Home Furniture MartFalse advertising, poor customer service, delay in refund.

This "company" is a scam and I do not say this lightly. They use false advertising saying they ship within 1 to 2 weeks and then proceed to give you false shipping dates. After 4 weeks of waiting I cancelled my order, was told that my refund would be processed in 24-48 hours and 5 days later I still have not received it. I have filed complaints with the BBB, FTC, and CA's Attorney General.

Beyond this, their customer service is unprofessional and incompetent. They claim orders ship in 1-2 weeks when it is 4-6 weeks in reality. The staff gives false shipping dates they cannot confirm, is not proactive in offering assistance, does not return calls or emails. I had the misfortune of speaking with Gloria Lopez - 5 times - who claimed to be the Assistant Manager.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Commerce, CA She does not have the emotional intelligence to problem solve, save an order, or soothe a customer upset by poor business practices. She laughed, spoke to me with sarcasm, did not apologize for the poor service experience, and told me I would not be the last disgruntled customer. Her behavior cost the company a $993.00 order. It is unacceptable for a customer service agent to speak to a customer in this manner, especially when I did not use foul language, raise my voice, or say anything abusive. The members of the staff at this facility need to be trained on how to work with customers, be honest, and accountable to follow up with order inquiries and complaints. My call was also recorded so I can prove my side of the story.

Businesses should have pride and respect, unfortunately, these people have none.

Jan 07, 2015

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