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HomeComings Financial / Fraud and scam!

1 2711 N. Haskell Ave.Dallas, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-206-2901

My problems with Homecomings has been ongoing since 1/07 when I fell one payment behind and attempted to make arrangements with them to catch up on the payment. I spoke with numerous reps and faxed over my financial information several times. They all said they never received the information. When I did get a hold of someone I believed would help me, I faxed over the info again and was told someone would contact me within 24-48 hours. Since no one contacted me, I contacted them again but got the same answer - they never received the fax and they could not discuss the account until they received it.

I continued to make my payments each month and sent in extra when I could in an attempt to catch up. In 05/07 I received a letter stating I was in default and owed 2 payments. I contacted Homecomings and was told they could not talk to me until my payments were current.

On 8/2/07 I attempted to make my payment by phone and the rep refused to accept the payment. She said I had to pay $7500 + or they wouldn't accept anything from me. I told her I wasn't prepared to make that payment and she hung up on me.

On 8/6/07 I contacted them again and the rep agreed to accept $2600 by 8/24/07. On 8/24/07 I tried to make the payment online but the account was locked. I called them and was informed they could not accept my payment and was transferred to a different department. Someone picked up the phone and blurted 'We're closed' and hung up. I called back and was told there was nothing they could do and I had to speak with loss mitigation. I called loss mitigation and no one answered the phone. I called customer service again and was transferred to loss mitigation again, someone picked up the phone then hung it up. I made several calls to them from 8/24/07 thru 8/28/07 to make the payment and find out why it was being refused but no one could help me and no one would accept the payment.

On 8/29/07 I finally got a hold of someone that I thought was going to help me. She said I had to fill out a financial statement and fax it back to her, which I did. After discussing the matter she informed me that I would have to pay $2700 that day via Western Union and $2465 + each month (in excess of $600/mo over my normal payment). I sent the payment via Western Union as instructed and they acknowledged receipt. I believed the matter was now going to be resolved.

On 9/8/07 I got a call from a real estate agent asking if I wanted to sell my house before the foreclosure went through and was informed Homecomings filed a NOD on 9/5/07. I called Homecomings and they said they did file the NOD but it was on hold so long as the payments were made.

I sent numerous letters confirming phone conversations and requesting an accounting. I finally received an account history print-out and after reviewing it (totally confusing), I wrote to them requesting explanations of charges on the accounting, especially 'unapplied funds' and why only the regular payment was being credited and not the $600+ being sent each month, along with disputes regarding late charges and other charges when the payment was made and posted on time. They have yet to fully respond to my letters from 10/2/07 and thereafter or provide any explanations of the charges. I also noticed they did not credit my 05/07 payment and I sent them a letter with copies of all the payments I made.

To make a long story shorter, I made all payments as agreed and my payments were current... that is, until they returned my 02/08 payment and a letter stating the repayment plan was canceled as the payment received does not represent the correct amount as specified in the repayment agreement. Today I received a letter from them informing me they can no longer accept monthly payments and the entire balance of the loan is due and the full payoff will need to be remitted. I contacted them and they said disregard the letter, it was computer generated and my account is current. I would just need to make my February payment (which is now late) along with $1074 in late charges along with the March payment and the April payment is due by 4/10/08 and everything will be fine. My payments were due on the 29th of each month and they said since they canceled the repayment plan the payment is due on the 1st of each month so now my March payment is late.

I have received contradictory information from them throughout and am at my wits ends trying to deal with them. They made it impossible for me to refi, my credit score has dropped substantially because of this mess and they continue to charge me late fees even though my payments have been made on time and 'other' charges (without explanation) each month in excess of $700.

The real kicker is they sent me a letter in 11/07 informing me my payment would increase $100 per month because of a negative escrow balance. My statements say I owe one amount ($290 more) and the online account on the website says I owe a different amount ($392 more). In 01/08 they increased the interest from 6.1% to 7.6% but won't clarify what payment amount I am supposed to make - the one stated in the letter, the one on the statement or the one on the website. I was told if I made the 02/07 payment via Western Union or mail it would be the lowest amount but if I paid it on the website it would be the highest amount. Also, according to the website, there are no late charges being assessed but on the statements they are charging over $800 for late charges even though I've made my payments on time each month.

I sent ccs of all letters as well as letters directly addressed to Cyncoya Dillingham, Voice of the Customer, Homecomings Financial (BBB said to contact her to resolve disputes) but have not received one written response from her since I started writing letters in August 07.

HELP!!! Anyone that knows of a class action suit I can get in on or has suggestions on a way to resolve this nightmare, I'd really appreciate the info. Even though I was current before they returned the payment, I don't feel like they're ever going to quit manipulating the payments and threating me with foreclosure as long as my mortgage is with them.


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