Hollister CO / Horrible X-mas Online Shopping - very very poor customer service

United States

Let me start off by saying, I will never shop @ Hollister again. My husband and I experience the worst X-mas online shopping ever!! We ordered some items for out son, when the box arrived it was missing items and we received 2 of the same item that we did not as for, only 1. When he makes the 1st call, he was told that an internal investigation needs to be done and we will get the item in January!! R u kidding me!!! The jeans that were on back order will come sometime in January as well. I don't think so. Now, I've had to call and get the run around, no manager will get on the phone with you. I was promised a delivery of today 12/28/10 with a $25 gift card for all my troubles and guest what, still not shirt. I called the corp office and now being told I will get it on Thursday, it's on hold to make sure that the correct item gets shipped. What co do you know of that when u call and ask for a supervisor, one does not get on the phone? I asked for an increase in the gift card for all my troubles and was told "no" $25 is the max. What kind of business are they running????? This was our 1st and last experience with this retailer. My advise don't use them and if u must have their clothes go directly to the store.


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