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Homeland Healthcare / ALMOST SCAMMED

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Thankfully, I ran across this site or I too would of been scammed!!! Yesterday I spoke with someone from America's Health Brokers (AHB) about a healthcare insurance policy provided through Homeland Healthcare. I was happy because my pre-existing health problems were covered with no waiting period, no deductible, no co-insurance and no co-pays. YEP, it sure sounded to good to be true... well, as the old adage says...IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!

I spent over 6 hrs last night researching Markel Insurance, Markel Corporation, Homeland Healthcare, and AHB websites. Everything seemed to be on the up & up, but being skeptical (and exhausted) in these days of scams and scam artists, I felt another set of eyes and a fresh brain were in order. I sent my son the emails I received and all the websites I checked. He checked things over and did research of his own. He felt that most of it was legit, but expressed concern about the broker and agent at AHB. After speaking with him, I contacted my states Insurance Commissioner’s office, and spoke with both a legal advisor and a lady in the Consumer Complaints office. After consulting with the legal advisor, she pointed out this was a supplement/indemnity policy…. Not your basic health insurance. Hmmmm, the guy never said supplement to me, but then I didn’t read the very fine print either. Oh well, a little something is better than nothing I thought… even $309/mo was better than $800/mo my state’s High-Risk Pool insurance wants to charge. As far as complaints, Markel had 5 complaints; 2 for health insurance and 3 for another problem. Not bad for 60 yrs of business. There were no complaints filed for neither AHB or Homeland Healthcare. So far sounds good. Happy dance time I thought.

DANG Woman’s Intuition!!! Something was still bugging me, so I decided to look further, letting my fingers do the walking. I went back to Markel Corp. website and started clicking away. I found a listing of their brokers but AHB was not there. Time to work the phone lines again! I called Markel Corp. home office in Glen Allen, Va. and spoke with Lisa. I expressed my concerns about the broker AHB, and a possible scam. She assured me that AHB was one of their top brokers, however, if it would be comfortable for me, I could deal with Homeland Healthcare directly. She provided me with a direct line to the Homeland office. I was within seconds of picking up the phone, yet that dang intuition wouldn’t go away. I stared at he Google search box, and proceeded to type in Homeland Healthcare, and out popped Homeland Healthcare Complaints. I figured had nothing but time to lose to check it out.

Well, that’s my story from beginning to now, but definitely not the ending. . I read each and every complaint, and my heart goes out to all of you for the loss of money, hopes of finally having health coverage, and time spent trying to be treated fairly. If you have not done so yet, contact your states Insurance Commissioner and file a complaint with them. They also have legal advisors who may be able to help get your money back, it’s worth the time and effort.

My next step is to call the broker and advise him I have no use of his services. I will be more than happy to tell him why. I ‘m unsure if the agents/brokers are aware of how Homeland Healthcare treats their consumers, but my aim is to make them aware if they are not. I am considering a letter campaign to make others aware of these scam artists, as that is truly what they are. If you are interested in helping, need a sounding board feel free to contact me at

MORAL: Research, Research, and more Research until you run out of ideas or have tired fingers. If you get a brain freeze, tackle it after resting your brain Check websites such as this one. Don’t make hasty decisions; if they want your business they will allow you the time to make an informed decision!! If they don’t, SAY NO!! It’s sure to be a scam!!!

AND always listen to your inner intuition!!!

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  • Nm
      14th of Sep, 2011
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    Almost happened to me to. They baited and switched on a search engine that compares insurance policies. I received a really nice seeming plan, but the sales rep., who was very pleasant and friendly, dodged questions about specific details and could not provide me with a link to the specific details about the policy. Also could not get good, specific responses to emails.

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