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HomEq Servicing / Illegally harass, lies and deceitful practices!

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I read Alan’s complaint regarding HomeEq Servicing. It’s amazing to me that this company is allowed to illegally harass home owners with their lies and deceitful practices. We are also victims of this HORRIBLE company that call themselves debt collectors. They make sure that you keep behind in your payments. They constantly harass you saying that your payment was not received or the bank rejected it. Even though my bank has no record that they tried to cash any of my last 2 payments. These check numbers are also missing on my statements and show as skipped numbers. They were paid by phone as electronic checks. I have since put stops on these checks. I was finally able to get them to accept a payment which was sent by cashiers check. It was cashed on the 10th day. The last day before we could put a stop on it. Which we were going to do. I was smart enough to write the check number that the cashiers check was replacing. Every time we send a payment it seems there is some kind of problem they have with cashing it. HUMMM!!! Somehow we are always in default and always owe late fees. We have been threatened with foreclosure, treated very rudely, denied access to a supervisor on many occasions. Feeling very frustrated, I began a search for complaints on HomeEq Servicing. I found the [redacted]s on HomeEq Servicing. WOW!!! Over 300 complaints. Many with similar stories like mine. They threaten people with foreclosure unless large amounts of money are paid. The amount of payoff on the account never goes down, because they hold your checks so they can charge late fees and other charges that they can’t even account for. We are unable to refinance because they have us in arrears. We have recently filed bankruptcy and at least the lawyers have to deal with them for the next five years, but I am truly worried that when that time is up they will be back to their evil bullying that they are known for. We need help in our fight. We are stressed out!!! We have asked numerous times to talk to a supervisor to which we are always denied. They make false promises saying one will call us at 6pm CST. The time comes and goes with no contact. We would like to take part in any class action suit that is being sought against HomeEq Servicing. If someone would contact us via the above e-mail we would certainly be grateful!

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  • Ro
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    We to are being told that we are in default of payments to HomEq. we have never missed payments and now are told we are 8 payments behind from 2006 and we filed Bankruptcy in 06 and are told now we have till Oct. 9th to come up with 3,574.67 to make everything current or they will foreclose on our home... and always owe late fees. We have been threatened with foreclosure, treated very rudely, denied access to a supervisor on many occasions. Feeling very frustrated, don`t know what to do at this point...

  • Sc
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    Wow! this letter mirrors my dealings with these shnooks exactly!

    I finally got out and re-financed but I was headed thew same way as Vicki!

    I can't believe someone hasn't taken this company out yet!

    The things they put us through are unspeakable!

    I would recommend HFC Home Mortgage -they helped me and my loan is fixed rate now -thank god!

  • An
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    CALL THE COO of HomEq. His number is listed below. I am in a situation with HomeQ where my home is going to foreclose because we are short $2800. They will not approve a shortage of $2800. We have a buyer waiting to close and instead of getting 140,000 they want the full $142,800. We of course cannot come up with the money, so it will foreclose. So please, do me a favor, call the piss out of this man and let him know just how you feel! Oh, and if you get his voicemail, press 0 then # to get his assistant. Good luck everyone!

    Keith Becker COO - HomeQ Servicing

    Press 0# to get his assistant, she actually answers the phone.

  • Ho
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    This company Homeq servicing has damaged my credit and my wifes credit also we have been paying our mortgage ontime every month ,but not on the first of the month but before the 15 of the month.and when you pull your credit report they have already reporteded it as late,so i called them and spoke to some one in customer service they said that was their practice.Something has got to be done about this company they should not be allowed to be in business any longer

  • Ma
      23rd of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    This company is the biggest rip off there is.

  • Kr
      18th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    My husband and I also are having problems with Homeq. We were a month behind back in December, instead of having Christmas for the kids we paid $3000.00 to homeq to save our house that they said was going into foreclosure. (The kids went without a Christmas because of this) I have been paying the payments since when last month our house was in our local newpaper saying it was going up for auction for a forclosure. We once again sent over $2, 500.00 to save the house and everything seemed ok until this week when they asked for $5, 000 or the house would be sold. We do not have this kind of money and don't want to lose our house, IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THIS COMPANY?


  • Ex
      17th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I feel really bad for you people------NOT!!!
    Pay your bills on time. Setup a auto draft with the company and I promise you that you will NOT receive a phone call. Or I love it when people say HOMEQ calls me alllll the time. HA, um...they may call but do you pick up the phone, do you talk to them? do you NOT lie---i love the excuses you people make...i had to travel out of town for my mothers funeral--next month it will be the same thing. Or when people say that they were on vacation. OBVIOUSLY YOU CAN AFFORD TO GO ON VACATION BUT CANT PAY THE MOST IMPORTANT BILL IN YOUR HOME? Or this one is the best--i can pay my mortgage because i have to buy new clothes for my kids--oh you do? wow...well what are you going to do when your kids dont have a place to put all those fancy clothes or a place to rest their heads at night because mommy and daddy misappropriate funds? lol
    I'll have you know the people who work for this company sit back and LAUGH all day after having gotten off the phone with people like you guys. Whoa is me--I can't make a mortgage payment on time and I wonder why the COLLECTION department at homeq servicing is calling. BOO They are threating legitimate charges on me like late charges-- or better yet...IM 45 DAYS PASS DUE--WHY ARE THERE LEGAL FEES...IM TOO STUPID TO READ MY LOAN DOCUMENTS THAT SAY IF MY PAYMENT IS LATE LEGITIMATE FEES--LIKE RECOVERABLE CORP ADVANCE FEES WILL BE ASSESSED. But, You know buying a house and NOT reading your mortgage documents is sooooo 2004--

    What i really love is when people talk to borrowers and the borrower says i cant pay my payment...blah blah blah...and when you get right down to it, plain black and white they cant pay because the spouse is a lazy #$^ who wont get a job. no wonder you everyone is soooooo FOCUSED on homeq because they'd rather do that then go out into the world and get a job to help save their home.

  • Ms
      28th of Nov, 2010
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    We have been through the same thing as most of these people with homeq. We got one payment behind due to job loss. I paid extra every month to catch up the past due payment. The balance never went down it just kept going up. I tried to call them to receive help but to no avail. They didn't want to help us. now as i am sorting through old statements, i see where they have listed another payment we didn't pay at all. So i check our bank statement and the check was ran through electronically but never posted to our account. They are VERY dishonest and you can never get any resolution. I don't see how they can continually get away with ripping people off . We work hard to pay our bills with our mortgage being a priority but they can take our money & get away with it. There should be some sort of legal action that can be taken against the company. I have called and asked to speak to a supervisor and can't ever get them to transfer me to one. They have now sold our loan to another company and as i'm reading through the new information...they have our mortgage listed as a 40yr instead of 30yr!

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