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HomeComings Financial / Will not refinance home when due without 10 to 11 thousand dollars!

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My husband and I purchased our first home together through homecomings financial, after paying 24 thousand in interest over a two year period it came time to refinance, when i spoke with a representative at homecomings they said that we would have to come up with 10 to 11 thousand dollars for a down payment before they would refinance. We had to suddenly try to purchase my parents home due to an medical emergency on my parents behalf so we had put our home through homecomings on a land contract with buyers so they could carry our payment, stockton mortgage said that our payment on our home would go down when we finance, but was I in for a surprise when I contacted homecomings. Now our buyers have backed out and we are faced with bankruptcy or foreclosure on that home which is totally going to destroy our credit that we have worked so hard to rebuild. We need some good sound advice.

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  • Pa
      8th of May, 2007
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    I can not even get someone to speak with on the phone. Being on hold for over an hour THREE TIMES really frustrates me. We are also in an arm that is due in June 2007 and I can not get a rep on the phone to discuss our situation.

  • Am
      27th of Jul, 2007
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    I have horrible experience with homecomings financial everytime i called they put you on hold almost 1 hour. Also the costumer care need to be trained well mostly they are rude and no manners when i am asking them my issue i always can't get the right answer.

  • Ma
      28th of Aug, 2007
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    My sister is having a MAJOR problem with Homecomings Financial a Company of GMAC... They have her SS# wrong in there system and will not send her any statements by mail... they can not even give her a correct account number due to there computer error... she has been making payments to Homecomings for 12 months now and they show 11 payments made. They are messing up her credit... and bank account... they informed her that they show several months as being late and that it may have been reported to the credit bureau... when she mails the check in on time!!! She was asked to double pay to "catch up" according to what Homecomings says... they have requested for her stop payment on the check that was mailed... pay by phone with a 12.00 phone fee and late fee... then the check that was already mailed out was cashed by HOMECOMINGS!!! Then her bank account went negative and she has and continues to pay MAJOR money because they can not get it together!!! Someone please respond!!! My sister has 5 kids and no time to deal with this mess!!! Buying a home is suppose to be "THE AMERICAN DREAM" right? Class Action Anyone???


    A sister and Aunt who loves to know my nieces and nephews have food to eat and a bed to lay in a home to stay!!!

  • Lr
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I can fully understand every complaint I have read as my husband and I have gone through almost every one of the complaints I have read, for the past 2 years with HomeComings Financial. We have reported to them in the fall of 2005 they were reporting us being late for 6 months on our payments. We didn't even know until we applied for a temporary loan to help us out when my husband lost his job and we had to move to Nevada for his new job. I had to quit my 10 year job and sell everything before we moved to the Las Veagas area. It took over a year for me to find a job as there is no industry in my field of work in that God for Saken place. I spent many months calling HomeComings explaining our situation and could we refinance with a lower rate so we could at least make the payments while I searched for a job. The answer was "no" because we were late on one payment. Even though we had excellent credit with them and were never late until the month we tried to refinance. We had the baloon note and they definitely didn't want to let that go, even though they knew we couldn't make payments on time. They have ruined our credit now for 2 years while we have made repayment plans several times now. Last spring we were able to move to Houston, TX where my husband has a great job and I have a job that pays twice what was in Las Vegas. I called HomeComings last summer to work out another repayment plan so we didn't foreclose. The first month they said was for legal and attorney fees, just so they wouldn't continue to foreclose. It would not apply to the house. I have tried for 3 months to talk to the lady that was assigned to us and she never returns my calls. The only way I know I get through to her is by faxing letters and getting a confirmation that it went through. I've asked for an email, but other people there will not give it to me. When I call they tell me I haven't made any payments since last March. I told her she didn't know what she was talking about because I have proof I have made payments all year. We have contacted a lawyer and are ready to sue for total neglegence and freud. The house is on a "short sell" and we've had a buyer for over a week now and they will not respond to the offer. It's 10 thousand over what we owe. What's that all about? I sympathise with anyone who has dealt with this company. They should not be allowed to have a business and GMAC should also be sued along with them.

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