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Hollywood Film And Acting Academy / Consumer abuse and False advertisement

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The Hollywood Film and Acting Academy promises prospective students that they will be in a Featured Film and received credits. A feature film was never shot and none of the students received credits. As well, the previous class failed to shoot the Feature Film project and failed to received their promised credit.

When I asked the director Josh Sands about the Feature Film, he told me that it was the students fault and that if we didn't like it we could leave the school. The director then attempted to shoot a short comedy film for thestudents which he again failed to produce.

We were promised to study under celebrity actors 5 days a week and only did 80% of the time.

The housing he offers had a broken window in common area the whole time I resided their which was dangerous and allowed alot of cold air into the house. The tempature in the evening was at 54 degrees, when I asked the Director/landlord if he could turn the heat up, he turned it up to 58 degrees and said that the power company told him the recommended tempature should be set to 58 degrees. When I asked him why the water for showers and washing dishers is not hot and if he would fix it, Josh told me that I had to deal with it and if I didn't like it, I could leave. The people who get trapped are the one's who have a dream of coming to Hollywood and live out of the state and country and don't know what they are getting into until the get to Hollywood. 3students including myself are opening small claims cases. BEWARE!

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      11th of May, 2010
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    I assume you you to be the same one going to other website under different names smearing the school. All I will ask is that you submit proof to this website of your claims. Court docket, etc. I find your claims difficult to believe, especially since they are completely different stories on different websites.

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      12th of May, 2010
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    The complaint above doesn't know what he/she is talking. I was a student during the time of the complaint above and the window got fixed as well as the water heater. The feature film would have been made if the students didn't complain about every little thing. The students wanted to run the show instead of allowing a graduate of a film school and a professional actor help them. The feature film was not done at the fault of the students. Josh has had tremendous grace on the students. He has helped students with payments, finding a job, not kicking them out when they break the rules of the contract etc. If anyone complains about all that. They are only looking into a mirror of there own irresponsibility and guilt. As well as because of the complaint of the feature film, the school allowed the students to come up with there own comedy short that was created by the students. They were able to choose there own characters and have a professional screenwriter write the script and a professional director. And again it was not done because of the complaints of the students after one day of shooting. It had nothing to do with the school.

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      14th of Jun, 2010
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    I was a student as well, and agree with the complaint.The window got fixed after a very very long time.Not by Josh Sands but by a former worker and me. Jopsh didn't pay us nor thanked us, just like the kind of guy he is.
    All went sour because the place isn't a real school. Not any school ever can be a one-man-operation.
    The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy has no accreditation by the state of California to be called a school, because it lacks EVERYTHING required by law to be called that.
    All interntaional studnets there have been tricked by Josh, mislead and he has taken abuse of them, especially financially, nor has he fulfiled his promises to them.
    There are some cool teachers but they have no say in the school, only Josh Sands has.
    Yes, you can meet good people, but you can meet people anywhere in Hollywood, don't pay 1500$ per month for that.And don't beleive "free housing", it is not safe and Josh is not a good and honest landlord.
    You can find great deals on craigslist, much cheaper.
    Note that the HWFAA is legally not allowed to enroll international students, so all foreign students pay Josh extra money for enrollment in another school.In many cases Josh has kept this money for himself, and has not helped as promised to obtain the studentvisas for these students, or caused problems for these students.
    Not any student since Summer 2009 has been satisfied with the school, only the ones who got a free tuition from Josh because they work for him.If you are serious about your carreer go research accredited schools or find info at Samuel French bookstore.
    Think twice before you join any schol, and don't buy into this school.The office staff works on commision and gets kick back from Josh when they sign you up.They will make it out to be better than it is, so you sign.
    please stay away, this is the worst place ever.

