent my last payment back and have told me not to send them any more the hell am i suppose to get caught up on payments i dont owe when they have started refusing them.iam on a fixed intrest rate and am in the last four years on the term of the morgage.iam also still under the protection of a bankrupsey for 3 more years.iam a disabled veteranwith ptsd in a small town and hold down 2 part time jobs what are you supposed to do?i dont owe them any more money than i have payed them, they didnt send any notice that i was in default, which iam not, meaning that i havent missed any payments, the taxes are payed as well as the insurance.i have been late but not more than 15 days in any months payments. and try to talk to them, it like it is there plan to take your home from you .the federal goverment has got to draw the line some where unless they are a party to this injustice. at 60 years old and almost 20 years in my home here iam beyond starting over and i dont beleive if they manage to throw me out in the street i dont have any more to loose, so i might be inclinded to take a few of the boys out that are behind this. i served this country in the time of war and i deserved some kind of a isnt in the best interest of any one except the money hungry basters behind the forcloser, the balance on the morgage is 33000 dallars, and that isnt the principle it is less than that.i need some help be fore i loose my mind what little of it i have left, being ptsd which in it self makes life hard enough to deal with!!! so i will do what i need to do, maybe it will raise enough attention that people that are honest will take action, but maybe to late, iam am not responsable for my actions it falls on the federal goverment because they turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the problems that they is getting close to the time that we need to bear arms and deal with the problems at hand. if i loose my home thru some money hungry subprime lending instution that is going under because of their creative lending, which i didnt get involved in, my loan was one that was sold to them, MEANS WAR! SO IF SOME ONE OUT THERE KNOWS WHAT TO DO, PASS IT ALONG IF NOT I WILL SEE YOU ON THE FRONT LINES WITH THE REST OF US THAT DONT HAVE A HOME ANY MORE. it all part of the plan the new world order has put together, make the rich richer and death to the middle class, make us poor and enslave us to a life poverty!people we better wake up its almost to late

  • Ch
      24th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hi everyone,

    This co is rude and I feel they need to be investigated, I lost my home in sept to them and Almost had a nervous breakdown with the harressing phone calls to my work and I even cancelled having a home phone. I did get behind in my mortgage due to vehicle accident. I was not at fault for accident but have lost everything. They just kept telling me to file bankruptsy. Sept 07 they sent me a forsclosure notive and auction date. They threaten me and belittled me . I felt worthless and scared, Being a first time home owner and on a lot of medication I didn't know what to do. So I moved out before the auction. They didn't auction until this past sept 08.
    One yr later and i had to move back in this past summer because people where destroying the house. Broken windows, and doors, spray paint, and etc. When i called them because the city sent me notices on broken city ordinances on the home. The Mortagage co. said I abandoned the home and made it sound like i was in deep crap. Now it's almost dec and i have until Jan 5 to get out. The evicted me. I have fixed the windows and what i could. Ohhh and they also sent me a notice that there coming after me for the difference. I'm heartbroken and no body will rent to me now because of my credit rating. I will be homeless soon. Good luck to anyone out there going thru this.

  • De
      7th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I hate this mortgage company, they do not care about you; all they care about is getting their money. They don't try to work with you in saving your home, they foreclosed on my home recently, and did not try to work out a plan. I just hope they are never in a situation and need someone to work with them. this company needs to b investigated, and then closed down and when they are uemployee see how they feel when they can no longer make their payments and want someone to work with them. They are a sorry bunch of people with no feeling and no sense of know how. I HATE THIS COMPANY FOR ALL IT STANDS FOR, WHICH IS SEEING PEOPLE LOSE THEIR HOMES, AND INVESTMENTS. I WILL BE CONTACTING THE GOVERNERS OFFICE TO DISCUSS THEIR METHOD OF PRACTICE, in not working with government agencies to help people save their homes. SORRY BUNCH OF ###!!!

  • Br
      14th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    They are awful. Will not work with me to modify my interest rate which is 11%I have retired and get next to no return to pay my taxes told them and they could care less. So now I have last year school taxes to pay as well as this years taxes. Trying to see how we will get by

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