HomeComings Financialkeeping insurance claim check

Hurricane Ike hit us and has done 33, 000.00 worth of damage. The insurance company State Farm has issued a claim check in the amount of 24, 452. for the first amount and it was also made out to us and the mortgage company. Homecomings Financial has had our check since November 10th, was actually cashed by them according to State Farm on that day. Homecomings Financial sent out their own inspector to make sure the work is making progress and it was submitted to them at 90% complete and according to Homecomings Financial that is all they need to release the entire amount. As of today 12/11/2008 Homecomings Financial is still holding our money. I know that there is a 10 day law that they are suppose to release all funds. Everytime i talk to them it is always something different. Their policy seems to change daily. They have been caught in many lies. Please help me stop them from doing this. They should be made to release at a certain time or pay the homeowner a penalty for keeping their money.

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