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      29th of Jun, 2010
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    The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy is a total and complete scam. Never in my life did I ever think I would be the subject to verbal abuse on a constant basis from the owner Josh Sands. He is a money hungry slimeball that will tell potential students ANYTHING to get them to sign up. The students would complain and with all good reason. No curicullum, no structure, lies about feature films, imdb credits, demo reels, free headshots, among others. Our class was told we would be shooting scenes every week and although lines were memorized, character's broken down, and the insistance of the students to film, it was near impossible to get Josh off his lazy flabby fat midget a$$. His insistance on threatening students constantly, because of problems that were not the fault of the students, is because of his severe issues with Napolean Syndrome. Respect is a severe issue with him because of his tiny height. He demands it without offering it to others. He runs that school like Hitler. He will love you to your face, hate you to your back, and then find the dumbest reason to hate you to your face for his own benefit (I'll get to that).

    Josh claims to not be a landlord for the free housing (which really isn't free), but will find any way to kick out a student. Once a student has signed their contract Josh purposefully creates a negative energy, and denies his students what is promised in order to upset them to the point that they either want to leave, or, will create such a confrontation that happily gives him authority to kick them out.

    You have to understand this from a business stand point. Out of 18 students that were fully committed to starting their careers and signed up to his 6 month program, all but 3 left the program early. So, from a business standpoint, he doesn't feel obligated to make a feature because of the lack of students, his operating costs drop 80%, and he STILL COLLECTS on their tuition. How's that for a scam. It got so bad for him while the school was called The Hollywood Digital Film School that he shut it down and re-opened under the current name.

    His former involvement with The Huntington Career College and the process in which he brings in International Students is completely illegal. He would pay Huntington's student tuition so he could obtain the proper international document for his students. This school is not accredited with the state of California for these obvious reasons and his illegal involvement with Huntington IS being investigated by authorities.

    The current student who replied above in the positive, and who bashed the former students, works for the school and does not have to pay for tuition because of this. She has expressed her dislike for Josh, has bashed him as well, but she is playing a game that is favoring herself in front of Josh. N.B. is fake, and unfortunately, a terrible person who will run to Josh like Himmler would to Hitler.

    While The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy has changed their website and programs, it is the same story year in and year out. The book stays the same and the cover changes. It's funny that out of 18 alumni in the Sept. program only 1 is featured on their site. The interviews and clips are ancient and the current feature that they are touting is crap, just look at their clip, and it was supposed to be made long long ago for a previous program. There will be no IMDB, their distribution is likely through selling it through iTunes which I can do with a home video.

    Their promise of an edited demo reel is bulls*#t. Josh & his pushover brother Larry never have time to film so it's obvious that they "claim" to never have time to edit their reels. Students that attend who only want to act should not be forced to edit their own material if they do not know how to, and, when an editing class was offered Josh got so frustrated with trying to teach the students that he all but gave up.

    In reality, Josh Sands NEVER GRADUATED from a film school. He claims that he learned more in the real world than in an accredited upper tier film school. This is an excuse for his own inability to learn from others which in turn has made him, NOT a director as he claims, but a GLORIFIED cameraman. His cinematography and lighting (which he claims to teach) is so poor a dyslexic monkey could do better (just check out his directed scenes). Recycled Parts for example is a HUGE pile of kaka.

    Josh was so proud when Shug Knight came to the school that he didn't realize that he could potentially be putting the students in danger. This is a man who has been accused of murder and within a week of shooting a small scene was arrested. This is a huge reason for me leaving.

    Josh's former students include an Arizona fugitive who had severe mental problems, an Arizona sex offender who is currently in jail for sleeping with one of his former students, a formerly homeless and currently alcoholic that can be obviously seen in a student testimony on the website, and a man who was previously institutionalized, had a violent temper, stalked one of the students, and was taken to a mental evaluation facility because of his threats to commit suicide by jumping off the Kodak Theatre building.

    During my time as a teacher I have seen students, teachers, and faculty come and go combined (on bad terms) at a percentage close to 85 - 90%. Those that stayed were few (and worked for him), and most of those who left had their money stolen from them and had their dreams dashed when they went back home. I hope for the sake of any perspective student that they don't as well fall into Josh's trap and scam network at The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy.

