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The customer service department of Hoffman Fuel should be trained in what good customer service really is. They are rude, intolerant and obviously "know it all" and too bad for us - the consumer.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Trumbull, CT

I never received a new contract which was due in May and now they tell me that I can't have the original lower price because it's too late. Even though I repeatedly said I never received a renewal they told me that was not there fault and there was nothing they could do about it. I should be happy that they were offering all of their wonderful services to me in the first place. After 20 years with Hoffman I look forward to doing business with anyone but them.

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  • Db
      Feb 15, 2009

    Hoffman Fuel has the worse customer service. They are very rude and unprofessional, especially if you have a legitimate dispute. They charge more and fail to credit payments when received. In fact, even though the bank clears payment to Hoffman, they delay posting the payment internally for over over five days, if not more! Stay away from this company. Horrible customer service and bad faith business practices.

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  • Bu
      Dec 03, 2010

    Well, they delivered fuel to me after I filled up with someone else and then they said I used 18 gallons they never left a bill. Well, again I got the contract and asked them to turn my hot water up. Well,
    now they time me my furance needs a coil cleaning. I told them that couldn't be because it was a new boiler.
    Well, I called someone else for a second opinion and they had the mixing valve
    going the wrong way and fixed right on the spot. I didn't need a coil cleaning or
    a hot water heater. I have plenty of hot water. Be careful. They are nasty on the phone one day they will be history.
    Remember what comes around goes around. Thank you Hoffman fuel in Danbury for nothing. You are a horrible company and when it come time to choose it won't be you.
    Shame on you for taking advantage of a senior.

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  • Be
      Dec 21, 2012

    totally agree with the complaint above, they made a delivery after my contract ended when I explained to the customer service I was looking for another company for a better price, in addition I was told I was not scheduled for a delivery until Nov. 2012, they come a month early and now are looking to get paid for oil I didn't want from them

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