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Hogan Concrete Cutting / pool

1 3553 N. SR 7Hollywood, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 954-370-6161

To all consumers I am Frank Hogan president and CEO of Hogan Concrete Cutting. This comapny has been in business since 2001 and I never built a pool for anyone named BARRY who anonymously slandered my company. If he had the ability to act as a man and call me he would find out that his statements are false. The company he slandered me with was qualified by a state licensed pool contractor. NOT ME do your homework and and see who that contractor is and if you feel so inclinded act as a man and complain about him.

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  • Ri
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    We signed a new pool construction contract with Down to Earth Gunite in August 2008. To date, (6 months and counting) we have a concrete shell with tile on the edge and pavers lining the top...that's it! We have no plumbing or plumbing supplies, no Diamond Brite finish, no pavers or patio, no heater, no electical, no chlorinator, no vaccuum, no cover, and no response from Down to Earth. We have made formal complaints to every available Palm Beach County and State of Florida organization. An investigation is pending against Robert Milner (Guarantor) and Eddie Johnson sales rep and owner of Down to Earth Gunite Pools and Extreme Excavating. I advise everyone who has had a problem with this company to complain to the Department of Proffesional Regulation and Licensing Bureau. It seems Down to Earth Gunite's " MO" (mode of operation) is to write up the contract stating large amounts of money are to be paid upon specific stages of construction. They install about 2, 000 worth of materials and labor and you pay about 22, 000 according to the contract. They fail to bring supplies and materials as they skip around the construction process to get contract payouts. Once you begin to call requesting when they will be there to complete the next phase, you get the proverbial run around. Employees are well trained to lie directly to the customer and promise dates of construction which NEVER take place.Eventually, they ignore your phone calls...and lastly, their response is "sue us". They have made no attempt to make this right for us. Their employees are now answering the phones at Hogan Concrete Cutting...whose offices are located at Down to Earth Gunite's Ft Lauderdale Showroom address. (Interestingly, Hogan Concrete Cutting is now running the identical pool ad, listing the identical address and phone number as Down to Earth Gunite Pools had run in the past) I urge everyone to contact the Department of Proffesional Regulation and Licensing Bureau. I am of the understanding that there are currently 60 pools open under Down to Earth Gunite..SO...look at it this way...if he scammed 20, 0000 from each open would leave him a profit of...1, 200, 000 That's over ONE MILLION folks! Not a bad profit margin! I understand Eddie Johnson has lost his pool contractor license under the name of Down to Earth Gunite Pools...BEWARE of any other company he may be involved with!!! If anyone is interested in joining together for a class action lawsuit or perhaps a visit with WPBF news...please come forward.

  • To
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    Hogan Concrete Cutting - Liars and Thieves
    United States

    Don't give this company any money! Unless you want to work with thieves and live with sand under your feet for months and months. See Down to Earth Gunite Pools complaints and the comments too.

  • Le
      5th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    liars and thieves/they also ripped me off.never finished pool.back yard a disaster area.stay away from them they now are selling pools under hogan concrete cutting.i have both ads eddys old ad and his new one.these are the exact same pool pictures of his pool that is in his back port st lucie.

  • Fr
      11th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is a response from Frank Hogan my telephone is 954-370-6161 anyone can call me. I have never ripped off anyone. I am an honorable busisness man and this is a slanderous statement. I intend to identify and bring legal action for these statements.

    In an attempt to clarify explain the problems with the pool I would like to explain. Robert Milner and Edward Johnson were in a pool business together known as Down to Earth LLC. Mr. Milner is the licensed pool contractor. Mr Johnson is not a licensed contractor.The pools that were permitted were under Down to Earth were being completed with that license. Mr Milner did qualify the pool contracting. In September 2008 Mr. Milner withdrew the License. Florida law does not allow for unlicensed contracting. Mr. Johnson was the main salesperson for the Down to earth business and a principal in that company.
    Hogan Concrete Cutting is not associated with any pools that are not finished.

    Neither Mr. Milner nor Mr. Johnson are stakeholders in my company.

    The pool that is being built by my company is a copy of the pool in question. That is the total extent that is true.
    Hogan is owned by Hogan. Milner and Johnson are not owners.
    I ask anyone reading this to be responsible and check out the truth. Call me at 954-370-6161

  • Fr
      11th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Barry complains that Hogan Concrete Cutting does not finish pools. I tell you he is a gutless lowlife who hides behind an anonymous posting. He is holding Hogan Concrete Cutting responsible for a pool not completed by another company. I invite anyone to check out the ownership of Hogan Concrete Cutting on the State of Florida website. I have hired former employees of the company as they are excellent workers. The gutless Barry should do his homework as I hope anyone that reads this or they can call me at 954-370-6161

  • Am
      12th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    We started with Eddie, JP and Kathy in June 2008 when we gave them a deposit to start our pool. We moved to Port St Lucie Fl in January when our house was built and JP said they had changed their name and we had to sign a new contract. I am glad we did because under Hogan Concrete Cutting Mr. Hogan finished our pool. Eddie and Kathy are thieves and liars but they also betrayed Mr. Hogan. They used his license to swindle tons of people and that is horrible. I can only say that after lots of research and contacting Mr. Hogan directly at his home and cell phone he worked with us to finally finish our pool. After 5 months we are swimming. I am so sorry for the people with contracts under Down to Earth Gunite Pools because Eddie and Kathy took your money and by law there is nothing you can do. We were blessed to have a contract under Hogan Concrete Cutting and I can say that on multiple occassions he made the 90 minute drive up to Port St Lucie and personally finished parts of our pool. It took a while but finally we have a beautiful pool and a beautiful backyard. If your contract is under Hogan Concrete there is hope just stick with him and be patient. Remember he got tricked too just like us.

  • Am
      15th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    We also started a contract with Down to Earth Gunite Pools in June 2008 when we purchased our home. When it was completed in Jan 2009 JP changed our contract to Hogan Concrete Cutting. In April when we started to realize that something may be wrong we found and read all these complaints. Eddy and Kathy are thieves, Mr. Hogan is an honorable man. We contacted him and he assured us if we were patient he would work with us and finish our pool. He returned my call every time I called him and HE DID FINISH OUR POOL! He even drove the 90 minute drive to our house to do some of the work himself. He is a honest man that unfortunately got involved with two horrible people. We now swim in our pool everyday and it is beautiful!! Thank you Mr. Hogan for keeping your word and proving again that there are good people in the world.

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