  • Co
      21st of Aug, 2010
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    Gosh, my son was planing to do the 6 months course. He lives in South Africa and was going to start the course this year, in
    September 2010. What did bother me, was that they seemed uncertain as to when the 2nd course was due to start and gave me two different dates. I must admit, this got me wondering, as I though a professional organisation, should know what is
    going on regarding their course dates? I am most surprised to read the negative comments and that it is now said that HWFAA is a scam... Concerned parent

  • Ma
      24th of Aug, 2010
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    wow! im shocked i knew this place was too good to be true, this recruiter guy is suppose to be calling me back in 20mins ill be sure to tell him i had a change of heart! thanks guys, does anybody know any good film schools with inexpensive housing?

  • Th
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    The students here complaining were the students who cause the problems. I feel so sorry for Josh Sands the founder of the Hollywood Film and Acting Academy, he has poured his heart into helping people do what they want in life and this is how he is repaid. He gave Charles Murrey a job instead of kicking Charles out on the street because he couldn't pay his tuition, when Brett Edwards couldn't pay his tuition because his mother cut him off, Josh let him stay until the end of the program, and these are the people who are making the complaints, They are making the complaints because they want their deposits back when they owe the Academy thousands of dollars, Brett and Charles are dead beats who don't take resposabilty for their actions. These people if you can call them that are ungrateful. Josh helped them and this is how they repay him.
    The students broke the window, got instructors fired and created chaos for everyone who attended the 6-month ultimate acting program and Josh was the only person who was trying to hold it all together.
    I am a former employee at the Hollywood Film & Acting Academy. if you want the truth call and speak with Josh Sands at 323-062-8554

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      27th of Nov, 2010
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    Horrible school. If you can even call it that. No real curriculum and no order at all. I was one of the students that wasnt really affected by Josh or the school at first because I honestly didnt expect anything from the school because I already have representation, I already knew everything they was "teaching" and had a few things going for me (and still do) outside the school ( I will explain why Im upset with Josh later). But I saw how Josh manipulated the other students and had them think they could possibly be working after they leave the school. Some students actually gave up acting because of Josh. Josh even treated some students with neglect and disrespect if they showed any resentment towards him or the school. Thats why I pretended to befriend Josh so I could see if he would actually turn on me like he did most of the students besides his "favorite student" who I wont name but everyone knows who Im talking about. Out of my January class I was one of the only ones that actually finished the 6 month program and even stayed in LA. Josh is a killer of actor's dreams and a compulsive liar. Heres some negative things and the promises broken by Josh:

    1. There was no legit showcase-It was said at the end of the program we would audition in front of agents and managers. We did in fact audition in front of two agency in the middle of the program while we still "learning". But the agents was only looking for SAG actors which none of us was except for Josh's puppet brother Larry, which is why he was in most of our scenes so he could be seen. The other agent wasnt even looking for any new talent at the time. This made me think maybe Josh just asked these two agents to come in as a way to fulfill at obligation.

    2. "The Conspiracy Theory Movie"- The Conspiracy is a movie that will never see the light of day. It was written by talented script writer Jeff Solema, who is a former student of the school. This film was actually supposed to be shot by a previous class, I heard a few years before my class (January 2010). Josh's excuse is always, "the other classes didnt participate or do their homework, so we shoot their movie but maybe your class will" My class heard it and the September class heard it too, even the March class when they came.Towards the end of my 6 month program, by this time most of the students have left due to not being satisfied with the school, they also had alot of complaints and wanted their money back.One of the complaints was there was no movie shot for their class. So Josh panicked. So he said lets shoot a movie called the "Conspiracy Theory". When I heard that name I knew it was the film that has never been able to shot by the other classes, I knew this because a few months previous to this before the September class left I would talk to them and ask them how they felt about the school (Be aware Josh despises the September calling them horrible people, as you can see a few comments up).Even Josh told me and my class to "stay away" from them, dont listen to what they say, and make your own decisions about the school. In one of my conversations with them, the "feature film" brought up. It was called the "Conspiracy Theory" they actually gave me the entire 100 plus page script and they told me the story about this movie and the other classes, etc. So back to what I was saying earlier, when Josh mentioned the film I knew he was trying to save himself by somehow getting this film shot so he can say the other students were lieing about no movie being shot for their class (see Josh isnt stupid he learns from his mistakes and becomes a bigger troll). So with the remaining students he asked us to pick a role or 2 characters to audition for. Also be aware that the film that is supposed to be shot is meant to be written for the students in each class and the characters should fit each student thats in it. So I look through each character and none of the characters fit me (age wise and race wise) nor did I feel strongly bout any of the characters. As an actor if you should feel connected and can relate to any character you play. I even told Josh and he says he could write a character in for me, which isnt professional at all. Change the whole script just to get me a character in the film? Sounds like he wanted to fulfill another obligation again. I even remember Larry and Josh practically beg me and some of the other students to be in the film. For some reason their pleas weren't sincere to me. A few students that actually liked Josh auditioned and since there wasnt enough of us that wanted to do this project due to it being unprofessional, Josh actually posting casting ads on craigslist, LAcasting, and I think even Actors Access. Surprisingly actors/actress responded and they eventually had their cast. They did indeed begin shooting, but surprisingly a few actors dropped out including Josh's favorite student. So the film once again didnt see the light of day. And if Josh sees this and says it has been shot they post a link so we can see it, with the same actor's that I know was in the film. Long story short, even though he started shooting the movie, it was still never completed or what we expected, and unprofessional then I see that as another promise broken. He even said this film would get distribution and we would get IMDB credit if we were in it. You cant get all that if a movie isnt even completed. Fail Josh.

    3. "Why are you recording me?"- This will be short. Sometimes Josh would randomly record our audio if it was about an issue that would affect the school and him in any way. He would randomly ask us do you mind if we record you. Imagine some of our reactions. Josh would sometimes try to record us without us knowing, which was told to me by one of the other students. Josh had an iPhone and would always have it out. I'll leave it at that.

    4."Josh should win an Oscar for best actor aka Crocodile Tears" - To explain the title of this, when someone left the school or he felt we were unhappy for some reason or another he would set up a house meeting. He would talk to us all normal at first saying "Im here to help...I started this school to help actors like you...where in Hollywood can you find a school that gives you free housing (which isnt even free. What acting class is 1000$ a month? International students payed more than that. And if Im not mistaken the price is even higher today. Sounds like rent money to me)...I care about all of you...etc. Then he would break down crying and be very dramatic. We knew it was all for show, because the next day or even a few seconds after his performance Josh would suddenly go back to way he was, which was not listening or acting upon our problems or requests and treating us like we dont matter or as dollar signs. Also Josh had two sides, sometimes he would act friendly which was obnoxiously stupid where he would say corny jokes. The other side was the uncaring dictator of the HWFAA.

    5. Money Hungry- This is the sole reason why Im upset and making this complaint. All Josh cares about is money, he doesnt care about us actor's at all. Heres what I mean: He took money from the international students, he didnt give anyone back their their security deposit, didnt pay some of the teachers which is why they left, he didnt pay his "employees" which is why he has someone new work there every couple months, he constantly raises the price of his 6 month program, and heres one where you should read between the lines if any students wants to leaves the program early for any reason they still have to pay Josh the remainder of the tuition even though their not going to the school anymore! For example if somebody's family member died and the student was an emotional wreck and wanted to leave and go back home, Josh would still charge that person the remainder of their tuition money. Evil.

    6. The name of the school- This one isnt a broken promise, but in my opinion needs to stated. The name of the school The Hollywood film & acting academy it sounds very similar to New York film academy. New York film academy is a high praised accredited school for actors, filmmakers, directors, etc. But some people think all because its called New York Film Academy that its only located in New York. So inspiring actors who want to move to Hollywood and looking to further their education and knowledge when searching for a school without knowing that there is a New York Film Academy in LA still called New York Film Academy will search for Los Angeles Film Academy or you guessed it Hollywood Film Academy (note that even though the "& Acting" part wasnt added in a Google search it would still show Hollywood Film & Acting Academy, which as we know is a scam, no an accredited school, or even as prestigious as New York Film Academy.) Sounds like false advertisement to me. And why is no one that has ever went to HWFAA became a successful, working actor? Who are their famous Alumni students like some of the other school/classes have? (If Im the first one to break through, no credit will go to HWFAA) And why are most of the students that go to HWFAA out of state? Because people from LA know better thats why.

    7. No participation- Heres another thing I felt that wasnt right about the school. If some of the students dont participate or they leave then the rest of the students that are participating and have stayed suffer. Josh didnt look as us a individuals only as group. If one person in the group messed up, we all suffered. It shouldnt be that way, thats just a way for him to say there was no participation not stating that it was only a few, so he can just not do what he promised to do, which can save him from any complaints from any unhappy students. Not fair at all.

    8. "Let's shoot scenes for your demo reel"- One of things Josh and Larry tried to do was to get us to shoot scenes (or short films) for our demo reel, which one of the promises. They even said if we wanted to shoot a scene we have written then just let him or Larry know and they will shoot it( sometimes we would tell them to shoot some of our scenes and they would lay us off everytime and never get to it) Ok, sometimes we did shoot scenes, but the end results were never satisfying. The production was horrible and unprofessional, a little kid with a camera at home could shoot something better. The quality was mediocre, the lighting wasnt right, the angles sucked due to Josh being shorter than us, he was the camera man
    :grin . It looked like a home movie, not a professional motion picture or scene. This isnt something you want on your demo reel to send to agents and managers. We even got discouraged to shoot a scene with Josh, because we knew it would look good. Josh even had a few film students that were in other programs shoot scenes and asked some of us to be in the scenes. But remember these filmmakers were green and just starting out and was being taught somewhat by Josh, so read between the lines on that one. Sometimes our footage would somehow disappear and we never got to see it. Another thing is, Josh wanted us to edit the scenes ourselves. We didnt go to an "acting" school to do that. He said he will teach us how. It takes more than a few cheap basic lessons to make a professional looking scene/demo reel. Editing is a whole different department. But you know Josh, anything to fulfill an obligation.

    9. If this school is so good, why are so many former students unhappy?- Thats right, out of all the students that have been at HWFAA next to none have been satisfied (Josh's favorite is probably the only one that likes the school for some reason). There must be a reason why all us former students hate this school and say its a scam right (thats because it is!)? Its no way all of us can be lying or just trying to get back at Josh right? WE were lied to and money was stolen from us and we are upset about it. I can ask 10 students right now about how they feel about HWFAA and it will all be negative responses.

    10. Josh- This will be my final complaint. knowing Josh he will see all this and respond and try to counter everything I have said or what everyone has been saying about him. Why is he so frantic and nervous about what we are saying? Why does he even care about what we say if he think what were saying isnt true? Kinda insecure right? How does he even find all these complaints? Because he is always on the look out, trying to protect himself, and trying to hide his secret. He doesnt anyone to stop to scam of his. He doesnt want anything to happen to his "baby"

    Thats my complaint. I didnt even mentioned what Josh did to me. Another time. I hope this school gets shut down so Josh can stop killing actors' dreams. He didnt and wont stop me from what I got to do. Im still here in Hollywood doing what I love to do, which is act. I didnt let Josh and his demon baby "Hollywood Film & Acting Academy" crush my dreams. I hope I finally see the day when Josh pays for what he has done. God will take care of it.

  • Sa
      20th of Jan, 2011
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    Hollywood Film & Acting Academy is one of the worst actingschools in Los Angeles. It is a scam.Do stay away from it please.
    Read further if you need to know why:

    I was a former student and though I completed the program at a cost of over 12.000$ I did not learn a lot.

    Money is wasted and your time as well.

    Classes are not structured and led by actor's who are not the best teachers. Some come because they need to not because they want to teach, some are great people really but you don't learn a lot from them as actingteachers. In general overpriced un-structured education.

    Filmmaking program is a mess, as it is led by the school's owner who has not enough talent and experience as a filmmaker and has no talent at all for teaching. He is also not capable of managing and owning a school.
    His name is Josh Sands, and he is really nice before you sign, because it is his living, he makes his money with this "school".

    To get new students to sign Josh employs a team of underpaid telemarketeers who work on commision only basis.

    Desperate people from the Hollywood streets, even homeless people,
    come to him and try to get by in Hollywood by tricking aspiring students to sign, so they get a kickback.
    These desperado's work on commission basis and they get money from Josh when they get you to sign.Sadly Josh even betrays a lot of these staff as well as he betrays students and I saw a lot of them leave while I was there.They had to sign a non-disclosure agreement..

    Actor's House and background
    I lived in the actor's house with convicted criminals, and homeless bum's who were just to eager to get a place to live.Even a woman who was most wanted was allowed in the house, after a fake backgroundcheck.
    Josh Sands knew about her past as he did with the other criminals and some mentally unstable people whom he yet, knowingly, allowed in the house.Unsafe!!!
    This is no place to send your son or daughter to!!
    .Please people, do look into craiglist for housing or go for a cheap hotel even, just to get you started in Hollywood.But don't buy the "free housing"!
    HOUSING IS NOT FOR FREE, because at 1500$ a month housing is factored into the costs of the "ultimate acting program".

    The teachers are not all good, especially when the school's owner's brother, Larry Sands is your teacher.He does this so he can at least make a buck while staying at his brother;s because he does not get a lot of actingwork.He is not a teacher out of passion or belief or because he like to teach, he does it because he has to but he sucks at it.

    Some teachers are allright, but in general you might better contact them directly yourself, because at the school you pay too much as a student and those "teachers", really :actor's who make an extra buck, do not get a lot.The money is for Josh, the owner who wants a profit.

    Josh Sands loves money but couldn't care less about your acting career after you sign.

    He does not return deposits made.

    Josh in general is a killer of actor's dreams which is his biggest crime.

    A lot of false promises were made before I signed a fake contract and none of the promises were kept. No movies were shot with students.Some short video's were done but the quality of those vid' is on the level of amateurs.Have a look at YOUTUBE, type the school's name and judge for yourself.omg.
    My class was also promised imdb credit's but those home made vid's don't ever qualify, so that also was a false promise.

    Good actingclasses in Hollywood vary in price but are always cheaper than what you get here, it is way too expensive for what you get.
    Yes Stella Adler, or UCLA or USC cost you more but they have a reputation for quality education.

    Hollywood film and acting academy is not even a real academy.
    Even the name is there to fool you. You don't even get a diploma when you "graduate". How can you? The place is not even registered as a school!!!

    IT IS A SCAM operating as a BUSINESS FOR PROFIT.

    Look if you can find any SUCCESFULL graduates of hollywood film and academy online who are satisfied. You will not find any.
    When you do, you can be sure they are undertalented wannabees who lost about 10.000$ on average and don't yet realise they are tricked out of their money.Don't become one of them.

    When you do sign it is almost impossible to get money back...

    Josh Sands has been disrespectful too to many people at the school and has always tried to escape out of the web of lies he spun himself.

    I strongly recommend anyone to stay away from this place.


    Extensive lists of teachers are in the "Working Actor's Guide", "THe Selective Hollywood Acting Coaches and Teachers Directory", and in special issues of BACKSTAGE WEST.Info on good teachers?

    Together with all of my former classmates i hope one day Josh will have to close his school and pay for his crimes.God will take care of it.

    I wish you all the luck with your future acting career.Bless you

  • Ac
      5th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    The people placing negative information about The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy are a small group of former students pretending to be multiple students that are placing bad reviews about the Academy so that they don't have to be mature and take responsibility for their actions which got them expelled. There are always 2 sides to every story, if you would like to know the truth contact The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy at

  • Th
      8th of Feb, 2011
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    I was an employee at the time of the 6 Month Acting Program that these "people" are trashing so much about. To be more exact it was the Sept 09 program. These students in this particular program, the ones that have issues and are all over the net trashing the school are the reason they didn't have a good experience. They actually expected things to be handed to them. Stardom, auditions, etc... They all sit in their rooms getting drunk at night, talking about how they all liked each other but just as they have shown here in the posts here and around the internet they turned on each other just like they are tuning on the academy. Every time they walked into the academy you could feel the baggage that this class was holding onto. The main one was a guy named Brett, don't know if he's been posting but why would he, he has his other "friends" do it, Akram, Bibo and his girlfriend at the time Chelsea? I think that was her name. I wouldn't know really she never came to the classes or office. The class never wanted to shoot any feature film and the way they participated in the short, they didn't even finish it... It was a blessing really. It was never the academy's choice to not do the movie. They all agreed... Really it was Brett that decided to not do it, so the others followed. I'm sure if there was a film that was shot and they were not in it they would still be complaining that they weren't included. Really you can't win. The unfortunate thing, when the new class came in the attitude spilled over. A few of those come to mind. Two guys from somewhere and another from Kentucky. Funny how they talk how bad Suge Knight is in this blog, but the day they were casted to be in the short with him... Well... They where in the short. They weren't forced... So... I guess that day they didn't think about the safety of the other students until they sat down and thought real hard on what they could complain about in this blog. And for the guy, or student who is posing as an instructor... You are not a good actor, so stop, please. As for international students, they knew coming in what they had to ESL classes. But again, laziness got the best of 'em and who better to blame?
    Oh and by the way, I don't really know any business that opens up to not make a profit. But I guess when you have a bunch of geniuses that figured they could give the academy a bad name by claiming that the school is for profit, well... That just shows the mentality of all these posters. People do yourself a favor, find out for yourself, call the academy ask a bunch of questions about what is being posted. At least you will get a real person and not two or three people who are terrorizing others by posing as other students that have attended the academy.

  • Sp
      13th of Feb, 2011
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    For the "former employees" replying to this stating that the complaints are from the same kids pretending to be different students...kuddos for revealing your stategy. In fact, I would not be surprised if it is Josh himself writing in stating it is a "former" employee to try and give more creditablity to the statements. Look, the fact of the matter is, regardless whether the students were bad or problematic, that is still no excuse for a business not to follow through on commitments and services as promised (especially if they are advertized). The burdon of completion lies on the business, not the customer. If you advertise/promise that a film will be completed, even if the actors are bad or have bad attitudes, etc, you film it. If you promise that they will get credit, you get it done and make it happen...period. (You would figure that if the school staff and owner were as experienced as they claim, they would know that actors can be divas at times and you find a way to make it work. Remember that the staff and owner are supposed to be the professionals, not the students...that is why they are learn. No wonder the students complain as much as they do...the staff is complaining on this site as much as they are (i guess they did learn something after all).

  • Ro
      28th of Mar, 2011
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    Josh is a total liar and a fake. Want proof? Ask him what films he made. He is a thief and will say or do anything to take your money.
    Ask him what films he or his students made. Total loser.

  • Sa
      2nd of Apr, 2011
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    Don't go to Hollywood film and acting academy. It's absolutely one of Los Angeles worst fulltime actingschools.
    Newcomers to Hollywood: please read further!
    The school 's owner Josh Sands is really nice before you sign a fake contract but then coincidentally turns into a nasty guy who is not concerned at all about you or your future actingcareer.You will not find many actor's online who say they have been to this school. Even the school itself will not post names and bio's of "graduates" and will not even mention all graduates.WEll, they beter not since former students include an Arizona fugitive (most wanted former drugaddict) who had severe mental problems, an Arizona sex offender who is currently in jail for sleeping with one of his former underage students, a formerly homeless and currently alcoholic that can be obviously seen in a student testimony on the website, and a man who was previously institutionalized, had a violent temper, stalked one of the students, and was taken to a mental evaluation facility because of his threats to commit suicide by jumping off the Kodak Theatre building.

    All these people were living in the actor's house next to the school, even though Josh was aware of their backgrounds..

    He couldn't care less, they made him money.

    The school / Josh Sands willingly put students living in his "free" house in danger.

    The background checks are not carried out properly, and none of the above should ever happen on a campus.

    The money hungry school/Josh though will accept too many unfit and potentialy dangerous students as long as they put $$ in his pocket.

    Purposely the bar for admissions is set low.

    Not only dangerous people are accepted therefore but also many untalented people, so it is nearly impossible to meet people who have been acting already before they came to this school.Everybody is a starter.

    The suggestive name "Holywood Film And Acting Academy" will maybe confuse some people but not you, who reads this and wants to go here.Do not go to this school.

    Find a shared room or place for yourself on (for about 250$ to 500$ a month) and then spend the rest on actingclasses at good places.

    Always audit before you sign and research online before.Usually great schools and teachers will be mentioned by accomplished actors on their websites or on their resumes. Actingcoaches will be mentioned and cross-referenced all over the internet(John Kirby's actingstudio, Larry Moss, David Kagen, Joanne Baron, Dee Wallace, Tasha Smith, Scott Sedita, Judy Kerr.

    Also see what you can find on youtube when you type an actingschool's/actingcoach name.

    By all means save yourself the energy to even go audit at Hollywood film and acting academy.You will not be building a strong foundation there to start your career, not in acting and surely not in filming.

  • Co
      14th of Oct, 2011
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    Wow thanks guys, just called for more information, but due to all of these complants I've had a change of heart!

  • Ro
      28th of Dec, 2011
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    This so called school is strictly designed to steal your money. Josh Sands will lie and say anything to take your money. Neither they nor their students have produced anything except a juvenile quality horror flick, and it was so bad, it has never NEVER been shown in public.
    Ask for a list of his films or his students films. Check out the credits.
    If you want to learn nothing and throw your money away, go to his so called acting academy.
    What a joke.
    Ask for a list of what they produced. What a joke.

  • Al
      24th of Oct, 2013
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    To this day this so called "school" is trying to scam people by charging 2, 500 dollars for a "6 month training" which is twice a month for four afters four six months . That's like me going to school for one week and paying hundreds of dollars An hour. This lady in Bakersfield California named Sheila told me she was a very famous model in the 80s and I looked her up and could not find ONE PICTURE of her. I looked up every single other person in the room that were supposedly very famous at one point. And guess what ? None of them were who they said they were. The main guy was black and said he was the so of a producer who I looked up and he was 39 years old and white. So tell me, if this guys says he's 29 and black how does he have a white 39 year old dad ? Exactly . They try to make you pay right there so you dot look into them but don't fall for it. Sheila and the rest wasted 3 hours of my life just saying lies. She said I only had one day to put a down payment of 500 to "show my determination" and when I told her no she text me the next day saying shed pay for the down payment if I pay in payments of 200 for 10 months but when I told her no Again she text me 5 hours ago saying not to tell anyone but she'll pay for half of my scholarship but I HAD to Agree today in order to "secure" my spot. None of their famous "students" went to this Academy I did vigorous research and so should you. Unfortunately evil people like her and all of their scammers Rome This world. Be careful. Pray for these sick people and DON'T fall for their scam.

  • Fo
      6th of May, 2014
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    Josh Sands created The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy and Actors House L.A. out of genuine concern for people who want to become actors.

    The messages above are designed to destroy what was created to help people who want to be actors and were written out of hatred for Josh Sands, because Josh was trying to enforce the rules that were put in place by The Hollywood Film and Acting Academy to protect the students at The Hollywood Film and Acting Academy.

    These slanderous messages exist, because of a group of students who were expelled came up with a brilliant plan to punish Josh Sands and The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy for the rules that us the students broke.

    Our shame of being expelled and then sent to collections due to non-payment, they have decided to take the low road and slander Josh Sands and The Hollywood FIlm & Acting Academy, instead of taking responsibility for our actions was easier then facing out parents, family and friends.

    The feature film wasn't made because the house BULLY Brett Edwards turned me and the other students who have been post negative comments about Josh Sands and The Hollywood Film and Acting Academy against Josh.

    Brett Edwards hated Josh, because Josh found out he was living in Chelsie Foster's room and was molesting her.

    I am sorry for what I have done.

    Each and every student agreed to follow the rules in a contract before we were accepted into the program.

    Each and every student was told it was a 6-Month Program, before we were accepted into the program and that we would be responsible for the entire 6-Month Program even if we decided to quit the program early.

    The rules were very simple and stated clearly in the contract.

    Josh's door was always open for each and every student who wanted to talk.

    Josh was very easy to communicate with until a student raised their voice and started to yell, this is when Josh walked away from the conversation.

    Josh gave to many chances to people who didn't deserve them.

    Josh Sands is a good man that tried his best to help and accommodate everyone.

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